[CP] Garmr VI: Hungary treaty

Day 2,608, 12:12 Published in Netherlands Netherlands by Het Catshuis

Dear fellow citizens,

Following the disintegration of the Polish empire we enjoyed a brief period of freedom with control over all our core regions. However, because we are blessed with the scarce oil resource in Western Netherlands, our freedom will never be long-lasting.

Hungary, after moving through Austria and Germany, became the new superpower with interest in our oil region, and expressed their wish to negotiate a respectable deal from the start. The combination of Willem The Conqueror, Arcanic Mindje and myself have spoken with the Hungarians on several occasions and we came to a mutually agreeable solution which I have officially ratified by signing a treaty.

The core of the treaty consists of the occupation of Southern, Western, and Northern Netherlands by Hungary, and the repayment of all tax they receive through these regions.

The full treaty can be viewed on our national forum here: http://enetherlands.nl/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=12915
I encourage you to direct any question you have there, as I do not deem it prudent to discuss our national affairs in the open, which would have an impact of the depth and elaboration of my answers.