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[CP] Agreement

Day 1,887, 13:05 Published in Austria Hungary by lazo

Dear citizens of Austria,

This evening were held a meeting among the party presidents. It was necessary because of the last day's confusions between our citizens. We, the party presidents signed an agreement to avoid conflicts, reflecting to the cooperation.

Title: Joint Party Statement

In politics, differences of opinion are healthy. Considering issues from different viewpoints makes a nation stronger, as more sides of issues are analyzed, and policies are better thought through before being implemented. But recently, things have become a bit too heated and counterproductive. There are legitimate dangers facing us, as with any small nation - and in chaotic environments it becomes easier for those who seek harm, whether PTO or otherwise, to cause it.

Just as there are dangers, there are also opportunities for growth and improvement. We will best achieve these common goals - and face common challenges - when we can at least work together despite disagreements. Therefore, as leaders and representatives of our parties, we vow to work in a constructive way with one another, ending constant quarrels and any official media war - and urge others to join us.

on behalf of the Austrian Royal Party - NettoBoy, Party President
on behalf of the Österreich Independence Party - Rangeley, Party Councillor
on behalf of the Austrian Socialist Movement - KrennyX, Party President
on behalf of the Austrian Communist Party - exkrementensammler, Party President
on behalf of the Party of the Horny Princess - lazo, Party President and Country President
on behalf of the National Front - ZoltanB, Party President and Richsmarschall 🙂

country president


Rangeley Day 1,887, 13:06


Harzakc Day 1,887, 13:07


lazo Day 1,887, 13:07


KrennyX Day 1,887, 13:08


NettoBoy Day 1,887, 13:10


ZoltanB Day 1,887, 13:12


Eheslo Day 1,887, 13:34

Tolvaj lazo, mit nem gondol?

Impi ez hiba volt, átbasztak rendesen, mert közben a patkány lazo megfirkálta párunkat.
Ennyit ér a mocsok, de ezt eddig is tudtuk.

OEBernd Day 1,887, 13:44

I am not a pp so I am allowed to start conflicts?
I will try to wake up the troll in me.

Ben Sherman Mustafa
Ben Sherman Mustafa Day 1,887, 13:46

Hát ha te mondod.
Akinek nem tetszik az kapja be, nyelje le, nyalja ki a románokat szőröstűl-bőröstűl.

Schwrzwolf Day 1,887, 14:12

As former PP of the ÖIP, I also approve of this. Thanks to Rangeley and the other PPs for this agreement.

milestailsprower Day 1,887, 14:17

Best of luck to y'all.

Luis Grindl
Luis Grindl Day 1,887, 15:54


Viglius Day 1,887, 18:20


Ipath Day 1,888, 23:11

Eheslo, te patkány, itt is fröcsögöd magadból a szart? Hány országot, akarsz még elbaszni?

II. Dexx
II. Dexx Day 1,888, 00:17

Ipath állj a sarokba és sírj. Ha van patkány ebben a játékban az te vagy meg a cimbijeid.

II. Dexx
II. Dexx Day 1,888, 00:31

Impi jól átbasztak ezzel süket dumával, engem már most banoltak minden osztrák szobából pedig meg sem szólaltam ott több mint fél éve! xD

Eheslo Day 1,888, 00:35

No nézd már a tolvaj hazug "székely" lazo mellett megjelenik egy másik szemét, az UVVA cégeinek tolvaja:

II. Jemby
II. Jemby Day 1,888, 01:40

Bernie, feel free to troll, we do it too. : P

Vreath Day 1,888, 03:19

Interesting! Finally some real democratic movements in our country! A good sign to all evil people out there who seek nothing but power. Good job! Signed!

Prince of Austria
Prince of Austria Day 1,888, 04:14


Mogyi Day 1,888, 05:20

na megjelent a 2 felkegyelmu is...

Eheslo Day 1,888, 09:26

mogyi, ahol a labancokra cuppant "székelyek" és a labancaik feltűnnek, ott van több is. Például mejöttél te is, mintha nem lett volna elég itt a magadfjata antimagyarokból.

Sok is.
De innen szép a győzelem.

lazo Day 1,889, 23:10

Milyen győzelem? : ))

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