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[CP] More Updates & Our HERO!

Day 1,880, 13:36 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by BigAnt
[CP] More Updates & Our HERO!

A lot is happening behind closed doors at the moment, so I will try and shed some light on our progress over the last couple of days in today's article.

Before I start I want to pay a special thank you, this should have been done weeks ago but with so much going on time has passed. During the Azores battle many of us supplied, including myself and many of my ministers who put in many more hours then me! But one individual shone! He supplied for 36 Hours before being FORCED to take a break!

So I want to present the "Conspicuous Gallantry Cross" to FragUK for his astounding contributions to Queen and country of the eUnited Kingdom.

FragUK is a hero, he did not ask for this or ever mentioned it. But I feel he deserves to be highlighted as a perfect example of what our country needs. People who are willing to put aside fighting and work hard on a common goal to conquer and win. We need more Frag's In the UK!


Firstly Thomas765 has stepped down from his post as Minister of Foreign Affairs, partly because he would struggle for activity this month and a personal clash with another minister. I want to thank him for the few days input he made, hes a nice guy at heart and I wish him the best for his upcoming exams. Replacing Thomas is Butjam who brings his MoFA experience from last month forward. He is a bright young player who deserves a chance and so he has it now to prove to us what he can do. To watch over Butjam and Jimbojoy in the MoFA department I have installed Talon Karrde to be advisor and help them when required.


We are actively looking for war and some action I promise you that, however having spoken to TWO the UK is needed in a supporting role for now which is understandable with so many big battles coming up. We are committed to helping our allies and friends as they have helped us in the past and for the time being this will be our main operation.

As some of you will have seen in the media this week, the recent TWO meeting was leaked - all of it. This is a major problem for the alliance but also for us directly as we could have talked about some seriously sensitive information. Fortunately for us, we didn't spill anything major, but in light of this the UK will not being speaking in any TWO meeting until either the idiot leaking is found or new measures are taken to counter this problem.


Congress this week made a massive boo boo. We signed a MPP with Australia, now for some of you, your thinking that's not all bad I can have a pint of fosters with the boys. But it goes much deeper then that, our long time friends and allies Indonesia are arch enemies with the Aussies and Chile have only recently come to peace with Australia. War is expected from Indo and Australia soon, which means we will lose a major MPP with a very old friend.

If we lose this MPP, it will be signed again - But I would urge our congress to in future listen to MoFA and CP for instructions before voting on such foreign matters. This is why we are here to help and guide our nation and congress to make the correct decisions, this regrettably was an incorrect decision.

Congress will have new guidelines for future votes, which will include holding all votes until some official line has come from either myself or my government. For the record the MoLA SageGoku will NOT being influencing any future vote. He is doing a great job but he over stepped the mark with this vote, which could have hurt us.

Finally whilst on the subject of congress, the forums are just not working. Goku has reintroduced them in recent weeks to be welcome with continuous hate. This is a major problem, because as CP can I send our new players to a place of such trolling and hate? I will be pondering what to do in the coming days.


Tomorrow we are releasing the new "MU Premiership League" o7 - Graphics, tables and rules etc have almost all been completed so keep an eye out for this as all MU's will be invited to take part.

*** IM activily looking for SOMEONE with excellant graphic skills to create a new MoD Orders article!!! Can someone please save me and our nation from looking at the eye sore with currently have THANKS 😃

CTA - Last month the "Call to Arms" scheme cost us £70,000 which was a third of our entire income for last month (taxes). This is simply too high so as from today supplies will be cut from 4x Q7 to 2x Q7 to half the cost.

MU's and official status, I'm still thinking what is best for the Nations future. I'm listening to a lot of opinions from in game and the forums. Some want a new Nation MU, some would join and some don't believe we need one. So for now I will assess what options we do have, this is a big decision to make so I won't be jumping into hot headed.

MoF & Taxes

Carlini continues to do his work and bless him he can't win at the moment because gold is dropping and dropping. A new law proposal is to pull 250k from our in game accounts to the Bank of England. This money will be used for more MM Fishing and to create a 10k Q7 stockpile for war time.

With the battle against Portugal and Canada, We had a few problems with supplies and lacking Q7 tanks, and some ministers paid higher prices for tanks. So instead of wasting cash, we will buy our tanks in advance for cheaper prices, thus preventing any panic when we go to war. Basically its better preparation for a new war or if we get attacked.

Our VAT tax on weapons has been increased by our congress from 10% to 15%, as prices drop on the market and thus our tax revenue daily. These increases will help bridge the amount we are losing. The fact is the game is hurting right now and I just hope the admins move to fix the problems before we lose more players.

Finally on MoF, we are Renting out Orgs for 1 month contracts @ 6k A pop. If you are interested please contact either myself or Calini8

Other Notices:

Check out our offer to rent out ORGS this month! Here (Carlini)

Latest MoD Orders Here

MoFA article Here

Joshua Whelan has released this census article, very interesting read! Here

MoD latest article here


Thats all for now

Kind Regards,
Big Ant
UK Country President


BigAnt Day 1,880, 13:37

FragUK is a HERO, We need more in the UK!

Major Lee Hung
Major Lee Hung Day 1,880, 13:38


Zaphod Beeblebrox IV
Zaphod Beeblebrox IV Day 1,880, 13:41

Conrats Frag

Zaphod Beeblebrox IV
Zaphod Beeblebrox IV Day 1,880, 13:42


Spite313 Day 1,880, 13:43

Meetings are always leaked, there's always someone who is either a traitor or a moron and posts it in pastebin.

Saiwun Day 1,880, 13:45

o7 Frag!

Saiwun Day 1,880, 13:48

BTW what is this MU Premier League?

Cindy021 Day 1,880, 13:49

Frag is the absolute best and he does so much for so many and never wants anything in return and I am so glad that others have seen this in him. He has been my "HERO" from the start. o7

I am so proud to be his friend \o/

BigAnt Day 1,880, 13:49

@ saiwun - all will become clear tomorrow 😃

Saiwun Day 1,880, 13:51

oooh............the suspense! 🙂

FragUK Day 1,880, 13:51

Na not a hero, I did it for the eUK , and would again if ask to o7

Saiwun Day 1,880, 13:54

Good man! o7

Danie Fox
Danie Fox Day 1,880, 13:55

I think it was a professional clash rather than a personal one that caused this MoFA to resign, similar to the reason that the MoFA resigned last month - someone other than them potentially mucking up our foreign affairs.

D I W Day 1,880, 14:17

FragUK brother at arms O7

Sexagenarian Day 1,880, 14:32

FragUK o7

nathaner Day 1,880, 14:51

FragUK o7

lancer450 Day 1,880, 14:58

Voted. : )

I would take a look at this BA:

The CP of eIndo ordered his congress to vote no to the NE and they did. Peace looks like a very strong possibility at the moment.

lancer450 Day 1,880, 14:58

FragUK o7

BigAnt Day 1,880, 15:09

Frerk Resigned after he attempted to Impeach me actually

vasmegye Day 1,880, 15:14

"UK will not being speaking in any TWO meeting until either the idiot leaking is found or new measures are taken to counter this problem."

cool decision.

Danie Fox
Danie Fox Day 1,880, 15:50

Frerk wanted to impeach you for professional reasons not personal ones, else he wouldn't have taken the job.

If you are going to blank TWO we can't plan any wars or ask for help. We're a smallish country, if we are silent we'll be ignored. Just be careful what you say, don't refuse to say anything.

TheAlmightyLlama Day 1,880, 16:01

I agree that FragUK is a hero for our country.

Although I do not understand this: "We need more Frag's In the UK!". How many in eUK could afford to actually dish out as much damage as Frag did? Many players in eUk are new and simply do not have the money or resources to deal as much damage or fight for as long as Frag did against Azores, although I believe many, including myself, would if they could. I see that Frag is rather a new member himself, with only joining in April last year, but his progression has been just been abnormal, overtaking players that have been playing for years. I think if the government more players like FragUK, then they need to help and support the new and smaller players to allow them to grow so they can become more powerful, and deal out more damage for the eUK.

BigAnt Day 1,880, 16:23

We are well within our right to raise concerns about leaked logs with TWO.

We are not ignoring them, we will attend any meetings simple watch what we say if we say anything at all. One thing thats for sure is I let TWO know what the UK wants dont question that 😉

BigAnt Day 1,880, 16:25

@ TheAlmightyLlama

Im not asking anyone to do 36hr stint of supplying, Im highlighting this individuals effort to HELP. thats all we need in UK, more people getting involved and contributing!

Alphabethis Day 1,880, 16:49

FragUK for CP.

TheAlmightyLlama Day 1,880, 16:58

@ BigAnt

So stating "We need more Frag's In the UK" isn't asking anyone to be like Frag? And I agree that more people do need to contribute to this country, but maybe to set an example the government should start contributing to our Country by giving our new members the support and help they need to grow within eUK. Many members leave eRepublik because they are so limited to what they can do due to the little money and resources they can earn, and the only small help they receive from anyone, whether it be the government of other players. If eUK wants to become a powerful nation, then we need to help our new citizens, and keep them playing and fighting for our Country.

BigAnt Day 1,880, 17:02

We have active MU's for new players to join, and gain supplies.
We have NHS for players under level 29 to receive 500 health every day.
We have CTA for players to receive 2 Q7 tanks every couple of days.
We have Strikes for players to receive tanks to fight.
We have Welcome baskets of food for players.

Everything is there for players they just need to click and get INVOLVED 😃

Ironfists Day 1,880, 17:07

Ironfists Day 1,880, 17:10

Maybe the problem isnt the forum just Gokus unwavering hate for the TUP which would lead to a bias and unfair judgement!
Down with Goku

Rfeist Day 1,880, 17:19

FragUK is a HERO x2

WayneKerr Day 1,880, 17:32

@TheAlmightyLlama, there were others that blew FragUK out of the water damage wise. He isn't being congratulated for his damage and tanking ability, but purely for the time and effort he put into making sure we could achieve a day trip to Azores. IMO we do need more like FragUK, more guys willing to spare an hour or so of there time to help out. FragUK did 36 hours willingly, without complaint and his supplying kept us within arms reach come the morning time, when our fighters started to wake up with full bars of health. Without him supplying the whole night we wouldn't have even reached Azores.

Danie Fox
Danie Fox Day 1,880, 18:19

FragUK is getting well-deserved praise for his time, not his money.

Rory Winterbourne
Rory Winterbourne Day 1,880, 20:09

FragUK o7

give me a shout if you want some graphics

Topher Fair
Topher Fair Day 1,881, 02:02

I just want to remind everyone that I just posted links with that MPP. Bit of a miscommunication, I wasn't intending to make MPPs happen all by misself and don't think I did!

Grampa Alfagrem
Grampa Alfagrem Day 1,881, 02:34


metalmicky999 Day 1,881, 02:36

If you ever run short of tanks, pm me.

Ando Calrissian
Ando Calrissian Day 1,881, 02:45

Well done Frag.

Mr Woldy
Mr Woldy Day 1,881, 03:03

for King & Country~

Jamie2721 Day 1,881, 03:18

You should be lowering VAT to make up for the gap in the income of citizens

Sweet Cersei
Sweet Cersei Day 1,881, 03:21

FragUK is a HERO! o7

Theopano Short
Theopano Short Day 1,881, 04:13

We never have quite managed to have a stable economy in this game, alas.

XherrzMKD Day 1,881, 04:25


Jimbobfrey Day 1,881, 04:42

Congrats, Frag. 36 hours.. yikes.

SycoASL Day 1,881, 05:01


It's Super Sunday!!!!

LongShotzZ Day 1,881, 08:21

FragUK o7

Emergy Maxfell
Emergy Maxfell Day 1,881, 10:41

Congratulations FragUK! o7

Well deserved.

Elvis Trout
Elvis Trout Day 1,881, 11:03

So taxes have been raised now? Hahaha awesome.

klop123 Day 1,881, 16:24

Congratulations FragUK! o7

Fritz179 Day 1,881, 18:14

Congrats FragUK o7

David Norman
David Norman Day 1,882, 00:28

O7 voted

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