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[CoT] The Best The Brave and The Fierce

Day 2,128, 21:03 Published in Bulgaria Bulgaria by CoT HQ

In this publication:
-New members!
-New HQ!

CoT Welcomes New Members
Adding new members is always an exciting time, and as such we are very pleased to welcome two new Trial Members to our grand alliance.

Both France and Canada were confirmed by unanimous vote on Saturday, and have been accepted into the Circle of Trust on a trial basis. The trial period will last for three months, after which there will be another vote for full member status.

The addition of France and Canada will provide a stronger presence in Europe, and also allow for a complete domination of the North and South American time zones. The addition of these nations should help hold battles during the European overnight and put us on better footing as we continue to battle TWO.

Circle of Trust Stops PTO
The proud nation of Belgium found itself under attack in one of the most underhanded ways. An attempted PTO of the Country President election resulted in the Circle of Trust sending a variety of ATO warriors to Belgium to combat the threat. Chile and the United States were especially dedicated, although every country participated. At the end of the election, the rightful candidate had won, and the lowly tactics of Serbia were once again thwarted.

It does not matter the size of the country in the alliance. It matters the size of the heart. No nation should be subjected to a PTO. Be they large or small. We take the equality of our members very seriously and as an alliance we were proud to stand together and defend Belgium.

Hail ATO

New Month; New Leaders

The CoT HQ has also been finalized for this month, and is as follows:

Supreme Commander - potato134
Supreme Commander -
Konrad von Tirpitz
Advisors to the Supreme Commanders - dermont, Annexia, AlexMCS

Military Commander - Vanek26
Vice Military Commanders -
ilphen, Libertas33

Assistant Military Commanders - (One from each country) Stolch, Slordak, Lord MdMG, Bananeitor, KOR_Sohn, Trogdorthetroll100, William Of Edenburry, Alexandru Barbarosie, Dart Magus, BelgiumGeneral, Fission Mailed, GoodBeer, HeapSeppo, Kentavr, EternalWalk

Bank Governor - Kemal Ergenekon

Public Relations - Israel Stevens

Remember, it’s not about the score of the battles. It is about the community and building bonds. Helping each other stop PTOs and ensure that we have Congresses. We can do great things, and the foundation of our successes starts with strong bonds of friendship and equality.

We have made great strides in the past month! Don’t look back now!

In CoT We Trust!
Victory through Unity!
All Hail CoT!



CoT HQ Day 2,128, 21:03

In CoT We Trust!
Victory through Unity!
All Hail CoT!

fenavidades Day 2,128, 21:10

Pole Cot 😃

Simonymous Day 2,128, 21:47


BeJIuKaH Day 2,129, 05:07

Kick the croatian and the bosnian from our alliance!!

Stop this retardation and shame!!

Boyan Day 2,129, 20:08

Which country appointed Croatian and Bosnian in the HQ and why?

I would really like to know the answer of that question.
Hail transparency!

Boyan Day 2,129, 20:45

The candidate who is nominated for MC must have held a CoT country citizenship (CS) for the previous 6 months, but different from the citizenship of both SCs.
They must get approval for nomination from the current president of the country where they have CS.

I am sure the logic here would apply for vMC as well?

BeJIuKaH Day 2,130, 04:09

I asked Boyan, I asked last month, but they told me absolutely nothing and kept saying they don't have to report in front of anyone such details, which is one big bulsht...

Ilies Daniel
Ilies Daniel Day 2,128, 21:06


potato134 Day 2,128, 21:08

Hail CoT 😃

funny how your the on to kick start the USA-Canada war and now look at whats happening haha

potato134 Day 2,128, 21:15

Times change 😛 and that was what a year and a half ago o.o.

just cause it was awhile ago does not mean people forget or it did not happen, not saying its bad just saying its funny how circumstances change with time

Delyruin Day 2,128, 22:06

I forgot it happened

Simonymous Day 2,129, 00:38

fry this potato!

BeJIuKaH Day 2,129, 05:07

Kick the croatian and the bosnian from our alliance!!

Stop this retardation and shame!!

KMMSK Day 2,128, 21:12


Strength and Honour

DnPijote Day 2,128, 21:14

Hail CoT! \o/

nW0lf Day 2,128, 21:19


mancera Day 2,128, 21:23

¡Viva CoT!

Smells Day 2,128, 21:52

Hail CoT!

AleksRaynor Day 2,128, 22:20

Hail CoT! o7

Srpski Sin 83
Srpski Sin 83 Day 2,128, 22:31

Your obsession of eSerbia is astonishing....
You remained calm(and still are) when there are other nations trying to PTO eBelgium but are acting all and mighty when you stopped some Serbs while still have threat coming from some Croats...
I guess you are too afraid to offend them in any possible way even if they are actually guilty for that....

Simonymous Day 2,129, 00:39

They have too much PTOed countries to have another one. Just saying...

Srpski Sin 83
Srpski Sin 83 Day 2,129, 02:31

Yes but again it is not only Serbs that are trying to PTO eBelgium and in this particular article eSerbia is biggest scum for doing that but others aren't even mentioned....

George Armstrong Custer
George Armstrong Custer Day 2,129, 03:09

" this particular article eSerbia is biggest scum..."

Srpski Sin 83
Srpski Sin 83 Day 2,129, 03:51

Ignorance is a bliss...
Ignoring what I previously wrote and taking out part of the sentence so you could get what you want. Truly marks of great diplomat....
You just continue ignoring your problems and see where will it get you.
In the end I will laugh when Croats do some kind of damage to eBelgium just so you can see how wrong you are in this particular case.
Only thing I will be sorry for is for Belgians that will be caught in crossfire between CoT and Croats....

ArmY1948 Day 2,129, 09:15

Sure it is not but ask true Belgians what they want for their e-country and you will see who is who.

Srpski Sin 83
Srpski Sin 83 Day 2,129, 09:34

Again I am not defending what are Serbs doing there but they are not only ones that are trying to do PTO.
They even aren't only or even main threat in eBelgium.
I am only saying that it is stupid of CoT to say that Serbs are evil for doing what they do and still ignoring Croats, Macedonians and some other people that are there for exactly same reason.

Tony Clifford
Tony Clifford Day 2,129, 11:33

Some of them seem Serbians and some other Croatians, there were also Macedonians and Iranians...
What I know is that CoT and Croatia helped Belgium in anti-PTO, while TWO wiped Belgium...

Srpski Sin 83
Srpski Sin 83 Day 2,129, 12:42

So you will put a blind eye on everyone but Serbs and justify actions for everyone but Serb players.
And you are still ignoring that PTO threat wouldn't even be there if it wasn't started by players coming from CoT countries....

Tony Clifford
Tony Clifford Day 2,129, 12:50

Macedonian PTO was repelled thanks to the Macedonian goverment.
The same: Croatia government has been acting against this Serbian/Croatian PTO.
The Macedonian and Croatian PTOers are not acting on behalf of their government.
The last serious PTOer that entered Belgium had a career in AFA.
Sorry, but I was the guy entrusted by the Belgian CP to deal with PTO. I know something about it.

Srpski Sin 83
Srpski Sin 83 Day 2,129, 13:13

So just because last guy has history with AFA you will connect him with eSerbian government and call eSerbia biggest scum?
How did you even connect Serbian players with eSerbian government in first place?
Again I am not supporting anything that those PTOers did in eBelgium but again saying that only Serbs are guilty for it and that only Serbs are scum because of that is really, really stupid...

Tony Clifford
Tony Clifford Day 2,129, 15:02

This is not what I wrote.
I'm just saying that that CoT government's and Croatia are not involved in the PTO attempts, but they foguht against it.
And that Serbians seem also involved in the PTO. I don't know about Serbian gov involvement in belgium, but USA said that Serbia approved AFA PTO attempts in USA.
Then, what I can say: MKD gov fought against the PTO in belgium, Croatia gov fought against the PTO in belgium, Serbian gov approved the AFA methods in USA, AFA members illegally entered Belgium.

Srpski Sin 83
Srpski Sin 83 Day 2,129, 16:18

eSerbian government didn't approve AFA methods in eUSA and you can even find article in eSerbian MoFA newspapers about it when that topic was "hot".
And even now after Hannibal LA president term in eSerbia, AFA has no support coming from eSerbian government or really majority of Serbian players. Saying that every Serb is AFA supported or AFA member is absurd thing to say.
Nontheles AFA couldn't enter eBelgium if those Croats and Macedonians didn't give them those citizenships in the first place.
Again you are putting blind eye on everyone but Serbs and are ignoring fact that they aren't only involved in eBelgian PTO to spit in the face of whole Serbian community because of what few people do.

Wilfie Day 2,128, 22:41

Hats off to a job well done!

o7 from America's hat and CoT's new pet ; )

overm1nd88 Day 2,128, 22:46

In CoT We Trust!

Dr.You Day 2,128, 22:58

Hail CoT!
Hail S.Korea!

crisfire Day 2,128, 23:11

"Remember, it’s not about the score of the battles"

it sorta is

Simonymous Day 2,129, 00:39

It's about hating Plato!

New Faustian Man
New Faustian Man Day 2,129, 03:37

Stupidest statement I've ever seen in an official alliance paper tbh.

PaBravoYo Day 2,129, 00:15

Hail CoT! \o/

Spite313 Day 2,129, 00:46

> can't tell the difference between serbs and croats

Don't worry I'm sure the Belgians are grateful.

Vera VooDoo Deme
Vera VooDoo Deme Day 2,129, 00:59

Hail CoT! o7
Good moves. I like the way the allience is developing. Keep working in that direction.
Additionally I want to ask, is there any chance eHungary ever to join us? I am sure many of them would fight against eRomania for example.

John Bokinski
John Bokinski Day 2,129, 01:40

Probably easier for Romania to join than Hungary 😃

Dacicus Maximus
Dacicus Maximus Day 2,129, 04:05

Dont worry we will fight against Romania if we have the oppurtunity.

adidibao Day 2,129, 04:43

don't worry....we will fight against you if we have opportunity

Vera VooDoo Deme
Vera VooDoo Deme Day 2,129, 06:40

The main thing is keep the fun going! 🙂

Master Saita Norgan
Master Saita Norgan Day 2,129, 20:27

I have much more respect for Hungary than I do Romania! Hail Hungary! Hail CoT!

STOYCH3V Day 2,129, 01:17

Welcome France o7
Welcome Canada o7

Victory through Unity!
Hail CoT!

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