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[CP] Newbies packs

Day 1,756, 05:23 Published in Denmark Spain by Sasori5
~ one article, one song ~

The CP election finished and I was elected as CP of eDenmark again, thank you everybody for your support!! I'll do my best and I hope this will be a great month! Besides, I'm asking for the help for every danish citizen, we need more activity in our forum, more initiatives, more players... and this can't be done by only one player, so I'll welcome every contribution you can do. 🙂

I should have posted this article some days ago, but I had a problem and I had to take care of one member of my family thus I had to postpone this. Sorry for that.

This article is not only to thank your support, and I'm coming with the first initiative of this month!

It'll help our new players to grow a little more faster and I hope they'll find this useful. More things are coming, but don't forget to register and join the national forum because some of them will be happening there.

Newbies packs

Who can get these supplies?

All danish players with a level of 29 or lower (players of 1st and 2nd division)

Ok, I've less than lvl 29... but how I can get this help??

You can ask for supplies in our IRC channel: #eDenmark in Quakenet. Everyday you can get more supplies.

In which consist this help?

Everyday supplies: 200 q1 food

Starter pack (only 1 time if you have ask for supplies 7 different days): 5 q5 weapons

At the moment, that's all! An easy way to get more health everyday, isn't it?!

Ah.. I forgot! Maybe you're a new player that don't understand some things of this game and you'd like some help of an experienced player or know some history of eDenmark... you could ask in our forum.. but maybe you rather have a mentor who will help you in all of this as he/she is helping you to grow with supplies, tips... if so, please send me a msg!

Thank you,
CP of Denmark.

PS. The first 3 players who comment here with danish cs and level <=25 will get a q7 weap.


Odense Day 1,756, 06:58

i would love some q7 weps 😛

Kroghen Day 1,756, 07:25

Another good reason for loggin' into #eDenmark 🙂

Noszz Day 1,756, 09:29

nice idea

Odense Day 1,756, 09:30

and remember til reg. on our forum and also join us on IRC - you can find the info on the forum

Maine Coon
Maine Coon Day 1,760, 02:14

Citizens of Denmark - use this offer to be able to grow - and do more for the country/union

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