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[CoT] Welcome USA!

Day 1,971, 10:51 Published in Bulgaria Bulgaria by CoT HQ

Dear friends,

This month will be quite interesting for CoT! We started a bit different- with an article from the HQ even before their official announcement! Now comes the time to introduce everyone properly.

This month Paraguay and Peru chose Stolch (PY) and EBM (PE) to be Supreme Commanders. The lovely Daanitha will be our SC Advisor.

As for the Military Commander, Squibeel got the position. Тhe vMC is zebosk.

BrunoCND will continue to be the Bank Governor and Lotus Black is again the Administrative Assistant.

Last but not least the new PR of CoT is DarkMistressTheExecutrix.

After the formalities are over, it is time to say WELCOME the newest CoT member- USA!
In what must be the quickest summit we ever held (and believe us when we say-some are 6 hrs long!) all members voted “yes” to full membership.

We know this is a great step for the alliance and for the US citizens, welcome to our big family.

The new banner will be up shortly with the updated flags!

We asked some of the CPs for quick updates. This will become a regular practice and we will try to presend different countries in every article. This does not mean the longer reports are out!

After closing the war with France, Belgium will concentrate on it’s relations with the friendly neighbouring countries. The CP also welcomes USA in the alliance.

Bulgaria won 6 consecutive battles against Greece and Romania, thus closing the war with Greece. The CP explains "now is the time to gather some finances and stable the economy" and help their allies.

The chilean CP expressed that the citizens are getting a little bored. So they are talking with Peru for a TW or a swap. Also feel free to help them with food here for a possible airstrike (you never know), though they still have to dig in Plato’s gold mine. So you have time!

Indonesia is not involved in any wars, so they are looking for opportunities or TWs. As their CP says “ the dream of eIndonesia on 5 continents is still alive!”.

Lithuania has a new CP - Magnus Dux. This was unexpected, but the previous CP had to retire. The first task is to form a good cabinet. After that they will fight against Finland, who declared a NE law, and Sweden, who started a RW.

The CP of Macedonia wants to finish 2 main tasks, before planning new ones- half of the first objective is done and Greece no longer has a border with Bulgaria. Now Macedonia is only 3 regions away from deleting them. They also have to return some regions to Iran. After that- we will see.

Last, but not least we want to thank each and every citizen for helping Belgium against France. The battles were intense, but we proved that no member can be threatened and attacked without consequences!

It proves how strong we are together!

All Member Countries:
New Zealand
South Korea

In CoT we trust!

PR of CoT


Cesare Vino
Cesare Vino Day 1,971, 10:51

First !

Angeldim Day 1,971, 10:52

Welcome USA! o7

Canester Day 1,971, 10:52


traptukan Day 1,971, 10:53

Няма цици, няма вот.

jasumtose Day 1,971, 10:56

u woot m8 ?

Gael Cavannari
Gael Cavannari Day 1,971, 10:56


SmoothZiga Day 1,971, 10:57

So basicly you accepted a country that gave orders to fight against TWO right after it was accepted in to CoT. Nice work...

Arfan-Khan Day 1,971, 10:59

America is not in TWO, it's in CoT.

SmoothZiga Day 1,971, 11:01

but CoT and TWO supposed to be allys... right? = )

Angeldim Day 1,971, 11:04

SmoothZiga CoT and TWO are not allies just certain countrys are for example Macedonia has MPP just with Hungary and Serbia and nobody else niether we are gonna have with someone from TWO exept those two countrys

Sokolatino Day 1,972, 13:21

Macedoina has alliance with Serbia,which is really messed up now after USA joined CoT

overm1nd88 Day 1,971, 11:04

> but CoT and TWO supposed to be allys... right? = )

it's not forever

Arfan-Khan Day 1,971, 11:05

Not the same alliance, and which battle are you talking about?

SmoothZiga Day 1,971, 11:10

so... in your words, nothing is stoping me from fighting against lets say macedonia in their RW's? Allright... good to know.

Arfan-Khan Day 1,971, 11:14

There's nothing stopping you fighting for any country, the same way you can hit against Macedonia, I can hit against USA. Plato does give us some freedom.

SmoothZiga Day 1,971, 11:16

Yes I know that. But last time our CP made 25 kills (around 800k dmg) for mercenary medal against Macedonia, hell broke out. Now, noone can argue about it anymore... just saying = )

Stolch Day 1,971, 11:58

Cot and TWO have common opposition and so we work together, there is a very complex myriad of multipolar relations in the world right now.

The issues between Serbia and USA are unlikely to go away while USA feels threatened by PTO and of course some fight against Serbia on the other hand.

Those are to be left between them to decide or are we going to keep score on every single act by every single country or player all the time. Poland attack on Russia was much worse if you ask me.

So let's not look for excuses, those are dime a dozen.....

Van Sebe
Van Sebe Day 1,971, 14:10

Somehow I missed when Russia was accepted in CoT? But I did not miss their everlasting NAP with China...

Stolch Day 1,971, 14:16

You mean like the ONE Serbia has with Romania and Greece? Hungary and Poland with Greece, so that Bulgaria was fighting Greece, Turkey and Romania together while no TWO country had a NE?

You do miss a lot of things it seems.

Like I said, excuses are a dime a dozen.... and accusations everyone can make.

Stolch Day 1,971, 14:17

*Hungary and Poland with Romania*, typo

Van Sebe
Van Sebe Day 1,971, 14:27

Serbia with Romania yes, with Greece no, but you're changing the subject... Russia was not in CoT, so Poland move couldn't be much worse. Especially with lame excuse how no one can step on Russian soil and they let Bulgaria while transferring capital do it as well as Hungary now... Strange ideals that are shown in CC...

Siddy Tramero
Siddy Tramero Day 1,972, 04:22

so basically you got in TWO as SoFA a guy who spends all the time spreading lies against Bulgaria.

Siddy Tramero
Siddy Tramero Day 1,972, 04:23

so basically you got in TWO as SoFA a guy who spends all the time spreading lies against Bulgaria. Reap what you sow with your diplomacy.

Tervel 2
Tervel 2 Day 1,971, 10:59

In CoT we trust!

milosforzajuve Day 1,971, 11:15

In CoT we no longer trust !

epssia Day 1,971, 11:02

brao shefke!

Bright Sight
Bright Sight Day 1,971, 11:02

Where is the USA flag in the CoT logo ?

Mrs NoLimit
Mrs NoLimit Day 1,971, 11:08

"The new banner will be up shortly with the updated flags!"

Black..Silver Day 1,971, 11:02

Circle of Damage?

Arfan-Khan Day 1,971, 11:06


Mire tica Feniks
Mire tica Feniks Day 1,971, 11:07

No Japan o7

Black..Silver Day 1,971, 11:07

Of USA? No, your country is already pto-ed by Serbs.

Arfan-Khan Day 1,971, 11:09

Nope, Serbs have tried to PTO eUSA but I haven't seen a single Serb CP, have you?

Black..Silver Day 1,971, 11:10

They have over 33% in congress, enough to fck up with you guys : )

betega Day 1,971, 11:58

In America, anybody can be president.
That's one of the risks you take. xD

Clydeo Day 1,972, 05:44

They have 20% Steamroller91

Arfan-Khan Day 1,971, 11:12

33% is not majority, also that party isn't 100% serb. Both of you are Serbs and have congress in Japan, lets just hope you don't turn Japan into a Serb puppet state like Thailand/NZ/UAE etc.

Black..Silver Day 1,971, 11:15

Dont worry, that will not happen, i am not trying to PTO Japan. I am eJapanese and i act like eJapanese. And my opinion about USA in CoT is my personal opinion.

Kauna Day 1,971, 11:17

if you are eJapanese why are you hating on the USA when they liberated Japan from Taiwan?

The Dark Soldier
The Dark Soldier Day 1,971, 11:18

in etc, you meen on usa? 😃

Black..Silver Day 1,971, 11:38

There are at least 5 countries that helped more then USA...

Stolch Day 1,971, 12:03

so you're keeping score but criticizing damage, interesting concept. If it wasn't for USA campaign none of the rest would have been posible, for the simple reason that CoT is bogged down by the eternal offensive of EDEN, not that it didn't want to help.

So in essence the biggest benefactors so far have been Japan and SK.

Kauna Day 1,971, 12:51

lol at least 5 countries? helped more than the US, who had direct war against Taiwan for months and were a side in the peace treaty? You are really out of touch with reality mate.

Black..Silver Day 1,971, 13:53

You said corectly, "who had war for MONTHS" And we tried to liberate Japan for months, but we didnt managed that until we got help from some TWO and proTWO countries.

III Pocetnik Krivobarac III
III Pocetnik Krivobarac III Day 1,972, 04:14

ahhahahha serbs are expecting from USA to fight for them, while they are trying to PTO USA! same goes for poor japan... seriously... u will never change : D

Black..Silver Day 1,972, 04:41

jajajajjaja, ovalni troll : P

A V C Khalifa Day 1,971, 11:02

Comment deleted

GregoryG Day 1,971, 11:07

Comment deleted

Darriel Day 1,971, 11:07

Браво. Добре, че сърбите в нова зеландия не наложиха вето на приемането на САЩ.

Strahinjic Banovan
Strahinjic Banovan Day 1,971, 11:08

So, the war between CoT and TWO is near...

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