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[CoT] Recent developments and Miss CoT 2012

Day 1,859, 12:26 Published in Bulgaria Bulgaria by CoT HQ

Dear friends

At the latest CoT Summit (20th December 2012 ~ Day 1857 of the New World) the Council was deciding on the request by Montenegro to become a trial member of CoT. The Council was not unanimous about the trial membership, therefore Montenegro’s request to join the alliance as trial member was denied. However, the HQ of the alliance wishes to maintain a good relationship with Montenegro in hopes of working together in the future.

A vote was also held for a new PR (Public Relations) of the alliance among the 5 candidates that had applied. We are still waiting for the last votes to be cast and we will let you know as soon as we have a new person for the position (ideally this person will be greeting you himself for the first time in the next report).

Final results for Miss CoT 2012 are in! We are happy to present our new Miss CoT 2012. Congratulations to lovely miss ShoeShine, we are sure her grace and beauty will represent our alliance perfectly.

A big thank you and best wishes to other candidates as well, who have been great competitors and whose beauty, courage and intuition should not be taken for granted.

We also invite you all to join us at the public channel of the alliance #CircleOfTrust on Rizon server on IRC.

Happy Holidays to all of you!



BeJIuKaH Day 1,859, 12:28

Hail CoT! o7

Kazami Yuuka
Kazami Yuuka Day 1,859, 12:28

wait.. montenegro was rejected.. but crappy ABC countries get accepted? the hell..

S P L I N T E R Day 1,859, 12:30

Hail COT !! o7

BrunoCND Day 1,859, 12:31

Sorry Hizaya but CoT works with unanimity.

Angeldim Day 1,859, 12:31

Macedonia strongly support Montenegro ! why it was denied ???

Todor Jivkov Jivkov
Todor Jivkov Jivkov Day 1,859, 12:32

HAIL Belgium
HAIL Bulgaria
HAIL Chile
HAIL Japan
HAIL Indonesia
HAIL Mexico
HAIL New Zealand
HAIL Switzerland
HAIL Paraguay
HAIL Republic of Macedonia (FYROM)
HAIL Republic of Moldova
HAIL South Korea

galenaandrea Day 1,859, 12:33

Montenegro had some problems with Serbia because some Croatians in their government and I think this is the reason.

Aphroditea Day 1,859, 12:34

Hail Brazil
Hail CoT

ptxar Day 1,859, 12:36

post a photo of missCOT

ptxar Day 1,859, 12:36

she is a real beauty

Kocka Scekic
Kocka Scekic Day 1,859, 12:36

pffffff pussy... COT is afraid of Serbia....

Persej Makedonski
Persej Makedonski Day 1,859, 12:40

Тоа (FYROM) во задник да си го наврете

Да ви ебам сојузот и сојузниците кога не навредувате


ptxar Day 1,859, 12:41

kocka she vi klecame maina

Greatmoff Day 1,859, 12:42

Montenegro did 173 million influence yesterday. Lithuania did 1 billion and 46 million.

The door has closed on small countries and no more will be allowed in to the alliance. Bulgaria wants it to be a serious alliance which packs a punch. Since they got Indonesia and Macedonia to join there is no need to let small countries like Montenegro in any more.

BeJIuKaH Day 1,859, 12:42

Persej Makedonski,

Don't judge a whole alliance by the words of a single person 😉
Everybody recognises you as Macedonia, I've never heard else 🙂

Persej Makedonski
Persej Makedonski Day 1,859, 12:43

Тогаш се извинувам што избрзано и емотивно изреагирав

PsyCokenin Day 1,859, 12:45

Hope Montenegro can join soon

Wildrunner Day 1,859, 12:45

Greatmoff, I don't think Montenegro has been rejected because it's a small country + Bulgaria isn't deciding alone in this alliance there are 12 more countries in it.

Wildrunner Day 1,859, 12:47

Persej, ignoriraj go toja e edin ot teja, koito non-stop vi troljat, imame 2-ma 3-ma takiva i vie gi imate.

Kocka Scekic
Kocka Scekic Day 1,859, 12:52

for example japan is very very strong country, swiss too... montenegro have much more players outside the borders of Montenegro and that damage going for serbia , usa , macedonia.....

COT Do not be afraid!!!!!

Lotus Black
Lotus Black Day 1,859, 12:52

The officials in CoT respect Macedonia's wish about their name. And we request our members to do the same.

As for Montenegro, every member has the right to vote however they desire - its about equality among members. It was nicely said by one of our members that if one member doesn't feel 100% about the other then it would no longer be a Circle of Trust.

Lotus Black
Lotus Black Day 1,859, 12:54

Also: Montenegro will be able to apply in 3 months, meanwhile (like I mentioned above) we hope to maintain good relations.

dark.templar Day 1,859, 12:55


Sorry about Montenegro, I personally don't think the relations with Serbia are more important. Yes, they are stronger but one day we are allies and the other enemies..

Zeljko 90
Zeljko 90 Day 1,859, 13:07

what Belgium doing in CoT?

BrunoCND Day 1,859, 13:08

+1 LotusBlack

stoxi Day 1,859, 13:16

congrats for miss CoT : )
And for Montenegro - if they clean the croats out of their government I'm sure they will be accepted but now it's like accepting a country under PTO....

Makedonci ne obrushtaite vnimanie na edin trol : )
Hail Bulgaria
Hail Macedonia
Hail CoT

Simonymous Day 1,859, 13:49

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sasapg Day 1,859, 13:58

stoxi pricas gluposti u svakom slucaju. O kakvom PTO je rijec.

What is the reason, and what country say NO to Montenergo. That is fair to know , at least for that Lotus Black said:

@Lotus Black Also: Montenegro will be able to apply in 3 months, meanwhile (like I mentioned above) we hope to maintain good relations.

From all countries, Montenegro dont have any relations with Belgium, Japan, and Switzerland .
With rest of them we have good relations at least from time of Epic...

Narlindir Day 1,859, 14:03

Let me tell u something...

CoT isnt marionete of TWO?

So tell me than, why than CoT request from Montenegro good relations with some country from another alliance?Why Serbia? Why dont , hm, for example, Greece or Albania?

Also, we have big problems with some people in Serbia and Montenegro, not whole nation has problem. Instead that CoT help to be reason that will improve relations btwn Serbia and Montenegro, u left Montenegro alone?

Kongratz ppl, thats how brotherhood exist.

Im not angry at Macedonia, they always has sense for Montenegrin problems and Im sure it will continue but I pray day when other small members of CoT start to feel helpless and alone . Than u will remember this day when u act like some1 important to reject Montenegro.

Narlindir Day 1,859, 14:09

Also, since Miss of Cot is more important to u than Montenegro, Im sure reason why we are rejected is couse of our girls...

So sad u will not meet tham.

OtporStoko Day 1,859, 14:12

thanks my friends, thanks.

greetings from Montenegro

IvanNiksic Day 1,859, 14:17

COT is afraid of Serbia.... x2

Hail Montenegro!

United Macedonians
United Macedonians Day 1,859, 14:22

Problem CoT countries under PTO, that endanger the interests of the alliance and work for their home countries which are not in the CoT!

To solve the problem best be public vote, and to explain any vote whether Yes or No.

We can not allow countries under the PTO, to work against the interests of the alliance CoT, filling orders from their home countries.


ShonePG Day 1,859, 14:28

COT is afraid of Serbia....


Zeljko Vukmirovic
Zeljko Vukmirovic Day 1,859, 14:42

What a hell are some of you talking about? What PTO? eMontenegro is not under PTO and thinking that it is is just a luck of information. I just hope that wasn't the reason of rejection. It would be also nice to hear what is the problem of letting Montenegro in CoT.

For example, the poll in Montenegro shows that 96% of population was for joining CoT so it says something, isn't it.

Let as know the real reason of rejections and in 3 mounts we will try to fix this.

I, personally, will continue to fight for CoT countries than countries from any other alliance.


NBaki Day 1,859, 14:48

This is very disappointing and discouraging for Montenegrin players, and you must be aware of that. I am not sure that you can count on our help in the future, it doesn't matter how strong or big we are, it's about our loyality that cannot be underestimated, because we are devoted to help our allies.

I am also grateful to our friends from Macedonia who tried everything to help us enter this alliance, thank you guys, we'll never forget it.

Zeljko Vukmirovic
Zeljko Vukmirovic Day 1,859, 14:51

And yes, special thanks for Macedonia for helping as much as they could to put Montenegro in CoT. We won't forget it.

100% of Montenegro loves Macedonia and this is the example how two friendly countries should cooperate.

Celestial Knight
Celestial Knight Day 1,859, 14:51

You inferior beings, Montenegro isnt strong enough for CoT and that's the case. I wont fight for shity countries and i wont protect ones like that. If CoT is willing to creat strong alliance, then it needs strong allies. Bulgaria cannot handle all world and carry all shity countries.

Trogdorthetroll100 Day 1,859, 14:52


sasapg Day 1,859, 14:55

No Scolle, they dont have enemy, we still gona fight for most of the CoT countries. This was a chance for being closer with some other countries, but...
It's not a end of the eWorld, we will see what gona happend in future.
It is important that we know what is the reason, and what country wanted us out of CoT.

ScoLLe Day 1,859, 14:59

Ho ho ho , in the future when montenegro will be free , and some of cot occupied ?

Zeljko Vukmirovic
Zeljko Vukmirovic Day 1,859, 15:00

Celestial Knight, you should be shame of yourself.

Fine, not only that you call Montenegro shity, you also call Belgium, South Korea (which I adore and help them whenever I could), Moldova, New Zealand, Japan and ect.

You should be just ignored.

Kocka Scekic
Kocka Scekic Day 1,859, 15:07

japan swiss and belgia are very very very very strong country....

Wildrunner Day 1,859, 15:12

And Celestial Knight ( first time see this guy) wins the award for the most retarded comment....

Dan Ristesson
Dan Ristesson Day 1,859, 15:12

Diplomacy to the max, calling 'pussy' the alliance which you wanted to be a part of. To be more precise CoT, the ones who call you with those profound adjectives are the ones (2 or 3 players) heavily involved in recent Serbia-Montenegro issue.
Kocka Scekic izgleda si postao hiper-aktivan ovde u poslednje vreme , steta sto to nije bio slucaj onomad : )

sasapg Day 1,859, 15:15

Celestial Knight

You need to eGrow up a little bit.Montenegro have 70-100 active players in Montenegro. Outside, that number is much more. That DMG that you and other like you mentioned is much more than 170 mil : )
On my profile Top DMG in campaign 20 days before was Bulgaria. Now is Hungary, and we dont have MPP with tham. You can't judge a book by its cover...

sasapg Day 1,859, 15:17

Zlatiborac udri tamo da se vrati ta regija sto je dogovorena, uzecu ti kuce sto sam ti prodao 🙂

PaBravoYo Day 1,859, 15:18

Zeljko Vukmirovic I hope in the future can join the alliance.

Hail CoT !!

dr Adi Kerovic
dr Adi Kerovic Day 1,859, 15:28

Well, since you have not mentioned the reasons of your denial, I cannot see the way of improving relations. If the decision was not unanimous that means that only certain countries have problem with Montenegro and therefore I would like to see the official results of that decision, so we could work on closer bonding and cooperating with those countries. I was really looking forward to seeing Montenegro in CoT but, w/e its not the end of world, smaller countries always have to try and fight twice as much so they could achieve their goals.
I would like to thank Macedonia with all my heart for their selfless and generous support.

P.S. We are talking about trial membership here. That means that Montenegro, a friendly country, wasn't even given a chance to prove themselves in the eyes of CoT, and one can perceive that as an intentional obstruction of Montenigrin proCoT path( by some country, or more likely, by certain people).

Zeljko Vukmirovic
Zeljko Vukmirovic Day 1,859, 15:31

Karsten Mk, thanks! We want to join, but we also want to know what's the real problem so we can fix it in next 3 mounts. I'm still optimistic and pro-CoT oriented even the Montenegrins generally are little disappointed with this decision.

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