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[CoT] Starting April

Day 1,967, 06:06 Published in Bulgaria Bulgaria by CoT HQ

[CoT] Starting April

March was an interesting month in the game, and even while TWO support was reduced as other wars were fought, CoT was able to keep winning in most fronts; then of course Argentina airstrike helped both alliances to enjoy fighting together against full EDEN in this front.

Respect has grown, both for CoT, as enemies have found we can win without TWO; and for TWO, as we have seen how it is much harder to fight when they are not supporting us.

Even enemy alliance EDEN has got additional respect, as they resisted some attacks and many countries of them were able to secure Congress this month, as other wars were fought; it is interesting to see how exEDEN countries are aligning or staying the same even after formally leaving the alliance.

The major news this month are:

• The return of Switzerland to CoT

• The announcement that CoT Mobile Army is ready

• The successful end of Operation Gangnam Style

ALL of our members have Congress for the first time since the Alliance was founded; we are for the first time, free of both enemy occupation and PTOs. It is clear all our members are better off than the old dark times that many of us lived prior to CoT.

Special focus: CoT Mobile Army

Our Mobile Army is ready now. To celebrate, today’s news by country will be decorated with the avatars for each member contributing to the Army.

The avatars were made by Sliver Lithium, whom we owe great thanks!

The Mobile Army structure is topped by Commander: morpheusmk and Deputy Commanders: Ko3aTa and PsyCokenin.

Fighters can still join our CoT Mobile Army to defend our Alliance.

If you want to join and meet the following requirements, PM the Mobiles Commander or his Deputies and join the general channel of CoT in IRC to receive start up instructions: :

- Level 37 or above (Division 4), for now

- Strength of at least 35 000

- Rank at least GoW.

- To be a citizen from a COT member country.

- Fight according to orders and report according to procedures

- To be in the order channel in IRC when there is a mission.

- Wearing a squad avatar

Last month news, per Country


Our friends in Switzerland got rid of the PTO that affected them last month, so they have come back to CoT. We are glad of seeing them back!

South Korea, Japan and USA

A NAP was signed between Republic of China (Taiwan), South Korea, Japan and USA, which closed the Asian front successfully.

Now Japan has control of all their original regions and South Korea has Congress, with some rented regions to Taiwan that help SK economy. USA has returned Taiwan’s original regions keeping an eye there to make sure they respect the agreement.

Japan has conducted a Training War with China, getting some fun for both sides, but now it is about to end with the RW in Matsuyama; both countries have already cancelled their NE.

USA also won the right to exploit the Americas Gold Mine. Congratulations USA for a very successful month and closing down the campaign succesfully!


Belgium has had another quiet month, with some NEs against France proposed but nothing happened yet.


Bulgaria was attacked by three sides (Romania, Greece and Turkey), carrying with them most of EDEN’s damage while TWO was busy with Russia. But after a rough start, things have returned to normal and Bulgaria is winning most battles, particularly turning around Greece attackers and recovering regions that Saudi Arabia had liberated in the confusion.


Chile has continued back and forth with Argentina, winning most of the time, stopping them first from running through Paraguay, until they decided to hide via Airstrike.

The major change this month was getting the Gold Mine assigned to Oceania by keeping New South Wales, originally from Australia. Congratulations Chile for winning a Gold Mine!

Additionally, it is important to note that the issue taken to the CoT Alliance Court, about the legality of the NAP between Australia and Chile, was resolved. Judges decided that both countries broke the NAP, so no additional action needs to be taken against any of the countries, and CoT keeps supporting Chile as usual.


A bonus was added, so now Indonesia is 9/10.

It has been unfortunate the back and forth with Brazil, a country very friendly to CoT, but the rogue NE proposed against Brazil was not approved and calm is back as Brazil kept control of the Gold Mine in South Africa; except for that and controlling RWs in Australia, Indonesia is now free to help allies.


Lithuania has enjoyed expansion through Sweden, adding some bonus to their economy and distracting enemy damage from hitting against our allies.


Macedonia has prioritized help to allies from their new Arabian headquarters, and recovered most of their original regions while helping Bulgaria against Greece and conquering most of Iran so far.


Mexico has been stable as they have kept enemy Colombia deleted for most of the month, and without Congress for the second month in a row even when they tried to escape to Peru.


Moldova had a quiet month after their originally elected CP was impeached as RL limited his game time. While their enemy Ukraine got Congress this month, they are deleted again.

New Zealand

Our kiwi friends have been working with Chile to keep Australia in check and expand their bonus over there. It is an entertaining and even war.


Paraguay had some trouble with Argentina focusing their attack on them last month, but recovered in time to ensure Congress. They also recovered the bonus regions taken from Bolivia, contributing to leave them again without Congress.


Peru did have Training War with Brazil (allowing Southern Low Amazon to be rented to them), but after Bolivia resistance got some victories, they recovered all the original Peruvian regions plus the bonus region of Pando. While Colombia attacked Peru, they were deleted before the first battle finished, so Peru contributed to leave them (again, and with Bolivia) without Congress.

Your Public Relations Organizer,


Mr Immanuel Kant
Mr Immanuel Kant Day 1,967, 06:09


Bulgurs are gay Day 1,967, 21:48

Comment deleted

PsyCokenin Day 1,967, 22:42

cry me a river

L u i s k o Day 1,967, 22:52

Comment deleted

BeJIuKaH Day 1,967, 06:10

Hail CoT! o7

Green4x Day 1,967, 06:11


Darkwing D
Darkwing D Day 1,967, 06:12


theirina Day 1,967, 06:13


Just smile back Day 1,967, 06:14

Comment deleted

anThhraX Day 1,967, 06:18


Squibeel Day 1,967, 06:14


Sedem.dva Day 1,967, 06:14


Между другото, чий е дизайна на аватарите? ( :

BeJIuKaH Day 1,967, 06:16

Благодаря, че напомни. След малко ще го има в статита : )

Raven Anarcho
Raven Anarcho Day 1,967, 06:17

How you could you possibly think respect has grown? Poland recently mentioned invading Chile-occupied Australia for the gold, saying TWO could show they were still CoT's mother... lol

hellrisen Day 1,967, 06:22

Браво, ама айде оправете го малко това лого. Половината знамена (Белгия, Перу, Парагвай, ЮК, Молдова) са криви и се вижда дори с просто око. Нека малко по-професионално да изглежда ; )

Velchev Day 1,967, 06:26


Tervel 2
Tervel 2 Day 1,967, 06:27

Hail CoT! o7

OneJuan Day 1,967, 06:27

Funny they said mex has Colombia running, right!! Se have been fighting CoT TWO for a Long time now. And se still fighting and helping our allies even without congress. Circle of traitors hey u should add brasil too.

Rona1d Day 1,967, 06:42

First, learn english and second, cry me a river.

Shyneins Day 1,967, 07:02


A V C Khalifa
A V C Khalifa Day 1,967, 06:53

se oyen paso!!


BucephalusIII Day 1,967, 06:54

With CoT youll never walk alone!

Hail true friendship!


Daanitha Day 1,967, 06:59

Me gustaron los avatar! \o/
Y arriba Perú y Paraguay! No cedan su paso a tener representantes en el HQ! eso es lo que necesita CoT hoy : D

Lord Habionos
Lord Habionos Day 1,967, 07:05

The successful end of Operation Gangnam Style.. o.O

Othere Day 1,967, 07:15

Japan liberated, SK getting cash for their occupied regions... looks successful to me.

Squibeel Day 1,967, 10:31

It's probably a different kind of the success some people were expecting I guess. I'm not speaking for myself of course.

Othere Day 1,967, 07:14

Vote YES on eUSA Membership

hurokay Day 1,967, 07:14


Spidercho Day 1,967, 07:15

Hail CoT


DontPanicPls Day 1,967, 07:16

Omg why are you always late ??

nui04 Day 1,967, 07:26

Where is the eUSA flag in the allianca logo?

Edelmann Day 1,967, 07:40

We're not in there yet, still a trial member.

nui04 Day 1,967, 12:37


don zebosk
don zebosk Day 1,967, 07:27

Long Life to Mobile Army o/

H U L K Day 1,967, 07:30

Comment deleted

El Manolito Day 1,967, 07:34

Comment deleted

KocoskiMKD Day 1,967, 07:34


LeIouch vi Britannia Day 1,967, 07:37

Comment deleted

Alexandre Walen
Alexandre Walen Day 1,967, 09:25

Cara deixa de ser estupido, criança. Se voce quer criticar a Indonesia critique ela, nao todos os países da CoT. Cresce né ? Ja passo da hora.

RoteBaron Day 1,967, 07:38

fail traitors!

teXou Day 1,967, 07:45

Comment deleted

Lord Calois Draco Bellator
Lord Calois Draco Bellator Day 1,967, 07:56

Stop the Portugese TO in Brasil!!

teXou Day 1,967, 07:58

me **upe !

Squibeel Day 1,967, 10:33

Comment deleted

Squibeel Day 1,967, 10:34

How about tuning it down a little?

teXou Day 1,967, 10:38

Why ? ...

Squibeel Day 1,967, 10:40

Porque sim?

galenaandrea Day 1,967, 07:49

fail CAT хD

Tervel 2
Tervel 2 Day 1,967, 11:00

е кво против бати котйо имаш???

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