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[CP] Live from Bergen, Norway

Day 2,345, 12:08 Published in Netherlands Netherlands by Het Catshuis

Enjoying the sight, supplied by Garmr's tequila left-overs from our last adventure in Mexico.

Dear citizens of the eNetherlands,

Just a couple of days ago we decided to help our allies in the eUnited Kingdom - under attack by eNorway - by invading our Norse neighbour in response. And a success it was! We smashed through the massive eNorwegian defences (most importantly, billions of shields!), managed to occupy two Norwegian regions and have essentially cut off Norway's access to the United Kingdom and bringing massive relief to the English fronts. We couldn't have done this without the massive contributions from both our own country and other friends in the eWorld. I'm blessed to say that this defines a new phrase in eDutch foreign policy and signals an approach to the international stage.

I decided to wrote this article to both inform our citizens and thank our foreign allies and friends, but also to celebrate the results our 'little' nation has achieved. By no means does this signal the end of these exciting times, as there will be many action ahead of us. Not only do we need to wrap up the Norwegian front - although less prioritized after our necessary victories already achieved - we now will continue to be active in the other fronts remaining in close coordination with nations such as Belgium, United Kingdom, and Germany in various prioritized battles such as in France.


Kind regards,

President of the eNetherlands


Kordak Day 2,345, 12:17

A small victory, but we are still a long way from the end of the war. Sweden or Finland will soon enough come after us. However I can't wait to fight against Sweden, since they are the reason we never were able to join ASGARD.

Aries Prime
Aries Prime Day 2,345, 13:28


Garmr Day 2,346, 17:07


I claim their women.

odan Day 2,345, 12:20

Hail Netherlands!
Hail UK!
Hail Friendship!

Mr. Wonka
Mr. Wonka Day 2,345, 12:20

o/ glad to have been fighting along side the Netherlands.

Marnix Maximus
Marnix Maximus Day 2,345, 12:40

Glad I did what I could do o7

GEN. DE LA REY Day 2,345, 12:42


lancer450 Day 2,345, 12:45

Voted!! o7

Thank you to all of our allies who helped us and fought for us to help achieve this. 🙂

Hail Netherlands!
Hail UK!
Hail Belgium!
Hail Poland!
Hail USA!
Hail Aurora and Sirius!
Hail Friendship!

lancer450 Day 2,345, 12:50

If I missed anyone, I'm sorry. It's late and I'm tired while writing this comment. xD haha

Willem The Conqueror
Willem The Conqueror Day 2,346, 07:39

Lancer you forgot Hail Willem! 😛

Fhaemita The Apostate
Fhaemita The Apostate Day 2,345, 13:19

Hail Netherlands!
Hail UK!
Hail Belgium!
Hail Poland!
Hail USA!
Hail Aurora and Sirius!
Hail Friendship!

Delirium90 Day 2,345, 13:25

the funny thing is, we actually did not try to prevent NL to win those 2 regions 😛 as you actually helped us more than you think 😉

now we have a smaller congress this month, wich was actually our plan,with NL invading us, that plan was a reality,and therfore a helpfull one 😁

so thanks NL 😉

Fhaemita The Apostate
Fhaemita The Apostate Day 2,345, 13:27

Sounds like bullshit to be honest

Aries Prime
Aries Prime Day 2,345, 13:28

Thanks for the regions!

Delirium90 Day 2,345, 13:31

hehe well those of you guys who were fighting in D4 for NL in sorlandet, must have seen that i purposely stopped dealing Damage so that NL could win rounds in D4 😛 i only did 900m in sorlandet,when i could have done easy 3 times more,if i so wanted to 😉

but ofcourse,you guys are free to believe what you want 😉

but the proof in it self,in the campaign of sorlandet,speak for them selves 😛

NoTie112 Day 2,345, 13:29

Thanks for approving us in occupying 2 Norwegian regions \o/
That are some Christian values here 😛

NoTie112 Day 2,345, 13:30

Comment deleted

NoTie112 Day 2,345, 13:30

Easter = Jesus = Christian = Oslo

lancer450 Day 2,345, 13:31

Awesome! 🙂 So it's not a problem that we can have the rest then? 😉

Aries Prime
Aries Prime Day 2,345, 13:32

I was thinking Ostlandet and Trondelag. Good tax income too.

Delirium90 Day 2,345, 13:36

go for it 😉
and also if you guys would have paid more attention in the war in ostlandet, you would also see sometimes a few norwgians hitting for NL , even i did so 2 rounds for NL 😉 to help you push the determination bar 😉

you're welcome 😁

lancer450 Day 2,345, 13:49

Strange. 😶 You dropped about 200 million damage in that final battle in D4 when it was clearly hopeless and that Norway was going to lose the battle. 😛

lancer450 Day 2,345, 14:08

I guess but that is damage you could have saved for helping your Asgard or Asteria allies instead who look like they may have needed it. 😛

And why exactly is Norway wanting to supposedly lose these campaigns again? If your intent was to lose all along, then why did you NE the UK? Now that you have lost in both Sorlandet and Vestlandet you have been cut off from the UK and failed to achieve anything.

Naffer Day 2,345, 13:56

Comment deleted

Delirium90 Day 2,345, 13:59

200m dmg is nothing lancer 😛 i only did it to ensure my CH 😉

the only reason why i at all attacked for norway, was to get some TP achievments ,while i went for 10.000 prestige 😉

other than that, i had no intention to try win the campaign lol .

so yeah,that is why i dropped 200m inf in a campaign we was going to lose anyway,tho willingly 😉

*You dropped about 200 million damage in that final battle in D4 when it was clearly hopeless and that Norway was going to lose the battle. 😛*

GEN. DE LA REY Day 2,345, 23:07

Thank you Delirium90 and thank you Norway!

Marnix Maximus
Marnix Maximus Day 2,346, 01:07

Oh yeah very smart. I don't know if you can count, but you still got 4 regions, so you still have a large congres.

Delirium90 Day 2,346, 01:11

lancer,as i said, 200m inf is not much 😛 i still got a few billions left, that can be used to help asgard if needet 😉

only reason why i attacked for Norway was as i said for TP achievments while going for 10.000 prestige 😉

Marnix Maximus
Marnix Maximus Day 2,346, 01:20

I didn't say a thing about damage, I am talking about the regions you still got

2.D.G Day 2,346, 04:57

Yeah because its not like 4 regions gives the maximum amount of seats until 41 regions.

Garmr Day 2,346, 17:10

I don't like men who wink this much at me 🙁

LeoVinciDa Day 2,347, 04:54

Thanks for your generosity, I appreciate it. Hope you can help us keeping those regions.

Pescaman Day 2,345, 13:33

For chileans, a pleasure have been fighting side by side with NL.

lancer450 Day 2,345, 13:48

Hail Chile!

Thank you for all of your help. I saw a lot of fighters helping from Chile. 🙂 Great allies and we appreciate our friendship. o7

Naffer Day 2,345, 13:59

Viva Chile!!!

Naffer Day 2,345, 13:55

Hail us!!!

So who is next....😉

Naffer Day 2,345, 14:08

In that case thank you Delirium fine old chap..
Delirium by the way,,,is that your mental state or just a funny nick name...😉

Kordak Day 2,345, 14:17

I once had delirium, that was less funny 😛

Naffer Day 2,345, 14:24

You mean its over now...Hahaha..😉

Delirium90 Day 2,345, 14:37

hehe both Naffer 😛

nah jk, i took Delirium as a player name years ago, as it is a song from my favourite Norwegian band.

have used Delirium as a gamer name for about 7 years,on all games i have been playing in those years 😉

Naffer Day 2,345, 14:41

The link sends me to the You tube home page...

Delirium90 Day 2,346, 23:33

just copy the link right here, instead of clicking it, copy it and just open a new window and paste it in the adress 😉

or try to just copy and paste this, if that works 😛

just just search for this song on youtube, Delirium by Satyricon

Naffer Day 2,347, 05:09

Sounds good...I did not listen to all of them jet but I like Mother North
very cool clip to..

MaartenW Day 2,345, 15:52

If it was on purpose that is great as we will be able to close up the war ASAP with no hard feelings, NL has a 40 man congress, we had fun and there is a country less draining/attacking UK during the airstrike.

Sounds like win win win to me 😃!

Red Beard the Scotsman Day 2,346, 00:44

Comment deleted

Kordak Day 2,346, 04:05

They will have no hard feelings. We backstabbed them after so many years of friendship :DD

Aries Prime
Aries Prime Day 2,346, 12:16

It really wasn't when we are on opposite sides of alliances.

Daniel Parker
Daniel Parker Day 2,345, 16:02

heel geil dit

e Vladimir
e Vladimir Day 2,345, 16:08

Great success for eNL o7

Red Beard the Scotsman
Red Beard the Scotsman Day 2,345, 18:44

This is the most comedic thing I've ever seen. Oh NL.. this is too cute. If you doubt what Delirium says, so be it. I guess everyone needs to boost their confidence up a little.

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