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[CP Elections] Tara4CP

Day 2,204, 10:38 Published in Japan Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) by tarasino

Greetings gentlemen,

This is my first time writing a Candidature article so i am not really good at it.
Usually people like to write stuff about "the strong military and "how we are gonna make a lot of friends" etc etc but i am too old not to know better.
The fact is that the country is in a deep crisis!
The war with Taiwan is forcing us to face a wipe very soon and also to reduce our tax rates to 0. With little money and an enemy 3-times our size, many are inclined to find a surrender an acceptable choice.
Yet, what few understand is that the last update with the determination bonus has made war against us for Taiwan, from a possibility to a necessity, a constant necessity. With eRoC not being able to keep eSK down ad perpetuum, they are forced to declare war to us every 3 months or so, to open a different route to their bonuses. So, "duck and run" as we have done before is now not a solution. between signing a NAP and growing complacent or resistance and radical change, i choose the second one!

About me

My name is Tara, have been elected congressman 10 time for 6 different parties.
I have served as Minister of Finance 4 times and in the past i have been ambassador and PP.


1. Military.
I don't agree with the idea that our current military is strong. If it is not strong to protect the country, than it is weak!

- Change the current system to a Joint chiefs of staff system.
Private MU complain that they don't get info and they are not involved in the decision making. With the new system they will have more information and more involvement and the government can be closer to their needs.
- Make a roadmap about the State MU commune systems.

2. Foreign Policy.

The foreign policy is the thing i am the most dissatisfied with. CoT has been dead for a month now but we still haven't decided with which of our former allies we are gonna have a continuous future relationship. We keep changing MPPs every month.

- Improve our relationship in the region, especially eSK and USA.
- Restart the relationship with some powerful ex-COT countries
- Seek a new start with some TWO countries that may be open to us.
And what's most important
- Propose a long term strategy where this country is gonna move in the future in term of diplomacy.

3. Intern.

We are a small country with few new players and few chances. But what has been the worst part, it has been the instability of the state especially ingame. No continuous programs, no official newspapers. every month the wheel has to be invented anew and this has had devastating results for us.

- Translation Project - Boosting the translation project, finding more translators and rewards for good job. This is my priority numer 1 in my presidency. This project (getting a japanese version of the game) is our most important one and it has been neglected long enough. Right now only one person is working on it. With the support of the government we should be able to end it one day and have a chance at a baby boom. No matter how small, it is the only chance we are gonna get to do it.
- Giving the eJapanese state ingame a structure: Restarting the old org newspapers (voice of japan), Foreign ministry newspaer, bank newspaper etc. Using orgs to structure the budget.
- The introduction of a communication ministy and a Communication Protocol, so that the continuity of communication is ensured.

4. Finances.

- Taxes will remain close to zero for as long we are occupied.
- Alternative financing through a "big society program", donations in exchange for giving the citizens more choice to what they can donate for.
- a new attempt at a budget law.

5. Education.
The game is gonna change soon and we need to be prepared for that.
The new version is already in alpha testing and last time Plato said it is gonna go in Beta within the year. We need to give educational articles to the players to better prepare them.

6. Culture.
I want to propose some changes to our cultural activities as well cuz recently it has become a little bit dull.
I want to introduce a Themed Month where players can get articles and activities about a topic every month. And for this month i have planned December to be the Month for Touhou.

Planned Cabinet
The cabinet i propose has few new entries. the reason for that is that i can not afford to have ministers to spend 1 month to learn their job.

Geezus (vCP) - A strong-willed and conservative guy, he can be trusted with keeping everything on the leash.

Squibeel (MoFA) - probably the most experienced person in diplomacy in this country and i'm sure he can find new paths for this country in terms of future foreign relationships.

Ahava3233 (MOF) - MoF is a tough job but ahava is a tough girl, i have trained her myself and i am sure she can manage the finances without much problem.

Kantaa (MoS) - always a good MoS

JetiShumadinac (MoD) - i was very pleased by his work this month and see no reason why he shouldn't continue

WilliamofEdenbury (MoE) - Though i don't agree with him on anything recently, he is a resourceful and hard working guy, the right one for the job.

Ahava (MoCummunication) - She does it anyway.

Kyoko (MoCH) - a Touhou MoCH for a Touhou Month.

Closing words

A former CP of this country, Natsu Natsumee, asked me once just before leaving this country (tired and disappointed): "Why do you still stay here, Tara?"
he was fed up by this country, the constant bullshit and dramas and desperately needed a reason to stay.
I couldn't come up with a rational answer and he was a honest guy who would have sniffed a lie. After 1 year in this game, i couldn't give him a plain simple reason in favor of this country and it has been bothering me since.
The only answer which came to me was: "Because it is my country".
And somehow, it is the truth. eJapan is my country and god be damned if i don't try to change it for good before i give up.

Ten thousand years!



sto kila bazuki
sto kila bazuki Day 2,204, 10:45


DundoC Day 2,204, 10:49

V + o7

Laura Andreea
Laura Andreea Day 2,204, 11:21


frejzer Day 2,204, 12:05

Natsu Natsumee was a weak character who continuously instigated internal conflicts himself,never missing a chance to add fuel to the fire,yet devoid of any valuable experience to make right decisions.
I know you're nothing like that.No doubt you'll do good as you did as the MoF.

tarasino Day 2,204, 12:19

I don't agree with the first part of the comment. But we can agree to disagree 😉

synhro Day 2,204, 12:53

Didn't get the chance to know him as a person but I agree..rarely missed a chance to fuel the dispute.

Kitarou Day 2,204, 12:48

Good luck Tarabara! :3

Going for a cup of hot Taracchino xDD

synhro Day 2,204, 12:59

Good luck Tara-kun.

ardishabutaro Day 2,204, 17:46

vote. good luck for the election

Arari Kara
Arari Kara Day 2,204, 18:27

V Tara for CP!

kowalski_afc Day 2,204, 21:19


ahava3233 Day 2,204, 21:38

Good luck to ya.

JetiShumadinac Day 2,205, 01:34

Good luck Tara 🙂

Kantaaa Day 2,205, 02:12

V ! Good luck !

WarankZ Day 2,205, 09:24

nice vision dude o/

good luck !!!

Darshu Day 2,205, 09:56

Viel Glück!

Tanakajd Day 2,205, 13:57


arhangellord Day 2,205, 14:02

Good luck

Amamiya Mii
Amamiya Mii Day 2,205, 15:16

Idea for finances looks interesting !

Geezus Day 2,205, 15:37


Auraborus Day 2,205, 20:36

GL !

Dexter.MKD Day 2,206, 04:40

GL !

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