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[CP-Elect] Announcement. Time to DELIVER.

Day 1,813, 00:27 Published in Australia Australia by Ranger Bob

I am assuming that there will not be a massive shake-up in the next 6 hours (stranger things have happened)



Hi eAustralia!

Thanks for voting this month.

For me, but also for the other guys 🙂

I would like to congratulate them, in particular irule777 and wingfield for securing a significant proportion of the votes and showing a number of eAustralians also have confidence in their run.

Nuff said.

/navel gazing ends here.

I'm going to be very active this term, and you are all going to see a lot going on.

Not "behind the scenes" though there might be some of that crap day to day.


I want your questions, your criticisms, your comments and most of all, YOUR input.

This is your community too.



Expect the following within the next 24 hours:

1. An article from MoI that will focus on data/stats from other elections, but with a main flavour around presence and activity of our neighbours (ie we had around 200+ votes), how do we compare with neighbours? And how does that compare to our strength and damage?

2. An article from MoFA calling for Advocates to kick off the debate process around alliances as discussed in my last article. ALL are welcome to offer to take a case on for this.

3. I am presently messaging the CP of various countries, not the least of which Chile and NZ to at the least see what their current intentions are. Last I heard the Chileans wanted a 1:1 swap for regions of ours, that they hold. In other words, what they want is our support in a battle of theirs and in return they will let us have a region back.

I am not sold AT ALL on this. I have been clear on my policy regarding policy and "lawns" especially. And NO DEALS that compromise our want to be whole. PERIOD.

But I want to hear the offer from the horses mouth to make sure I get what they want before I bring this to you.

There's also a fair bit of fighting going on around us right now that might change things in coming days 😛

4. Expect to see at least one piece of in-game proposals in the next few hours. eAus we have a mission sitting there we should seek to complete while we have a region on the map, hey.


In my earlier CP announcements I stated I wanted to ensure strong consultation with all sides of the fence - including folk who are in a party as well as people outside.

Therefore, I am tonight messaging the 6 PPs asking if they, or a rep from their party will sit on the consulative group that will have access to Cabinet discussions and advise as they want to. These people will also be involved in the budget I bring down this month.

In addition, I would like to ask, in the article below, any citizens from eAustralia who would like to nominate to be on the group. If you wish to be involved, simply comment below within the next 48 hours from the time this article was published, and you will be considered.

Following this, a follow-up article with the nominees will be published and people can simply provide in their comments the person they wish. Up to 5 people will be selected via this process.

*Note: The eAus Forum is a key discussion area for Government, as is IRC. You will be able to access relevant rooms on both, so it is up to you how involved you want to be - you can offer opinions, ask questions, or simply use this to report what we are or are not (unlikely!) doing.

eAustralia, let's get down to business.



Daenerys Stormborn Targaryen
Daenerys Stormborn Targaryen Day 1,813, 00:29

In Ranger We Trust!

Alla Xul cr1so
Alla Xul cr1so Day 1,813, 00:34

congrats mate and good luck

roboz Day 1,813, 00:39

Congratulations Ranger!

Aussiee Bloke
Aussiee Bloke Day 1,813, 00:56

Congrats Ranger

James Rellori
James Rellori Day 1,813, 01:07

How good it feels to support a candidate that actually wins 😛

Good luck mate.

b0ffin Day 1,813, 01:07

Good luck Ranger, do us proud!

Tristan93 Day 1,813, 01:31

glad you got in

Lord TJ
Lord TJ Day 1,813, 01:37

Make sure your government follows what happens in-game on articles because a lot of citizens boycott the forums.

Ranger Bob
Ranger Bob Day 1,813, 01:46

Yes. The sign of a TRUE good government I reckon TJ is using ALL means. 🙂

Arfman Day 1,813, 02:54

Congrats, Mr CP.

Tim_Holtz Day 1,813, 03:01


Binda33 Day 1,813, 03:57

Grats Ranger.

Mickskitz Day 1,813, 08:10

well done Ranger, if it's not too much to ask, could we look at proposing a NE to allow us to complete the halloween mission?

I'm looking forward to a productive term

LanyIsLost Day 1,813, 08:59

I'll be watching you.

Ranger Bob
Ranger Bob Day 1,813, 12:04

Just not from the window this time, Lany, It was freaky seeing you stand there last time 😛

Mickskitz, the previous CP proposed an NE which is currently underway.


Mack Craft
Mack Craft Day 1,813, 12:44

congratz Ranger.

LanyIsLost Day 1,813, 12:54

LOL Ranger, I wasn't quite sure what I was seeing either.

alimilano Day 1,813, 14:35


sjetteron Day 1,813, 22:00

omg this is the first CP i have played under that i can actually understand! THANK YOU!

sjetteron Day 1,813, 22:01

btw i've only been playin since binda was recently in power 😛

Daenerys Stormborn Targaryen
Daenerys Stormborn Targaryen Day 1,813, 22:45

sorry about that sjetteron..... lol

PhoenixGreen Day 1,814, 23:35


Binda33 Day 1,814, 05:26

I would like to apply to be on your consultative group.

DocterDryMOIST Day 1,814, 08:57

lol. of course you would.

Binda33 needs to have the binda33 effect on every government one way or another.

Ranger Bob
Ranger Bob Day 1,814, 12:00

If any eAustralian wishes to nominate they are welcome. Per my article above there is still time to do so. I will release a follow-up article shortly with names of any people who have said they want to be considered, and as folk may not have twigged they should have a final chance for any others to nominate.


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