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[CP] ♛ EPIC WARFARE Rewards ♛

Day 2,138, 10:54 Published in Pakistan Pakistan by Ahsan

Dearest Citizens of ePakistan,

السلام عليكم

I'm immensely proud to announce the rewards for our top 50 fighters who've done great job in EPIC WARFARE tournament. We've worked incredibly hard to bring Pakistan in top3 position.

I announced last week that we will be distributing Golds/CC among the Players and Military Units. It is obvious that top3 deserves the most.

This is the first time in history of ePakistan that government is celebrating his success with the citizens. Their efforts are highly appreciated and we can't go through alone without their support.

Note: Any player(s) in top50 who has recently banned from eRepublik his reward will not be entertain with any alternative. (political party or military unit)

Applaud our TOP3 best fighters of the Tournament

Top50 Statistics and their Rewards

Amount of 20000/= will be divided into our 5 Military Units as per their contribution accumulated by Prestige Points respectively.

(Need a little knowledge of mathematics to calculate the above chart)

Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.
Hail Pakistan!


Country President of ePakistan



Ahsan Day 2,138, 10:56

Dedicated to the people of Pakistan! o7

Aamir1khan Day 2,138, 11:04


chickensguys Day 2,138, 11:06


Check Mate
Check Mate Day 2,138, 11:12


Mohammad Bilal
Mohammad Bilal Day 2,138, 11:15


Awesome article! \o/

Hail Khalifa bhai!

Faris Khawaja
Faris Khawaja Day 2,138, 11:22


Sparkfyre Day 2,138, 11:22

Awesome TheCaliph xD

Nice way to give a token of appreciation to the hard work of all MUs 😁

Muz1 Day 2,138, 11:28

Wait what? Sparkfyre is ahead of me?!
It's a grave insult to me. 🙁

Heart Stealer
Heart Stealer Day 2,138, 12:20

no its a insult to sparky i guess 😃

uncertain Day 2,139, 02:22


Uzair J Day 2,139, 12:49

Comment deleted

Uzair J
Uzair J Day 2,139, 12:49

bro I almost beat you and sparkfyre.. I earned like 1000 prestige points in the last hour using energy bars.. I didn't wanted to waste anymore once I earned those 40 energy bars reward so I stopped fighting and let you two win.. now I wish I hadn't 😕

Heart Stealer
Heart Stealer Day 2,139, 12:50

show off 😛

Uzair J
Uzair J Day 2,139, 12:56

i'm serious.. I even came to IRC and was asking for both Muz and Sparkfyre to tease them but they weren't there 😕 I did beat you though 😁

Muz1 Day 2,139, 22:20

I didn't even fight for two days since I had gone to my home village and there was no internet coverage there. 😛

Uzair J
Uzair J Day 2,140, 15:17

bro I also didn't fight for 2 days in the whole tournament so that doesn't count..

David Selva
David Selva Day 2,138, 11:35

respect o7

Palwashay Day 2,138, 11:46

so that means i should kidnap top tem ppl from the above mentioned list to blackmail for gold rite ???????


cool it is ... glad u shared with all of us .. love you .. Keep on standing strong for us caliph 🙂

Uzair J
Uzair J Day 2,139, 12:51

ask Mullah Omer to do it 😛

Palwashay Day 2,139, 22:07

lol uzair u silly boy

Iord farhan
Iord farhan Day 2,138, 11:49

This is absolutely brilliant, a step in the right direction, and is proof that the government put's the welfare of people first!

The Silent Hunter
The Silent Hunter Day 2,138, 11:54

O.O Lord Farhan???? When did u came back from the dead???? good to see u back bro 🙂

Iord farhan
Iord farhan Day 2,140, 01:13

Thank you old friend, I am really pleased to see you still here.

The Silent Hunter
The Silent Hunter Day 2,138, 11:55

Oh And a gr8 initiative from the Govt. KIU 😉

Dio Pumba
Dio Pumba Day 2,138, 11:58


Damayanty Day 2,138, 12:01


BahadirHan. Day 2,138, 12:02


vigorious Day 2,138, 12:12

nice try thecaliph

Rider of Darkness
Rider of Darkness Day 2,138, 12:15


Heart Stealer
Heart Stealer Day 2,138, 12:21

Thats the right way much appreciated. Hats off to all the warriors of Pakistan.

Nenya Day 2,138, 13:01


SuperUD Day 2,138, 13:20

Good work Mr. President 😛
Hats off for this great work.

Minino. Day 2,138, 14:04

Miau \o/

Quedyn Day 2,138, 18:05

Good work, my CP bro.
Voted. o7

Lorenzo Lopes Riviera
Lorenzo Lopes Riviera Day 2,138, 18:06


G0CHO Day 2,138, 18:06


sso89 Day 2,138, 20:18

great work. Hail Pakistan, Hail CP, Hail The Khaleefa...!!!

uncertain Day 2,139, 02:23


Khawaja ail
Khawaja ail Day 2,139, 10:02


Uzair J
Uzair J Day 2,139, 12:54

Voted.. great work to all the people who contributed in the tournament.. and a big thanks to the government for providing supplies during the tournament and for donating gold to us now..
P.S: who wants to share some of their booty with their brother here 😁 help a bro out here 😛

Palwashay Day 2,139, 22:10

uzair donate gold to me ist then ask ppl for urself ;p

Uzair J
Uzair J Day 2,140, 15:14

but you already said that i'm not your brother.. I only give gold to my sisters 😁

Muhammad Talal
Muhammad Talal Day 2,140, 05:03

thx 🙂 voted

Mirza Hassam Baig
Mirza Hassam Baig Day 2,140, 06:48


Tototwalker Day 2,140, 18:14


P.s.Ukr. Day 2,141, 02:30


muhammad usman javaid
muhammad usman javaid Day 2,141, 03:17

wao superb means i 'm gonna get 25 gold

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