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[CP] Dear Mr Axelopolis (the next Arg CP)

Day 1,582, 01:17 Published in Australia Australia by Daenerys Stormborn Targaryen

So let me tell you a story. I logged onto erep this morning and found amongst many messages a threat from the next Argentina CP:

Axelopolis to Larni Kaddlestorm | 13 hours ago
I am writing an article.

Peopel say in the eStreet that Axelopolis will be the next president of Argentina What do you think? Are astralians afraid?

Without giving it a second thought I send the standard reply:

Larni Kaddlestorm to Axelopolis | 7 hours ago
Not at all, we've known for a month that you would be the next Arg CP. After dealing with Indo for so long, Argentina aren't scarey.

But now after mulling it over for a few hours I must admit I feel a little honoured that this child wants to threaten us ‘next month’ not now... no they won’t attack while I am CP, instead they will wait. Can’t blame their really, I’ve been kicking their #$%^ asses to the curb for two months straight. Toying with them, teasing them, antagonizing them knowing full well there is not a damn thing they can do.

You see baby Axelopolis you are of the mistaken belief that once my CP term is up I will simple fade into the shadows. In a sense you are correct, I am a shadow haunter who keeps out of most affairs. I am the one they lock in the basement surrounded in a glass coffin tagged “Break only if Aus really needs it”

With a simple request I will come back, assume control of the military and whoop your monkey ass up and down the street upon a whim. Just because I can.

So you send me a message, a threat, you seek to intimidate me and ask if eAustralia is afraid of you. There is a simple three word response but I will get to that soon.

You want to insult me, at least have the common decency to use google translate and do your research before you decide to provoke me. Ask yourself some simple questions.

1) Why did Terra and TEDEN allow Aus to continue blocking?

2) What is Larni’s avatar?

3) What is a Dropbear?

4) Why did you never win Auckland while you were being slimly dogs fighting for a One nation?

5) Why have you always failed to outplay me?

You are a strong nation, yet you have never come toe to toe with me. You dare to insinuate that an attack on Aus is imminent well princess I got three words for you.

Three words that ring true to every eAus, that once mad our voice heard around the world.
You run your mouth wanting to be the tough guy when the whole world knows the truth.
You have bordered us for more than 3 months so shut your mouth and

Don't waste time waiting for another CP to take on. If you want me, come and get me.

Be warned. If I get called back from my retirement because you clowns want to try your fear and intimidation on my successor I promise you one thing. My foot, your ass.

So, in answer to your query, no Aus is not scared of you.

Long live freedom.

I may walk on the side of the Angels, but I am not one of them.



Imoenbg1 Day 1,582, 01:35

Thats one heck of an article 🙂 If this guy had balls to begin with I suggest he cut them now 🙂


Valentyme Day 1,582, 01:39

Hail Larni!
Hail Australia!

Rockstarhun Day 1,582, 01:43

Brave as always, HAIL Larni \o/

miles247 Day 1,582, 02:09


Mav10 DK
Mav10 DK Day 1,582, 02:14

XAXAXAXA Warrior Queen < 3

threesecond Day 1,582, 02:16

yeah...thats LARNI that i know

Excelsior.HMA Day 1,582, 02:36

"I logged onto erep this morning" This is a lie.
We know you get up in the afternoon.

Daenerys Stormborn Targaryen
Daenerys Stormborn Targaryen Day 1,582, 02:46

hey it was before midday! 😛

Henry the 8th
Henry the 8th Day 1,582, 02:50

Australia -- ︻┳デ═一 ٩(͡๏̯͡๏)۶ – Argentina

alimilano Day 1,582, 02:54

lol, why you feel to must give public answer to kid ?

Rodrigo Crettaz
Rodrigo Crettaz Day 1,582, 03:20


Sonny the Weasel
Sonny the Weasel Day 1,582, 03:25

Way to much buttsex in this article. Larni you ePedo you!

Joaco Know
Joaco Know Day 1,582, 03:42

Axelopolis (the next Arg CP) lol XD

garpito Day 1,582, 04:12

Comment deleted

rinisawa Day 1,582, 04:44


MOnTT Day 1,582, 09:31

Long live Freedom!!!

MOnTT Day 1,582, 09:31

Fail Argentina

Matahari Day 1,582, 09:33

i dont think arg will NE aussie , what await them when they invade you are Indo NE

CharlyGarcia Day 1,582, 10:39


A Q U I L E S Day 1,582, 10:55

2) What is Larni’s avatar?

Anabelle_Lee Day 1,582, 11:04

Se pasó... Axelopolis se pasó! x D

Omar Sarcomo
Omar Sarcomo Day 1,582, 11:05


garpito Day 1,582, 11:36

lol!!!!!!!!! and it's coming!!!!!!!!!!!! LarNi feel sorry for your writing, you need to learn more and then write baby!
not afraid yet? it's coming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Johnll Day 1,582, 11:45

good by argentina

Sir Algaroth
Sir Algaroth Day 1,582, 11:46

hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah holy sh... this woman must leave drugs hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

Dr Gotito
Dr Gotito Day 1,582, 11:53


fail arGAY

John Locked
John Locked Day 1,582, 12:44



Hernu said this game is dead
Hernu said this game is dead Day 1,582, 13:24


Milo666 Day 1,582, 13:36

Axelopolis, the next president of eArgentina.

Dear Larni, you have been trolled HARD. The rest of the article is useless.

BOUD1CCA Day 1,582, 14:21

That may be the case Milo. However Larni's article is far from useless. She is letting the eworld know that Australia is not now run by appeasers & collabarators.
Good show Larnie : )

Daenerys Stormborn Targaryen
Daenerys Stormborn Targaryen Day 1,582, 16:25

You can always judge an articles success on how much the targets troll it.

Rona1d Day 1,582, 16:36

xDDD Axelopolis is just a fail troll

RaulAlfonsin Day 1,582, 17:17

canguro muerto de hambre callate la boca dan lastima!!

sapasaia Day 1,582, 21:28


brendam Day 1,583, 23:01

Axelopolis, the next president of eArgentina.

Dear Larni, you have been trolled HARD. The rest of the article is useless. x2

Flintro Day 1,587, 04:28

@RaulAlfonsin...Soy australiano tambien, pero tengo el valor y el honor luchar con mis hermanos de Espanya en la resistencia contra imperialismo estadounidense. no todos somos hijos de la gran puta...solo los que escuchan al dictadura de larni kaddlestorm.

Larni, I am Australian. But I fight for what is eRight, not for a sense of eNationalism. Do me the same courtesy and stop slandering other nations and fighting alongside US imperialism...

Ian von Schwartzer
Ian von Schwartzer Day 1,590, 13:20


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