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[CP] A New Dawn

Day 1,810, 10:15 Published in Canada USA by Derphoof

There are few things that I am certain of in this game, but I am always certain of these things:

1) Canada will expel Poland from our lands, as usual.
2) The Government cannot do a damn thing to fix the economy
3) Plato wants your money

Those are the things that are assured and are not to be campaigned on. There is no difference between Rylde, Foxfire, or I in these areas. We will do whatever it takes to kick out Poland. We will do whatever we can to keep our military funded to the best of our abilities. The main thing that I can change and campaign on, is foreign affairs.

Rylde advocates for us to either go to Asgard or re-join EDEN when given the option. Foxfire also enjoys the safety of a pro-EDEN stance. Yet, we are at a crossroads in our country. We can easily be complacent and do the same things we have been, and support the same allies as we have been for the past 3+ years.

If I chose that path, then there would not be much difference between any of the candidates. However, I am willing to step out on a limb. I am willing to put everything on the line.

I am willing to offer you a true choice.

I am offering you change.

Recently, in the past few days, I released a poll to you, the Canadian Public. The results of the poll did not surprise me, although I thought they would be slightly different. The people in large part support EDEN over its opposition. They would, in fact, rather do whatever the USA does than join the forces that oppose EDEN, albeit by a slim margin. Of all Canadians, 76% of them preferred brotherhood over pure strategy. In spite of our current situation, 63% of Canadians would rather have our friends, than our regions. The reason people voted in this way could be varied. People may actually value the friendship over strategy, they could feel an emotional attachment to EDEN or other items listed in my poll. It could be the wording of the poll in general.

This was, as stated, merely a public opinion poll so I could get your stance. I value public opinion and I like to know what the people like or want. Yet, it is not the job of the Executive to follow popular opinion or traditional ways for the sake of tradition. The job of the CP is to make tough decisions. They are not always the most popular decisions. When it is necessary, I have to make those tough decisions, regardless of public opinion.

Now, I prefer strategy, by and large, over brotherhood. Why? Because this is a game and I intend for Canada to succeed as much as it can. Friends are lost and gained. Allegiances change with time. At one point, France invaded Canada and occupied much of it. Russia systematically demolished the USA at one point in time. Yet, Russia is a good friend of the United States and Canada has a great partnership with France. But, brotherhood does not amount to everything and allies change with circumstance.

This is a game of math and strategy. Simple as that. If you don’t have the numbers behind you or the backing to achieve those numbers, you will likely lose. I believe in Canada and the ability of its people. We could easily enter an age of restoration in the influence of Canada. However, strategy is needed to do so. Friends can be found just about anywhere, but strategy is black and white. Strategy is win or lose.

I intend to win.

For you see, a month ago, or even a couple weeks ago, things still looked good for EDEN. Turkey wasn’t causing as many problems, nations still had their regions and congresses, and all was happy in the Paradise of EDEN. It was during this time that I planned on pursuing EDEN. It was the most strategically viable option at the time. I NE’d Spain to support our allies in EDEN and strengthen that bond. But now, things have changed.

The forces that oppose EDEN, or that simply want regions, have dealt a blow to the Brotherhood. The branches of EDEN are being severed one by one. Romania reclaimed some regions but they have lost them and are on the verge of another wipe. While that is happening, Serbia is beating Croatia, Croatia is also engaged in a virtual stalemate with Indonesia, Italy has been beaten back, Belarus saw the problems EDEN has and left EDEN, Bosnia and Herzegovina has been wiped, Ukraine has been wiped, and Portugal is still conquered. These are days of internal and external strife. I do not want to throw Canada into the pits and immediately hop into EDEN.

Seeing as this is a game of numbers and strategy, the math just doesn’t add up for EDEN. EDEN, according to eGov, is listed as having a total battle influence of, 35,483,418,210. Its opposition, ex-ONE, CoT and Spoland have a combined damage total of 47,414,596,190. Not even with the USA on EDEN’s side would this completely balance out. Brazil, with the collapse of CTRL could easily join its newfound friends in Spoland. From a geo-political standpoint, we are also in an unfavorable position when thrusted into EDEN. The allies that share borders are Ireland and Portugal. Portugal, for that matter, may not be on the map again for quite sometime. We are bordered now by three superpowers. There is the hostile Spain and Poland, and there is the USA, with whom we hold little to no favor. From this standpoint, EDEN also puts Canada at a relatively large dis-advantage.

For the above reasons, I am placing a hold on any efforts to join EDEN as we evaluate our situation, for the time being.

Of course, we will continue to support our allies in EDEN to the furthest extent of our ability, but I have other plans for our future. Though, as Cleon said in his speech to the Athenians during the Peloponnesian Wars, “The two things most opposed to good counsel are haste and passion; haste usually goes hand in hand with folly, passion with coarseness and narrowness of mind.” We cannot hastily join an alliance just because we feel that we need protection. We cannot join an alliance out of passion for our friends, because then we encounter the folly of disregarding strategy. We must have calm deliberation without haste or passion. We must wait to see how the current events unfold before us. EDEN could rise up, or EDEN could fall. With Spoland and Brazil voting to leave, CTRL is officially dead. The USA could now experiment with another alliance. The coalition of forces that have put down EDEN could come apart and subsequently fall. Those that oppose EDEN could control them for one week or six months and vice versa.

There are a lot of variables when it comes to joining an alliance, right now. We could just as easily dive into a cool and comfortable pool as we could jump, unknowingly, into a pit of fire. We must proceed with caution and analyze the situation and events as they occur.

Now, while other nations have dropped off or gone their separate ways, Canada has been attached to EDEN for over three years. However, The time may soon come when we may need to leave the friends that we have garnered over those years. In the case of leaving, it would be hard. It would not be an easy task, and I do not take such decisions lightly. However, I will have the courage to make whatever choice is necessary.

All options are on the table, and, while some are definitely preferable to others, they are all still there. However, with all of this said, there is one option that I currently favor over all of the rest.

That option, is the Circle of Trust.

So why the Circle of Trust? CoT was founded by Bulgaria (A Former EDEN ally) and Chile (A Former TERRA ally). It is a smaller alliance that, while largely opposed to EDEN, may not pit us against our regional allies, if we so chose not to attack. The alliance is spread out across the world and is not Balkan or even European-centric. CoT can offer protection from any enemies while also allowing support for any possible aggressive campaigns.

Spoland is also another factor in this decision. They are a constant threat looming large over all of our dealings. The Circle of Trust alliance is neutral toward Spoland militarily, but has good relations with them. This ensures that Spoland would not attack us, and we would likely not attack them. Yet, while they are fairly neutral towards Spoland, we would not be required to hold MPPs with them or any of the Balkan nations, like Serbia and Hungary, that we have learned and loved to despise over the years. In fact, if we allied with CoT, we could likely still keep other MPP’s like Sweden, and Finland.

I know that many of you will have questions about my position, how it would work, and plenty of other things. I run an open and transparent gov’t and I will be glad to answer any and all of your questions.

Canada doesn’t need complacency. We need ambition and change. I intend for this game to be fun and I intend for Canada to succeed.

To lead us to success, I plan on applying for admission, as a trial member, to CoT.

For one month, Canada would be a trial member. Then the issue of full membership would be subject to a vote of either Congress, or the citizenry of Canada. If we choose not to become a full member, than our trial membership would be terminated. At this point, Canada could go back to the same thing it has been doing for the past three years, which is supporting EDEN.

I am a man of strategy. I want to see Canada succeed. I want to see the True North strong and free. I believe in Canada, and so should you. Canada will rise from its current position to become a force to be reckoned with. I will make the necessary decisions to accomplish that goal and I will steer clear from any choices that compromise that objective.

So, do you want to win or lose? Do you want to keep doing the same old thing, month in and month out? Do you want the comfortable complacency that we Canadians have come to know and love?

Or, do we yearn for success? Do we have a drive to win? An urge for glory?

If so, unlike the other candidates, I am offering you a change. I offer a path to success.

There are only two kinds of days. There are big days, and there are small days. Most of our days are small days. Let November 5th be a big day. Take a bold step in the right direction for Canada. Make Canada Great. Make Canada Glorious. Make Canada Succeed.

I am ElPatoDiablo, and I offer a new path. I offer a New Dawn for Canada.

On November 5th, vote ElPatoDiablo. Vote to make Canada great, once more.


Auk Rest
Auk Rest Day 1,810, 10:16


Muglack Day 1,810, 10:21

The country wanted to hang Wally for MPP'ing Indonesia and moving us toward CoT.

Major misstep imo.

Auk Rest
Auk Rest Day 1,810, 10:23

Muglack, big difference is Wally did it without telling anyone what he was doing or what he planned on doing. ElPato actually talks to the country, notice Congress/the Citizenry can still vote CoT down.

Muglack Day 1,810, 10:29

Congress can vote CoT down? Well then. We have nothing to worry about.

Oh wait. He already cost us a Congress. How many more are we gonna miss under his watch?

Hopefully it's less than the number MPPs we're gonna miss because he just doesn't bother to pay attention (Sorry, Taiwan. Some of us are still your friends).

Derphoof Day 1,810, 10:33

Forum Congress can, if they so choose.

Full membership must be approved by either Congress or a National Referendum. There is no exception. I cannot decide that for the people.

I didn't sign with Taiwan because I was trying to save some money.

Kronos Q
Kronos Q Day 1,810, 11:05

If you're playing this game solely for strategy, the only winning move is not to play.

Christian Doe
Christian Doe Day 1,810, 11:36

^^ words of a wise man.

George Beeman
George Beeman Day 1,810, 11:37

If you're playing this game solely for strategy, the only winning move is not to play.


Exalted Druid
Exalted Druid Day 1,810, 11:57

I would add it is the only rational and sane move as well.

Learned long ago people don't play this game strategically, they play it on emotions, with a flag wrapped around them.

chriswen Day 1,810, 11:58

Anyways, when we NE Ireland we're going to be losing all our MPP's anyways.

I agree that Eden has been a brotherhood. We've been in eden ever since I joined. But eden is breaking apart and we need to enter a new alliance. Especially if we don't want to keep getting wiped.

Rolo Tahmasee
Rolo Tahmasee Day 1,810, 12:19

EDEN sucks, Its sucked for longer than it hasn't sucked, and it will continue to suck till the end of time

Mochan Drust
Mochan Drust Day 1,810, 12:58

That option, is the Circle of Trust.

Huge mistake. If you want to be lynched like many eUS presidents were, then proceed.

If you're playing this game solely for strategy, the only winning move is not to play. x3

Zappie Day 1,810, 12:59

Yeah, I don't think EDEN is the right choice either anymore, especially with their inability to liberate Portugal. Seems like they are impotent.

Mary Chan
Mary Chan Day 1,810, 13:35

Bold step? Perhaps.
Fortune favours the bold....?

Plugson Day 1,810, 13:38

As per that x# comment, Congress is currently not playing the game. Would that mean they have accomplished a winning move for strategy?

What's certain these days is that no one is certain about what alliance to follow or what tact we need to follow in the foreign affairs front. Perhaps the best option is do nothing and say nothing, and let the tumbleweeds roll by.Or, perhaps it is doing the obvious by trying to suck up to eUSA to again get into their good graces.Or, wait for EDEN to...?

Plugson Day 1,810, 13:40

Mary, the funny thing is that EPD had exactly that line (FFTB) in the final draft of his article but some foolish advisor (me) told him to take it out to show respect for the copyright of other candidates : )

Donna Rush
Donna Rush Day 1,810, 13:47

Now that we have NFLD., what are we waiting for to NE Ireland?

Quim B. Muffins
Quim B. Muffins Day 1,810, 14:10

The big question is; what are we doing to better our relations with the eUSA? eBugaria and the CoT are great, but we need some help closer to home. Oh and vote EPD!

Venoms III
Venoms III Day 1,810, 14:58

There was a huge outrage to losing allies like Romania and Croatia when we MPP'd Indo.

Were better off siting tight for the time being.

Plugson Day 1,810, 15:45

In that case, Venoms, we sacrificed MPPs without any apparent purpose and gained no new allies in the process.

In this case, however, I would expect there to be more purpose (though not so apparent yet) and certainly more to gain with both NE missions and allies.

Jaffle Day 1,810, 15:51

1. We attacked Spain to support our friends, and Poland ended our NE against Spain with one hit

2. We did not NE Poland so that they would not wipe us, and they wiped us anyway

3. Now we're losing MPPs by NEing Ireland instead of UK, because we're afraid that Poland will wipe us again

Jaffle Day 1,810, 15:52

4. Too late, we see the irony in this.

Ardikus V2
Ardikus V2 Day 1,810, 16:12

Ireland is a TW.

Leo Balzac
Leo Balzac Day 1,810, 17:03

Is this 'New Dawn' a Red Dawn?

Quim B. Muffins
Quim B. Muffins Day 1,810, 17:14

The New Dawn is actually a dish detergent. I believe it might have scrubbing bubbles.

chriswen Day 1,810, 20:51

It is always darkest before the new dawn.

Adrastos Amon
Adrastos Amon Day 1,810, 22:05

...''Yet, it is not the job of the Executive to follow popular opinion or traditional ways for the sake of tradition. The job of the CP is to make tough decisions. They are not always the most popular decisions. When it is necessary, I have to make those tough decisions, regardless of public opinion"

So... why should I vote for you? You aren't the right candidate for CP if you don't listen your voters. But you need our votes!

Mochan Drust
Mochan Drust Day 1,811, 01:45

"So... why should I vote for you? You aren't the right candidate for CP if you don't listen your voters. But you need our votes!"

Nicely said

chriswen Day 1,811, 05:04

Because he wants what's best for the country. Because he doesn't want us to be wiped again. Because fortune favours the bold.

Mary Chan
Mary Chan Day 1,811, 05:07

I'm surprised that no one mentioned "Breaking Dawn", but then I recalled the demographics of this game.

George Beeman
George Beeman Day 1,811, 05:38

I thought about that but it didn't seem important.

Derphoof Day 1,811, 07:39

"So... why should I vote for you? You aren't the right candidate for CP if you don't listen your voters. But you need our votes!"

Well, like I said in the article, I value public opinion and listen to it. I could have easily proposed MPPs with CoT countries on the 26th, after I learned that we had no congress. Nothing would be able to stop me. However, what kept me in check was public opinion.

Instead of forcing it onto you like I could have, I have made CoT an election issue.

klop123 Day 1,811, 07:59

CoT has its appeals, as do all the alliances. We should at least try
Why not, live a little eh, eCanada ^__^
It's only a game

Vote EPD for CP!

Adrastos Amon
Adrastos Amon Day 1,811, 10:25

@EPD...You represent a group of people who trust you as e-individual and you must represent the majority interest, if elected. Dreams as "to make those tough decisions, regardless of public opinion" are wrong and arogants. A CP is not ment to do what he believes is good for his voters .
By the way, tradition and long term relations creates strog countries. CPF support your plans?

Derphoof Day 1,811, 11:00

@Adastros Every vote cast is a show of support for my plan and platform. If I am elected, then that means a majority of voters will have cast a de facto vote for CoT. So, in that case, the interest of the majority is to join CoT.

I have offerred you a plan. A vote for me is a vote for that plan. You can choose to vote for it, or you can choose not to. It is your choice. I am not forcing this onto the public in any way.

Jaffle Day 1,811, 12:55


I voted for you in the CPF primary, and if I had known you would have wiped out our MPPs a day before the election I wouldn't have.

You couldn't have told voters about this and waited two days for a mandate?

As it stands now, you've lost my vote tomorrow and in the future, for CP or for anything else in CPF or COI.

Plugson Day 1,811, 13:30

"You couldn't have told voters about this and waited two days for a mandate?"

I agree that would have been the better course of action. Unfortunately, the game developers have created NE Missions with expiry dates. Stretching things out another day or two would mean that a larger portion of people would be unable to complete the "Chasing Witches - Kill 100 NE" mission.

I'm not crazy about how these missions affect the game. It changes the pace and causes a lot of friction btw players.

klop123 Day 1,811, 13:30

@Jaffle, Ireland is a TW
one of us had to lose MPP's and since Ireland already had a lulz NE proposal against the UK, EPD proposed them as an NE from our side... he is trying to help for the new missions

chriswen Day 1,811, 13:32


You're angry because we'll be wiping all our MPP's?

Well, that is the only option really to get a NE TW. Or we could wipe all our regions. But, really everyone wants a NE. So we're going to wipe all our MPP's.

Rylde Day 1,811, 14:53

Wiping MPP's for a mission is retarded imo. I recall months back when a CP doing so would of been shot. I do believe we've just missed out in the past and shrugged it off.

Wouldn't be the first time and won't be the last.

Plugson Day 1,811, 15:09

For the NE mission everyone gets 60+ strength. Plus, 2000-20000 Rank Points.

60 Str = about 6 Gold if you train with Q1 facilities over 2 days.
The Rank Points are harder to give a value to, yet there is a good bonus to our players, obviously.

Let's say half our population completes the 100 NE mission. That is equal to 48000 str points and 1.6 mil-16 million RP.

That's worth 4800 Gold in Q1 Training and who knows how much in Rank Points.

Plugson Day 1,811, 15:16

Here are the more significant MPPs that we will be losing which have about 2 weeks left.The others have less than 10 days remaining so are not a big financial loss
Expires in 11 days

Expires 14 days

Expires 23 days

Expires 23 days

Expires 28 days

Expires 28 days

Plugson Day 1,811, 15:31

My Str Training Gold stats are only generalizations.I'm not sure how you'd accurately calulate how many citizens complete the Mission and what QLvl training facilites they use that would equal the cost of 60 str.Yet there is obvious mass benefit to eCanada if we complete the NE mission vs saving MPP CAD

Let's call it a Cost vs Benefit situation. There are costs and benefits on both sides of the NE and TW issue. It depends on what you value most and how you calculate the costs/benefits

klop123 Day 1,811, 15:36

Plugson has a point.

Centurus Day 1,811, 15:51

What about your cabinet?

Rolo Tahmasee
Rolo Tahmasee Day 1,811, 16:12

Plugson has the EPD Apologist cabinet position on lock down...

Jacobi is in charge of Spin....

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