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[CP] New Map

Day 1,893, 06:25 Published in Austria Hungary by lazo

Dear citizens,

Today, my good old friend, Plato wrote me a letter:

The New Map:

On the new map you can watch your current location, clicking on the house-icon. There are cities, you can change Base Layer and Overlays, and you also can reach the Daily Order on the map. You have the option to search countries, regions or cities and there are the plenty of advantageous and cool upgrades.

I think, the new map is very good. More better than the old.

Country President



Kikericsy Day 1,893, 08:06

mir gefällts auch!

Luis Grindl
Luis Grindl Day 1,893, 08:24

looks nice but just a optical change, no real change in game mechanics....

II. Jemby
II. Jemby Day 1,893, 08:30

Luis +1.

We need a new, working and interesting economy module.

lazo Day 1,893, 08:38

keep dreaming : D

Rangeley Day 1,893, 12:10

It does look kind of neat, and the "liberated on" or "occupied since" is a nice addition.

hippie007 Day 1,894, 00:34

Luis & II. Jemby +++++++
the map is a nice to have, we need a new economy module.

ZoltanB Day 1,894, 03:53

And new economy module doesn't mean Q10 or Qn+1 products!

lazo Day 1,894, 04:28

Ne adj ötleteket nekik! : D

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