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[CP] Germany - Denmark Confederation Treaty

Day 1,502, 04:20 Published in Germany Germany by Bundeskanzleramt

Germany - Denmark Confederation Treaty

Name: Germany - Denmark Confederation
Established: January 1st 2012

This confederation will be known as the "German - Denmark Confederation" and act as one united country.

§1 The Confederation can be broken if a majority of 66.667% or more eDanes have voted for a liberated Denmark. The confederation will keep track of who is considered eDanes. A player has to be approved by elected members of the eDanish society at Each reference to "eDanish society" will henceforth in the treaty imply these members.

§2 Congress of Germany can vote to break the union. eDanish votes do not count in this. 66.667% have to agree. Denmark cannot be occupied by Germany if the union is broken. A Non-Aggression Pact will be enforced immediately and Danish regions will be liberated with support of German, Danish and allied forces until original borders have been re-established. The Non-Aggression Pact will last two month. The Non-Aggression Pact will be an external treaty and therefore won’t be affected, if this treaty is broken or disbanded.

§3 Any Real Life Dane can ask for German citizenship and if approved, by elected members of the eDanish society, be entitled to an eGerman Citizenship. This player will thereafter be considered an eDane. A few players like Sasori5 and pho3nix etc are considered eDanes. Others can be added to the eDanes list if approved by elected members of the eDanish society.

Danish nationals provided with an eGerman citizenship do so understanding the potential damage citizenship can cause, and swears to refrain from handing out citizenship prior to discussing it with both German and Danish counterparts. Any abuse of this privilege will result in excommunication of that member, including political, economical and/or military support from all branches of government. A committee supervising citizenship should be created to enforce such matters.

§4 Congress and Government areas are to be English speaking sections, but no one that cannot speak English should be forced to do so. This only applies if there are non-German speaking members of the Congress or Government. Any Government articles should at least have a summary in English and all congress discussion post should at least contain a 'Google Translated English Version'.

Signed by:
President of Germany: Raidoh
President of Denmark: Maine Coon


Raidoh Day 1,502, 04:22


I sign this treaty


Maine Coon
Maine Coon Day 1,502, 04:23


I sign this treaty

Maine Coon

Jul1C4SH Day 1,502, 04:27

Not a bad Idea, good work!

Tiriumski Day 1,502, 04:39

Exciting. : 3

Skalg von Tuari
Skalg von Tuari Day 1,502, 04:40

AGU ick hör dir trapsen

Erik War
Erik War Day 1,502, 04:42

I would sign this treaty 😉 Vote.

Erik War
Erik War Day 1,502, 04:47

Wie verhindern wir, dass PTO-Serben aus eDänemark nach eDeutschland kommen?

Maine Coon
Maine Coon Day 1,502, 04:52

Erik - no Dane will have german CS without us saying its ok - and we know who´s the real danes 🙂

rengaru Day 1,502, 04:53

@ erik wars: wie wärs mit ner unterhaltung auf dänisch?

Typ-XXI Day 1,502, 04:57

good work o7

Freiheitskaempfer Day 1,502, 05:14

< 3 you denmark

Edna Uebel
Edna Uebel Day 1,502, 05:21

gute arbeit. glückliche fügung.

bonne chance a tous

Peter Lankton
Peter Lankton Day 1,502, 05:28


Tiuri Day 1,502, 05:32

Welcome to our new danish friends and a happy new year!

Super Teufel
Super Teufel Day 1,502, 05:36

And we need a new motherf**king flag AT ONCE!

KleinerTeufel Day 1,502, 05:52


Frontalangriff Day 1,502, 06:06

super teufel und kleiner teufel hihihi

Phog Day 1,502, 06:19

No bad ! good luck my friend!

DonH0mer Day 1,502, 06:23

Denmark \o/ My favorite country

Super Teufel
Super Teufel Day 1,502, 06:30

@ Frontalangriff: Ein Schelm, der böses denkt : P

Forrest Gumb
Forrest Gumb Day 1,502, 06:32

denmark and germany \o/

Garmr Day 1,502, 06:32

Nice basis for a larger west-european union with DE/DK/NL/BE/FR 😉

Schmied von Kochel
Schmied von Kochel Day 1,502, 06:36

Seems to be great! Good work! o/

Chocoflo Day 1,502, 07:20

Welcome Danish people o/
hail Germark \o/

Mr. Enya
Mr. Enya Day 1,502, 08:38

yeah! Voted!

Aga aka Zoska
Aga aka Zoska Day 1,502, 08:47


s0ver3ign Day 1,502, 09:07

I hope this works out. Good luck.

Aedolf Hitler
Aedolf Hitler Day 1,502, 09:16

very nice!

Ghostbiker Day 1,502, 09:19

Great Job, good luck! 😃:)

Gregus Hedvik
Gregus Hedvik Day 1,502, 09:26


Rona1d Day 1,502, 10:11


Ivan Terible
Ivan Terible Day 1,502, 10:14

nice idea v

Kristoffer Kalma
Kristoffer Kalma Day 1,502, 10:34

Good luck, hope this goes well. Sad that it had to go to this because of cowardly PTO crap...

Hail Germany! Hail Denmark!

Karlchen Day 1,502, 11:43

Hail Denmany o/

Sonntagskind Day 1,502, 11:45

Welcome to our friends.
Let´s show, that the sum of 1 and 1 can be greater than 2!

JPBlade Day 1,502, 13:00

Lovely to be in a confedaration. Love the idea of it.
Just awesome.
I welcome our new comrades.

Caroline au Marymont
Caroline au Marymont Day 1,502, 13:06

Hail Denmany \o/

DerEZE Day 1,502, 17:09


Axmen Day 1,502, 19:04

D-mark ^^ hmmm bzw, DD-Mark 😉

Magnus Tradeus
Magnus Tradeus Day 1,503, 03:10

Good job Raidoh & Maine Coon!

JoIIy Joker
JoIIy Joker Day 1,503, 03:30

Hail Denmany o/

omg_87 Day 1,503, 03:36


biiis Day 1,503, 03:41

nice work

Hannibal.Zutenberg Day 1,503, 03:58

good job guys! hail german denmark brotherhood!!

Marcellus Bracara
Marcellus Bracara Day 1,503, 04:50

Very Interesting!

Luiz Feliciano
Luiz Feliciano Day 1,503, 05:13

Very Interesting!


KingRobertBaratheon Day 1,503, 09:51


I sign this treaty


Axmen Day 1,503, 14:04

KRB failed

staruszek Day 1,503, 17:19

Wenn ich mal so zurueckgreife... ilphen errinerst du dich worueber wir gesprochen haben? Es ist wirklich geil wenn deine Worte, auch wenn nur so truebe zu sein scheinen, Wirklichkeit werden.

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