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Day 2,142, 23:49 Published in Austria Japan by SashaL
My friends,

The month ahead will provide a unique set of challenges for our little corner of the eWorld, challenges that I think I am very well suited to tackle. In the next thirty days our allies in TWO will face continued and heightened pressure from our enemies. Our economy will continue to wax and wane under the weight of a broken economic module. Our parties will continue to strive for unity against elements that would shove their own family under a bus for political points. Yes, there are challenges ahead, but I have always relished a challenge and am confident that I am the man to see us through into a brighter, more unified future together.

So what am I offering in terms of Home Affairs? For starters, a streamlined cabinet by having only one Minister to oversee and organise the entire Ministry. Under this Minister there will be several under-Ministers each with a specific job: Communication, Entertainment and Education.

I have said elsewhere that community is the key to retention in this game, and, the essential element of a community is communication. I want to see this to be new fresh start between all of us, and increase encouraging people to take part in discussions and to join the IRC.

The challenges we face are best tackled by experience and an understanding that Put another way, we need a President that will continue to repair our international image to keep us prosperous, demonstrate some fiscal responsibility in harsh economic times, and provide a political environment in which budding politicians from all sides can mature and improve at the political side of the game.

How the things would looks like next month:

I want to get stronger relations with eSerbia, ePoland, eHungary and other leaders in our alliance. I want this country become a powerfull country for our and interests of our allies.
Im not here to do anything bad to Austria, Im here to help this country. I will be glad to see people from every party in this government. So if you wanna help to we build military and politicaly strong country send me PM, and I will do everything to find place for you in government. We need to stay together, if our interested level is zero, than this country will fall down more.

So vote for me, and I will do everything to make you sure that this isnt wrong.

Give me a chance.
Only one.

And that would be enough to prove you that all we want good for this country.

Best regards,


The.Hound Day 2,142, 23:51


Konstruktivac Day 2,142, 23:51


Johnnnie Day 2,142, 23:54


BG Pobednik
BG Pobednik Day 2,143, 00:02

vote hard

BG Pobednik
BG Pobednik Day 2,143, 00:04

And once more i would like to congratulate you for newborn : )))

Beast from  Asprovalta
Beast from Asprovalta Day 2,143, 00:03


The.Hound Day 2,143, 00:11

nisi ti, Džoni je prva 😛

Beast from  Asprovalta
Beast from Asprovalta Day 2,143, 00:11

🙁 pravda za ženeeeee

Gwynbleidd Atlius
Gwynbleidd Atlius Day 2,143, 00:42


SashaL Day 2,143, 00:44

You are scared of powerfull Austria, so you said Takeover : )
Good to know : )

Gwynbleidd Atlius
Gwynbleidd Atlius Day 2,143, 00:47

No, I'm scared of another Poland-Slovenian-Serbian country.
Not the poor Austria which is always mistreated by....your kind....

SashaL Day 2,143, 00:49

When the everyone treated this country as their toy I wasnt do the same, if someone wants to turn one almost dead contry into a stronger and respectable allies doesnt means that is Takeover. Time will show. : )

SashaL Day 2,143, 00:51


yst31 Day 2,143, 07:33

All my respects to Poland,Serbia and Slovenia,they are good countries with great governments and of course great friends,the problem is people who gets bored and try to go to other countries to be in the power.

SashaL Day 2,143, 11:44

As you can see I was Cp in Serbia (march), and you cant say that I want any power. This isnt nothing personal, this is just game for fun and friendship.

yst31 Day 2,143, 11:51

Yes,but your party has 30 members,and none of them were in your situation.

Gullberg Day 2,143, 01:22

At least they have sent someone who speaks English and not bullshit, to takeover our country ;P

SashaL Day 2,143, 01:33

I know there is 10000:1 chance for me to win, but I hope so this article will make this politicians to try work harder for this community, for everyone. Ill be glad to see everyone here in team work. Hope so soon : )

The Doctor Nikola
The Doctor Nikola Day 2,143, 01:49

Next CP SashaL. Strong eAustria.

Dio Hostilian
Dio Hostilian Day 2,143, 02:26

how i learned to stop worrying and love the bomb

sinisa91 Day 2,143, 03:39


Luis Grindl
Luis Grindl Day 2,143, 03:58


yst31 Day 2,143, 07:30

Of course I am going to vote for Schwrzwolf but At least this time they have a better programme than the one they presented 2 months ago
It's something ;P

BATASHA Day 2,143, 10:40


Dooomed Day 2,144, 01:05

long live australia!

Harzakc Day 2,144, 03:49

wos wü der off schowieda..

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