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[CP] A change in the cabinet

Day 2,042, 13:09 Published in Canada Canada by Oinyo

As Beorn is off at his military training for the month and will not be on until next term I have taken the liberty of removing him from the cabinet.

The person I have replaced him with is someone that seems to be hungry to help eCan and also has little to no trust in us lol. So it is only fitting I make him our new Governor 😉

Welcome Auk Rest to the cabinet.

I will fill you in shortly


Alesis Bonte
Alesis Bonte Day 2,042, 13:11


bulla Day 2,042, 13:11


Punisher 1389
Punisher 1389 Day 2,042, 13:12

Wlecome Auk o7

Punisher 1389
Punisher 1389 Day 2,042, 13:13

welcome* lol

Exalted Druid
Exalted Druid Day 2,042, 13:37


Shoi12 Day 2,042, 14:32


Exalted Druid
Exalted Druid Day 2,042, 14:47

More Shoi

Chochi Day 2,043, 05:02

Shoi is the new Pat Harper.

Auk Rest
Auk Rest Day 2,042, 15:43

Wow, thanks!

Churchill93 Day 2,042, 18:36

Hopefully, for all of our sakes, you listen to Auk. He can turn things around for eCanada. Things have been nothing short of disastrous so far.

Oinyo Day 2,042, 18:54

Not to be rude but you have zero idea on how anything works or what is actual situation is..

We are in a far better spot right now with many more allies and some very powerful friends that we did not have 2 weeks ago.

Auk will help yes and he is a good fit for the role. But do understand. No one can "poof" us out of our current situation and to think otherwise is offensive and disgusting. Homer has put 3 months into trying to get us anything back and has come up short. I am trying my best as well and so far I am coming up short. But the thing is we are trying and we are giving it our all.

Churchill93 Day 2,042, 20:21

Not to be rude, but based on your term so far, I'm not sure how much of a clue you have on how anything works either...

Nobody has ever expected our occupation or the TWO situation to be resolved overnight. To try and portray my comments as such is utterly ridiculous. Your term has been marred by some serious mistakes thus far, and I stated that hopefully Auk can turn that around for all of our sakes.

Homer and his team worked hard. They kept people informed and had a plan. You and your campaign team attacked his administration and promised to be different. yet, it was you who threw us into a war with no plan and left us to fight blindly for over a week. The reality is eCanada cannot resolve things ourselves, but at least we saw that Homer had a vision and his administration was visibly active.

You promised to be different, yet eCanada has been virtually directionless. I hope that changes.

Oinyo Day 2,042, 20:52

Comment deleted

Oinyo Day 2,042, 21:00

Think whatever you honestly want to think Churchill. If you honestly think us loaning our military to the states in their hour of need was a poor choice then so be it.

If you feel their lack in using us 24/7 in all of their battles was poor then so be it as well.

I am on and answer every single question asked. Yes I am not on 13 hours a day but I am on at least 6. How the hell more active do you want me to be? I can be reached on IRC from 8 am to 11 pm....

If you want to keep moaning and complaining then that is your right. But if you dont want to speak up and actually give advice or direction then you are only being seen as a troll.

Muglack Day 2,042, 22:51

"Not to be rude but you have zero idea on how anything works or what is actual situation is.."

Maybe he doesn't know what's happening because you and your administration do a pretty lackluster job of keeping people informed.

I remember a promise about constant updates, and the proverbial "Daily Articles", but aside from your reposting of your failed babyboom program's article we see little to nothing from your administration.

I don't agree with Churchill 100% but he's a lot closer to the truth than you are. Promises of progress that we just don't know about is pure garbage, and sinks more Presidencies than it keeps afloat.

Oinyo Day 2,043, 05:57

just last business day I had a fully detailed weekly article out and I sat and answered every question for over 7 hours on it....

I posted it all day as well and ensured I was giving detailed answers.

How am I not updating people when I constantly put out update articles and reply to every question.

I think the bigger issue is people are either not looking at the political tab daily to see what i put out OR they avoid my articles.

Churchill93 Day 2,043, 06:41

A bit of criticism shouldn't lead to calling me a troll, telling me I know nothing or being disingenuous on what I'm trying to say.

You know full well that i support assisting the eUSA. While you were silent on a growing anti-American sentiment in eCanada, i was pushing back. Don't imply that my criticism on how you've managed the war is opposing the war itself.

As for activity, I'm not asking for 24/7 game time. But I'm asking for more than one paragraph on the war in 10 days.

You want some suggestions? Fine. I'm happy to write you up an article with some suggestions.

crisfire Day 2,042, 19:06

tell us what you would do Churchill?

Chochi Day 2,043, 06:12

You seem to have set a gigantic standard, Churchill93. I can't see how things are any different with Oinyo at the helm than with Homer there. Homer's one of eCanada's greats and (as such?) I'm sure he'd be the first to admit that he didn't leave eCanada where he wanted us to be (not his fault he couldn't give us our country back or a Congress) and that his communication was less than perfect, too.

What do you expect Auk Rest to do that Oinyo and his team haven't? (What is a Governor anyways?) I'm sure if he'd been in cabinet a week ago he too would have supported supporting the US. It's pretty much a no brainer from a government point of view (while certainly private citizens and even cabinet can have misgivings about what it'll actually accomplish in the long run).

So far that decision, which has near unanimous support (I don't think it'll lead to anything and I still support it and I doubt I'm alone there) and a bad week of communication (I've seen better but not usually sustained and I've also seen far, far worse. I'd rate this at about a B- or so - above our woefully poor average but certainly not great) are the only things you can point at to show that Oinyo's term has been disastrous.

There's no need for such hyperbole. I would think that merely saying that Oinyo's term has been lacklustre (and I give him credit for getting us more allies, even if I think it's a waste of money, and like that he's at least trying for an (unrealistic) baby boom) would be enough of an indictment to see him not be re-elected should it continue as such.

Going over the top like that just makes you look petty and, not to belabour a point, frankly, a little ignorant.

We get it, Churchill93, you don't like Oinyo, but, if you must, at least make some reasonable arguments against him.

Oinyo, my advice for you is to realise a lost cause and don't try to please everyone. There's nothing you're going to be able to do or say to impress Churchill93.

Churchill93 Day 2,043, 06:34

A few quick points.

Anybody who implies that I've opposed this war is being misleading. I've been one of the staunchest supporters of helping the eUSA. I believe it is not only the right thing to do, but necessary for a free eCanada. While our administration was silent on a growing anti-American sentiment, I helped pushback on that.

My problem is with how it has been managed. There has been no communication. We received one paragraph on the war in the 10 days since the Executive Order. Our MUs have been left on their own, at many times our Daily Orders were in the eUSA while their orders were set in Brazil or Russia. Oinyo admitted to a lack of communication with US. To be clear, I'm not asking for detailed strategy memos, just regular updates that he promised during the campaign.

We're a small country but there are many things we can assist with in a coordinated campaign, hopefully, they are talking to the eUSA a few times a day now and will start communicating more with us.

He needs a team working, as Homer did, but he's the voice at the top. The buck stops with him.

As for being a lost cause. That is bogus. At times I criticized Homer, but I also gave him credit where it was due. I even voted for him in a CPF primary because he earned it. I hope Oinyo can turn things around, I really do, but I'm not holding my breath either.

Oinyo Day 2,043, 07:39

Sigh. level thinking wins again 😛 Well said Chochi.. I will just not reply to this individual any more unless it is a actual question and not what I am seeing above.

Chochi Day 2,043, 15:32

My apologies, Churchill93. From all your comments on the war that I'd seen I concluded that you were against it but I see that you're only against a supposed "lack of a plan" and communication, both of which are slightly disingenuous. The plan was to fight for the US as they directed us and to keep in contact with them. From what I understand the lack of communication between us was on their end.

I will say that it wouldn't have hurt if there was more government communication, not solely war related, last week but again I think most CPs have had quiet weeks and I sympathise with Oinyo's work emergencies. A bad week, and unfortunate timing, but certainly nothing too deplorable. Not great, of course, but I can count on one hand the number of CPs I thought were great.

Churchill93 Day 2,043, 19:17

I believe most of my criticism goes back to communication problems. Oinyo has responded to a series of points on an article I've published, and I thought it was very well put together.

Chochi Day 2,044, 01:47

Both your article and his response were too long for me to read last night. : P

But yeah, it's totally fair to point out flaws in communication. Perhaps its just your tone (keep in mind I haven't read your article yet) which makes me think you might be approaching it in a, oh, let's say overzealous way.

Oinyo Day 2,042, 18:48

lol.. This is a silly vid 🙂

John Greywolf
John Greywolf Day 2,042, 19:46


Lance Lucky
Lance Lucky Day 2,042, 21:52

excellent choice ! AUKKKKKKKK!

klop123 Day 2,043, 10:51

Good luck Auk! Could not have picked a better one!

Gh0strr Day 2,043, 15:13

Congratz Auk Welcome Aboard o7

Dozzer_x Day 2,044, 03:50

Any cooperation with the AFK government from the CPF is a disaster.

Chochi Day 2,044, 04:13

Like your presidential run? Tololololo.

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