[CP] Dad's Army

Day 4,373, 08:55 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by 10 Downing Street

'Reports confirm Chile & Hungary are already shaking in laughter...'

Afternoon lads o/,

A hopefully auspicious start; Alfa and Matt firing up their respective departments after a very long time since their last use!

We intend to entertain the eWorld by (attempting to) organise what’s left of us into a disciplined, organised, and semi-cheerful travelling circus wherever needed o7

Here’s the deal...

We’ll try and get a few regular strikes going & keep an eye on international events and report them back accordingly.

In return give us the general hours you’re on so we can strike at the best time - we’ll throw in a generous portion of gov goodies for joining us on the day!

Those of you not in the general thread drop me a message to show you’re alive…

Otherwise I'll try and throw together a long overdue Bank of England report so we can discuss how to throw money at all of this - gib your times in the thread gents and make sure you get a bit of it o7

Don't give up
and all that...