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[CoT] United Against TWO

Day 2,163, 19:22 Published in Bulgaria Bulgaria by CoT HQ

Dear Citizens of CoT, Friends, and other readers,

These past few days, we’ve seen great progress on the battlefield against the forces of TWO! Our magnificent community has come together to fight oppression and defend one another at all costs. Nations are looking to support one another in any way they can. This includes on the battlefield, with monetary help, and with safe sanctuary.

Today, the long oppressed people of Switzerland stood up to the massive power of TWO in a great fight for their freedom. Citizens from all CoT countries flocked to the field of battle in order to support their Swiss brothers. They were willing to blow stockpiles of weapons and energy bars in order to assure their freedom. In one round, Canadian CP Addy Lawrence, threw down a massive 250 Million points of damage in order to secure a victory against the Slovenians in a close 10th round.

The liberation of the Swiss was truly a proud showing of the camaraderie of our glorious international community. We are all united against the forces of TWO, looking out for the weakest among us. Even now, Canada is giving their regions to the Swiss for sanctuary. It just goes to show how tightly knit our community is, when our nations are willing to give up precious regions for the well being of their allies.

The people and leadership of CoT congratulate Swiss for this accomplishment and wish them well in their move to Canada. We all hope that you find great prosperity in your new regions!

In Oceania, the Indonesian people continue their war against the people of Australia. While Australia has the numbers behind them, they lack strategic proficiency. When the Polish came to help, the Australians foolishly blocked them off. Looking to pass off the dirty work to the Polish, they tried to lose in the Maluku Islands. However, they were thwarted by the forces of CoT. Indonesia lost the battle 81-84, meaning the Australians kept the region, denying the Polish the ability to attack Indonesia.

For the time being, Indonesia is safe thanks to the forces of CoT and the strategic masterminds of Australia!

A conflict touched on in the last article, the forces of Chile have continued the march to push back the aggressive Argentinians. The Chileans have won the past four battles against the Argentine people, reclaiming all of their territory! They have continued their push by moving to help liberate the people of Brazil.

The Argentine people continue to watch their empire crumble under the power of CoT. The citizens of CoT stand by Chile, Peru, and Brazil in their fight against the forces of Argentina.

Moving back to Europe, it is not just the Swiss that have gained ground in the past few days. Russia has made great gains against Hungary. Soundly winning their past three battles, they are well on their way to securing a congress this month. They have successfully beaten back the Huns, who are suffering more than just the loss of those regions.

The greatest, and arguably most exciting, strategic victory came not from Russia or Switzerland, but from Ukraine! Ukraine, another nation long suppressed by the Huns, attempted to rise up against them in the region of Subcarpathia. Much like the Swiss and the Russians, the Ukrainians were supported by the united international community of CoT, even though they are not members of the alliance. In one of the most intense battles in recent memory, citizens from our nations showed up en masse to support the Ukrainian people. This resulted in a great victory, cutting off many of Hungary’s bonuses!

After this show of CoT support, they have gained CoT MPP’s with Mexico and the United States! They have also gained an MPP with Croatia, a dear friend of many CoT countries and a strong force against the powers of TWO.

We salute the Russian and Ukrainian people in their victories against Hungary!

Yet, the victory in Subcarpathia was not just a show of support of the Ukrainians. It showed the community's unity in opposition to the powers of TWO. The citizens of CoT will be there to help any nation that is oppressed by TWO. It does not matter if you are in our alliance or not. If your country is an enemy of TWO, we will stand with you on the battlefield. If your nation is being oppressed by TWO, our citizens know your pain and will do whatever they can to help you. As the most powerful alliance opposed to TWO, all anti-TWO nations can look to our people for help.

United to help one another against the aggressive forces of TWO, the ties that bind us grow stronger with every battle. In victory and defeat, we stand side by side supporting one another. Our bonds are unshakeable; unmoved by hardship.

With this unified community, willing to oppose TWO on all fronts, CoT looks forward to more victories on the battlefield!



Derphoof Day 2,163, 19:23


Kuzynn Day 2,164, 14:08


n0s3 Day 2,163, 19:23

HAIL Derphoof.

Oh, and CoT.

ManuGing Day 2,163, 19:24


potato134 Day 2,163, 19:24


Bad BIue Boys
Bad BIue Boys Day 2,163, 19:26

I prefer CoT over TWO, but both alliances sucks

Hail USA!
Hail Chile!
Hail Mexico!

Maxymillian97 Day 2,163, 19:46

Hail Eden? )

Bad BIue Boys
Bad BIue Boys Day 2,163, 19:48


benjiparis Day 2,164, 13:03

Nah , Hail Terra

DevaJr Day 2,163, 22:59

because serbia is in TWO :p

eazyjp Day 2,164, 17:26

hail imperium

investmkd90 Day 2,165, 10:39

I see you want a new alliance with these countries u mentioned, that's why you are doing propaganda ^^

Hale26 Day 2,163, 19:28


MazzyCat Day 2,163, 19:29

Hail CoT!

Meow! ♥

Lorcema Day 2,163, 19:32

Help Brazil, please!! They need your full support to have congress, and then I'm sure they will sign with CoT.

Valiant Thor
Valiant Thor Day 2,163, 19:37

Sign first!

Lorcema Day 2,163, 19:40

I don't think they will sign first, because they don't trust in friendship.

Valiant Thor
Valiant Thor Day 2,163, 19:57

Their MPP with Spain expires tomorrow. Didn't help them at all. Let's see if they will renew it.

Jimbobfrey Day 2,164, 04:31

'It does not matter if you are in our alliance or not'

Not meaning to be annoying or anything (troll) but didn't the article just say the opposite?

eazyjp Day 2,163, 19:33


The Red Guy
The Red Guy Day 2,164, 17:11


TheRomanWarrior Day 2,163, 19:34

Hail CoT!

Galaad Blancas
Galaad Blancas Day 2,163, 19:34

I thought this newspaper was dead,


Sweet Drinker
Sweet Drinker Day 2,163, 19:35

That's pretty damn!

TheSmoke Day 2,163, 19:35


J O J I N Day 2,163, 19:36

yes we can !


Mr. Wonka
Mr. Wonka Day 2,163, 19:44

Hail Derphoof
I mean
Hail CoT o7

Maxymillian97 Day 2,163, 19:47

Thank you for helping us o7

Rican Day 2,163, 19:51

Hail CoT and our friends and allies !

★ ★ Announcement from the Swiss President ★ ★

★ ★ A Thank You and some BIG Surprises ★ ★


The Baron Samedi
The Baron Samedi Day 2,163, 19:51

LOL. "aggresive", "empire"...

woo7! I feel like we are the bad guys here.

n0s3 Day 2,163, 19:58


The Baron Samedi
The Baron Samedi Day 2,163, 19:59

I stand corrected.

Manduco1 Day 2,163, 19:51

Chile vs Perú!

Gael Cavannari
Gael Cavannari Day 2,163, 22:46

cahuinera :V

J O S E P H Day 2,163, 19:53

TRANSLATION!!!!!!! TO SPANISH!!!! 4 members speaks spanish as main language!

potato134 Day 2,163, 19:57

;_; we will

Julio Cavs
Julio Cavs Day 2,163, 20:00

Bla Bla Bla,

Swiss Bla bla bla

slovenia Bla bla bla

Australia Bla bla
Argentina bla bla ,

Chile blablabla

Brazil ?


Orzack Day 2,163, 20:05

lo mejor de tu comment fue el final xD

Julio Cavs
Julio Cavs Day 2,163, 20:09

Seguramente todos esperaban que ponga Cot propaganda al final !
Pero el verdadero motivo del comentario era otro

Bohemond4 Day 2,163, 20:01

"We stand United against TWO"

I would hope that you were...seeing as the world is divided into two factions.

Anyway, minor successes are minor setbacks. Ultimately, the longer you resist the longer we dominate.

Master Saita Norgan
Master Saita Norgan Day 2,164, 11:50

you mean the longer they resist us the more we all kill the game? xD

Bucephalus92 Day 2,164, 13:27

I don't much care for you.

Subaru15 Day 2,163, 20:05

Hail Eden! o/

Hail China! o/
Hail Croacia! o/
Hail Argentina! o/
Hail Bosnia! o/
Hail Israel! o/
Hail Turkia! o/
Hail Rumania! o/
Hail Grecia! o/
Hail Irlanda! o/
Hail Albania! o/
Hail Colombia! o/
Hail Australia! o/
Hail Ucrania! o/
Hail Italia! o/
Hail Usa! o/
Hail Taiwan! o/
Hail Dinamarca! o/
Hail Portugal! o/
Hail Finlandia! o/

Eden brotherhood for ever :'D!

sandidatashibatmanafite Day 2,164, 06:53

Hail your mather! Hail your sister! Hail all your family!

Subaru15 Day 2,164, 14:09


Raven Anarcho
Raven Anarcho Day 2,163, 20:11

nice job o7

NWsFF Day 2,163, 20:24


Cry of Banshee
Cry of Banshee Day 2,163, 20:36


Fernando Fantino
Fernando Fantino Day 2,163, 20:42

Freedom to northamerica!! Und figth for Brasil, against cua, The dog of two.

DiPink Pie
DiPink Pie Day 2,163, 20:47

eSerbia's dog, dear

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