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[CP]A New Country is Emerging!!

Day 2,249, 15:29 Published in South Africa Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) by The Argead
10 days have passed since I was elected to lead this Country
A lot of things happened in that Time some of which I can't talk about..
But this is What I can say Tenshibo got away from getting punished from the Admins for Stealing the Money.We decided to Free our Regions from Argentina and that is what we are going to do I am asking you not to Rise any RW in the Next 2 Days so we can Organize a Successful RW.On that issue I am Asking all the Congressmens to Vote YES to the Donation Law.We need to have some Funds so we can Fight Against Argentina without the Funds Chances of getting the RW are lowered.

Canada Is involved in war now with UK and I want to help on that Front cause we are just sitting and our damage is wasted in unimportant RW's.I have asked for a MPP with Canada so I hope that we will manage to do that.

MOD is working and is ready to face all the problems they have but their activity can not be seen in this Times when we don't have important battles.

MODA is giving Free Gold and Food just by filling out this Form.

MOS and DBI are working perfectly this Month and I can say that I have never seen that much activity from that Department.Thanks Guys for doing such a Wonderful Job.

PP Elections Finished and Lazokrats are Progressing on their attempts to take over eSA they have managed to take 7 of 9 Parties they did this because they are using illegal ways to achieve their goals and that is Multies we can't compete on that kind of a Power because 20 multies that are managed by 1 player are more powerful that 20 players cause 1 Player can easily coordinate the Votes in the Needed time and on needed place and that is not that much Possible with 20 different Players.

I am asking eSA is this what we want are we going to let them Make their "LAZO Land"and win.Because if that happens then throw out the World there won't be eSA but a Country that is Controlled by the MU Lazokrats.That is something that I won't let happen so the Time has Come....

CP of eSA
Signing Out


I m coming ,,, Forza SA !!!

thekoki Day 2,249, 16:15


thekoki Day 2,249, 16:23

Comment deleted

Léon Reno
Léon Reno Day 2,249, 17:09

Did Plato punish Tenshibo? How?

Zombinho Day 2,249, 17:36

No he didn't, they answered that the CP can do what he wants with the money.

El Reto
El Reto Day 2,249, 17:16

Lol srsly?
You can't guys handle yourself for two weeks of my my absence?
Firstly, as long as lazos side with Argies, You are doomed. There is no way You can win against Argentina, they will easily crush You either in RW or MPP battle. So 6k cc would not make any difference. I'm not even mentioning lack of coordination with congress and MoD who is unable to communicate with people (because he doesn't know English).
Secondly, Canada is looser. Have I taught you to side with losers?
Their win is temporary, they are winning only because time zone advantage. In few days they will reach polish border and fun will be over.
Just remember, Poland is Your only ally now, only country that wants to sign MPP with You. And now You are ruining it. GJ.
I laughed hard at "MoS is working perfectly, we lost 7 out of 9 parties". You lost because of lack of ANY coordination. There was no plan to keep even one party. IA wasted (just like always, btw) ab 20 votes, few more was lost at Squalls party, RTP and OOPS.
This was the worst elections ever.
Good that Ten stole money, at least lazos won't do that.

Zombinho Day 2,249, 17:32

If i made a couple of grammar mistake that doesn't mean that i do not know English, i was in a hurry that day, but i at least tried to coordinate people and inform them, and everyone understood what i sad, you will watch your mouth next time because that is offensive, please.
Second, the Military Council of eSouth Africa came up with the idea to support Canada, firstly imposed by Grimstone, who told us that they contacted him and asked for help, everyone sad that we should help and i didn't even mentioned something, when i saw that they want to support Canada and i write an official announcement about it.

Zombinho Day 2,249, 17:32

If there is someone that truly doesn't understand my articles i will immediately leave the position !!! please just tell me.

Léon Reno
Léon Reno Day 2,249, 17:41

El Reto,

South Africa lost almost a million while you are VP. I'm surprised to see that you have no shame and still commenting about something.

"Poland is Your only ally now, only country that wants to sign MPP with You."

Poland is going to be sided with Brazil. So doing something against Argies will make Poland happy I suppose.

Zombinho Day 2,249, 17:49

Also i think, if someone should stopped Lazos should have been your government El Reto, or the one before that. You can't blame us when the damage is already done, the Lazos didn't came this week...

El Reto
El Reto Day 2,250, 00:53

And I'm surprised to see that guy who let lazos in have no shame in criticizing me. By the way blaming me for Tenshibo's deeds is faggotry. He hasn't even gave me 5 golds for being CP instead of him ;_;

But, for sure, Poland won't be happy to see You fighting against UK. It compromises whole country. We are changing from side to side, and then wondering why no one likes us.

thekoki Day 2,250, 06:00

One Corrupted Politician talks about our Politics???

On the Forums is one Hot Topic to talk about.
Secret Loan of National ORGS.
Someone Filled his pocket 3 months Ago.

We are 4 months threatened from lazos.I personally wanted to go from eSA before they come here.

But I am a Friend and I will go till the end even if they take the country I will still be against them!!!

And not like your buddies they run away 11 days ago.

How can you criticize our Politics???

El Reto
El Reto Day 2,250, 09:00

Can some1 translate it to English, please?

Tifonus Day 2,249, 17:37

Lazo land? Hm, that sounds great 😃 i will send ticket and ask admins can we change name of country xD republic of lazokrat seems legit 😃

Zombinho Day 2,249, 17:46

maybe Republic of non speaking English people, because the only one that know this language left us couple of weeks ago 😕

hilmicelik Day 2,250, 03:33

Comment deleted

Marmaduke IV
Marmaduke IV Day 2,249, 22:12

MoS cares more about the citizenship applications of 100 Macedonians than running and organizing an ATO effort.

cemmo Day 2,250, 23:11

you are so right 🙂

R U C U L A Day 2,250, 01:31

Still lies from another lazy government. Don't do any single effective thing in 10 days and blame lazokrasi... No multi here! give us names and we'll report them too. All of them are RL invited players and some of them get banned too reasın multi but they were rl players. We're rising everyday and still we are here to talk about cooperation...

Miyagiyoda Day 2,250, 12:05

Talk is cheap. Act. You have no intention of cooperation. We learnt this after the third promise you broke. Learn some honour.

R U C U L A Day 2,250, 12:44

We didnt break any promise. Your liae president every time broke whole discussions while talking they escape from talking when we are ready for aggrements. And every time they try to troll us about it. Ask your exCPs the truth maybe once they will say a true thing...

Miyagiyoda Day 2,250, 13:43

I am one of those ex-CPs.

Rexdeus Day 2,250, 06:38

Supported. Time to stand up to the MU who refuse to speak out against their members making use of multi's, any Lazy wearing the uniform of the cheats associate themselves with cheats and by association condone the use of illegal means to get what they want.

All this means is, i will stand opposite any cheat or anyone associated with them cheats. Will not acknowledge any Lazy till the lazy's start reprimanding their members making use of illegal multies. AND stop accepting new citizens who has not been cleared by MoS.

To put it simple, so the lazy's can understand, while the lazy's do not play by the rules of eSA,they can play with them selves and their funny comedy scriblings.

cemmo Day 2,250, 08:33

sende git kumda oyna 🙁

Rexdeus Day 2,250, 09:07

loka rita ka ne, kroekoe, pampoene, lol 🙁

Saffa Manne
Saffa Manne Day 2,251, 00:34

Filled the MoDA form for three days in a row now and still nothing. Please send donations. We're desperate!

The Argead
The Argead Day 2,251, 07:21

Funds need to be approved from congress so the Donations can start.

Saffa Manne
Saffa Manne Day 2,251, 07:31

Budgets for MoD & MoDA are already approved:

Let's put the vote to congress and get MoDA some funds already!

The Argead
The Argead Day 2,251, 07:37

I did that days ago but no one wants to make a Donation Law for MODA funds.

Agabelle Day 2,251, 05:10

allemaal onzin wat hij schrijft!

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