Day 3,682, 08:13 Published in Canada Canada by EZStreet
Thats Right!! Free Guns and Cash for Active eCanadians To Promote Personal Development!

Well that Sounds Great right, But How? Why? For Who!!! AHHHH ANSWER ME!!

-The Presidential Cabinet and Congress Has Approved the Spending of 100K Which is from our Rental agreements! (I Often get messages asking why we dont have our provinces, this is why)

- Often this money sits around doing nothing or going to some war or another if not stolen by some jerk in charge. Why not use some of our money to support our active eCanadians! helping them to grown stronger!

- Xicheal and the Former National Supply Program have also donated $36,000CAD and 3388 Weapons! Thank you to Xicheal these will also be handed out to active players!

- Who gets Them? If your of Canadian Citizenship and under 150,000 Strength you can receive some Cash and weapons! Simply just Comment to this Article and You will be Added to the List of players to be approved then Receive items!