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[CoT] Standing Together

Day 2,159, 19:34 Published in Bulgaria Bulgaria by CoT HQ

Hello there, Citizens of CoT!

Over the past months, we’ve seen defeats and victories on both the military and diplomatic front. The most recent development in this area is the treaty between the USA and Spoland. Many months ago, the United States was invaded by 7 nations and fully wiped. Yet, they fought back and, with the help of their allies in the alliance, they were able to slowly kick out their invaders. In August, the USA was finally able to expel Hungary and Serbia from their regions. This left only Poland within the American’s natural borders

However, due to the American reclamation of Serbian held regions, Poland decided to attack the reclaimed American territory. This time, the US was not able to stop the Polish invaders. With some eventual help from the Spaniards, they were able to slowly work their way across the continent and take all of the territories held by the US. Seeing the incredibly long odds and the amount of money it would cost to take down the Poles, the USA decided to find a diplomatic solution to their problem.

The USA was able to work out a deal in which they would gain most of their territory back, possibly including region of Baja, for a price of 1 Million USD. The US has also agreed to not declare war on any TWO-ACT nation. As such, the alliance of TWO has agreed to not let any of it’s nations declare war on the USA.

The HQ of CoT applauds the USA for its grit and determination in the face of hardship. They fought for many months and expelled various invaders before capitulating to the enemy. They did this all while providing help to their brothers in the alliance and their allies across the globe. We also commend the efforts of the diplomatic team of the United States for being able to obtain the treaty, despite the tensions between their nation and the alliance of TWO.

The HQ has approved the treaty, per the charter, and wishes the USA well as they begin the rebuilding process.

Yet, while the guns fall silent in one land, wars rage for us across the globe.

Indonesia and Chile are both at war, while Mexico is fighting to reclaim it’s regions from Venezuela. Indo has been struggling as of late, being one of the only active major wars. As such, the battles attracted a lot of damage from TWO nations, making it very difficult to win. However, they are beginning to turn it around against the Aussies, winning the battle in Sulawesi. With Indo capturing the initiative, we’ll begin to see more victories as battles can be focused in our alliance’s primetime.

Mexico recently suffered a devastatingly close loss at the hand of the Venezuelans recently. Trading rounds back and forth, they remained virtually ties throughout the day. Yet, Venezuela was able to edge out our Mexican brothers, winning 83-82. Today, CoT is striking back with a vengeance. Despite their shield, we aim to free the Valley of Mexico and make sure Venezuela is put back in it’s place. Mexico will not be left alone in their struggle.

The Circle of Trust is behind you and Mexico will prevail.

While CoT is in full force to put Mexico back on the map, the alliance is also showing up to back the Chilean people against their foes. Currently, they face a two-pronged assault. They are being assaulted by both Argentina and New Zealand. Although they have lost recent battles, CoT citizens from across the globe have fought to protect their Chilean friends. They have shown up to oppose the aggressive policy of the Argentinian people, in their bid to control the entire continent.

Chile not only has a defense shield to protect it, but the caring community of CoT who strive to protect one another, day after day.

Sadly, most of the nations in CoT have recently been wiped or have come close to it in recent months. When they see their fellow nations under attack, they empathize with them. They know their pain, and pour out all available resources to prevent the wipe of their allies. Countless times, nations and citizens have poured damage, weapons and money into the defense of their allies. The community of CoT is incredibly friendly and supportive, always sacrificing for their allies.

In CoT, we strive to put the players and the community first. We’ve created a community of friendly nations with supportive citizens, looking to make the game better for one another. We are a community of equals. This has embedded into our charter since our inception. No nation is more important than other, as each nation gets an equal say and equal vote.

As we’ve built this community of citizens and nations, others have seen it and decided to join. Knowing that we do not quite match up to TWO in terms of sheer damage, nations like Canada and France have joined our alliance. They wished to become a part of our excellent community. They knew who their allies are and wished to formally join us. They had no desire to cast off their friends and attempt to cozy up to TWO, for damage’s sake.

They know that damage does not foster and nurture a community. Good relations, and a friendly and supportive base of citizens is what makes a community great. We stand strong with each other, hand in hand, giving it our all on the battlefield, while being friendly, respective, and supportive to one another.

The leaders of this community of nations, the Circle of Trust, has also gathered to elect it’s newest HQ. They are as follows:

Supreme Commander: Eleanor Ahlfors
Supreme Commander: potato134
Military Commander: HeapSeppo
Bank Governor: Kemal Ergenekon
Public Relations: Derphoof
Secretary of foreign Affairs: Mazzy Cat

It is the hope of this community of nations that these people will lead us to prosperity on the battlefield and will continue to foster the community that has been built up among us.



potato134 Day 2,159, 19:35

Hail CoT O>

TortaFrita Day 2,160, 12:52




Orzack Day 2,162, 05:01

pero si no pueden borrarnos che xD

n0s3 Day 2,159, 19:37

❤ Seppo.

HeapSeppo Day 2,159, 19:59

❤ n0s3.

Derphoof Day 2,159, 19:37

HAIL CoT! o7

eazyjp Day 2,159, 19:40

noobato :3

Luciver Day 2,159, 19:40


Israel Stevens
Israel Stevens Day 2,159, 19:51



Luciver Day 2,159, 20:25

lol u mad

The Baron Samedi
The Baron Samedi Day 2,159, 19:41


Hale26 Day 2,159, 19:41

HAIL CoT! o7

ahava3233 Day 2,159, 19:44

Good article.
Don't stop believin'!

M. de Ruyter
M. de Ruyter Day 2,159, 19:45

Keep up the spirit men, there's still a lot to be won! o7

The Baron Samedi
The Baron Samedi Day 2,159, 19:47

Reminds me of the "Argentina, why you so mean you not letting yourself get deleted so we can focus on TWO, you evil you?". Still, gratz to COT and Chile, first fun fight we had in a loooong while.

Guacolda Melian
Guacolda Melian Day 2,159, 19:50



Israel Stevens
Israel Stevens Day 2,159, 19:51


Love me some spuddddddd!

DiPink Pie
DiPink Pie Day 2,159, 19:53

So if TWO-ACT invades any CoT ecountry you'll applaude and say "thanks for it"(? 😕

Raven Anarcho
Raven Anarcho Day 2,159, 20:00




DnPijote Day 2,159, 20:01

V! O/

Arrlo Day 2,159, 20:10

It's nicely written, and well done to the remaining CoT countries for seeing it almost to the end, but I think now it is time to consider dissolving the alliance.

Raven Anarcho
Raven Anarcho Day 2,159, 20:38

I think CoT would hold together, completely occupied longer than TWO will hold together as occupiers. They can be on top of the world but right when things get boring Greece, Hungary, Serbia or some other drama magnet nation will end up causing a rift and TWO will break, just like EDEN did. A seed was sewn with Bulgaria's departure from EDEN. The same seed I see was planted during Serbia and Spain's recent soap opera. They won't last. They're all to power hungry.

I'm torn as to whether or not I'd like to become a part of CoT, personally, but there is no denying that CoT cares far more about comradery while TWO cares only for damage. It will be its downfall.

Tim_Holtz Day 2,159, 23:25

sorry but thats a lie, as a nation who has joined TWO i have experienced camaraderie and of a higher quality than that of CoT who have no qualms backstabbing their former allies to get a better position

id go TWO > CoT everytime and not just because of damage.

Arrlo Day 2,160, 03:09

CoT has outlived its purpose, and proved itself incapable of facing TWO or attracting any more members. Whatever some say, it was founded as an antithesis to EDEN, and its best victories were won during the CoTWO period of geopolitics. Since that end of that time however it has been a downward spiral, with a vast and growing damage deficit between the two blocs.

No TWO country will ever want to join, and none of the "neutral" countries want to either. No amount of camaraderie can break this deadlock, and since we all know TWO/pro-TWO fallout is the only path to any victory, I think killing off TWO's boogeyman will do more to bring that about than staying intact as target practice.

Alex.L Day 2,160, 08:45

On the other hand, it's mostly CoT countries and players who complain how game is boring, not TWO.
So it goes completely against your statement

Alex.L Day 2,159, 20:22

Number of Americans in the HQ is too damn high

don zebosk
don zebosk Day 2,159, 21:19

young countries don't have people with interest or capacity or time to work for the alliance
and too many people who were ehardworker already left the "game"
most of players are just 2 click now, it's a disease that affects lots of countries recently

Alex.L Day 2,160, 08:48

I see... but if it was the case for TWO ( 5 Serbs or Poles out of 6 HQ members) everyone would just cry out loud how the rest of TWO is Serbian/Polish puppets, right?

don zebosk
don zebosk Day 2,160, 12:29

probably yes

Alex.L Day 2,162, 13:26

Fair enough, I appreciate your honesty

Boyan Day 2,159, 20:34

what a crap... what a NAP...

MazzyCat Day 2,159, 20:34

Hail CoT! o7

Meow! ♥

Disco Musolini
Disco Musolini Day 2,159, 20:50

Hail CoT!

NWsFF Day 2,159, 20:54


Felllix Day 2,159, 20:56


St0L3n1 Day 2,159, 21:02

How emotional 😛

don zebosk
don zebosk Day 2,159, 21:17

impeach potato, abs

Notorious White
Notorious White Day 2,159, 21:19

In CoT we trust!

NWOuroboros01 Day 2,159, 21:19

This ... make me .. believe again

Dart Magus
Dart Magus Day 2,159, 22:20

Thogeter we will prevail!!

Rolo Tahmasee
Rolo Tahmasee Day 2,159, 22:22

CoT motto


Exalted Druid
Exalted Druid Day 2,159, 23:51

What TWO's then?

"Are we having fun yet?"

miki zentella
miki zentella Day 2,159, 22:27

I love potato!! xDD

Kravenn Day 2,159, 22:31

New CoT HQ : 6 Guys => 5 Americans + cyprus CP (not CoT member).

Stolch Day 2,159, 23:17

Oh look it's an HQ fossil!

St0L3n1 Day 2,160, 00:38

shhhhhhhhhhh we don't tell that to everyone 😛

Alex.L Day 2,160, 08:50

So what, they had even Bosnian CP in HQ during last month (or two months ago) 😛
BTW, even that Cyprus CP used to be
"eUS Vice President
eUS Secretary of Homeland Security (x2)
eUS Secretary of Treasury (~3 yrs)
eUS Congressman (41-42-44-50-51-53)
eUS Economic Council Member (~3 yrs)"

Stolch Day 2,161, 22:30

We also had one of your HQ members in CoT, we trained him well. That's the difference we include, we do not exclude.

Magnanimous Day 2,159, 23:44

Should've done more to keep South Korea imho.

STOYCH3V Day 2,159, 23:49

Hail CoT! o7

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