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[CoT] “No Congress FOR < insert enemy here > ” Edition

Day 1,924, 10:36 Published in Bulgaria Bulgaria by CoT HQ

[CoT] “No Congress FOR < insert enemy here > ” Edition

A great week for CoT!

We succeeded in most fronts, and most importantly, we left enemies without a Congress for the upcoming month, basically all enemies we wanted to be that way.

We also found interesting challenges that are normal as our alliance grows; at the very least, we learned, and I hope solving this challenges keep making CoT stronger and healthier in the future.

Weekly News

Bulgaria and Macedonia
Macedonia finished relocating their Capital to United Arab Emirates, a friendly country. Some people were unhappy of this not been communicated on the previous bulletin, but it was not yet public information, as enemies were not yet aware that was the ultimate purpose that we wanted to accomplish at the time.
Bulgaria has taken a bunch of damage in the Balkan wars, and now we (all CoT) are close to leave Turkey without a Congress, as Turkey is reduced to two regions, one of them under attack, and losing both the current direct battle and RW battle. That would be the military cherry on top of this month, as we would have achieved 6 out of the 7 enemies we planned to leave without Congress (“dreamed” somebody would have said at the start of the month).

Moldova has left without Congress their direct enemies, Ukraine, again. So we celebrate success on multiple fronts!
We have to add Moldova has started a great education initiative, that we hope grows around the eWorld.

Our friends in Peru have suffered a quiet month, without a CP and enemies around deleted… We are unhappy they have been a bit isolated. They got another region back, but not in a planned way; for now, their focus is on mobilizing around South America to help against our enemies, supporting…

Chile, Paraguay and Mexico (plus great coordination with Brazil and Venezuela)
South America is friendly territory for CoT, as enemies Colombia, Uruguay and Argentina (CUA), plus their frequent partner Bolivia, are left without Congress thanks to a well-executed campaign on multiple fronts, where Chile and Paraguay attacked Argentina with Brazil cooperation, and Mexico deleted Colombia again, and collaborated with Venezuela to keep other Colombian regions, so neither Colombia, Bolivia or Argentina got any region the 23th at 2:00 am eRepublik, breaking their hopes of having Congress. Later Chile deleted Uruguay on the 24th, not leaving enough time for them to recover a region by the 25th at day change, breaking their hopes too.

New Zealand, Chile and Indonesia
In the Australia front, multiple RWs have been fought, and regions have changed country a few times. There seems to be no bad blood in this region, unlike other rivalries, and there has been no specific effort to leave Australia without a Congress (while winning the RWs they have won has been hard for them).

South Korea, Japan and USA
Taiwan is holding at a big cost for their treasury, but has been a great mice, hiding away for multiple times. But each time is harder for them to win the RWs from Japan and SK, and we will not stop helping them until all original regions are returned to our CoT members. USA has been keeping up on the effort, showing the patience that has taken CoT to where it is today.

Lithuania, Switzerland and Belgium
On the quiet side of Europe:
· Lithuania has enjoyed TW with Belarus
· Switzerland fought their monthly, agreed war with Slovenia to stay without a Congress
· Belgium has no news this week, keeping up the work from last week

Special focus: Indonesia and Brazil

There has been some unfortunate tension between Brazil, a close ally that was part of the great campaign that left Argentina without Congress; and Indonesia, a CoT member.
I (seascifi) personally authorized Indonesia to launch the NE against South Africa, as it was part of a plan agreed with the Brazilian government; Indonesia did a great job of executing the plan in the expected time, even when that distracted them from the RW in Western Australia, which was unfortunately lost meanwhile.
We learned later that Brazilian Congress hadn’t authorized this plan. This was a big communication mistake, as Brazilian Congress should have known of the plan a week before, so that it should have been completely approved by Thursday the 21st, when both Indonesian CP and me got confirmation that Brazil was OK with the plan, without mentioning it was Congress pending.
From this the situation got worse, as the plan become confusion of the population of both countries, and CoT members started to ask what was happening too. We had multiple meetings over the weekend, to clarify the issue; it is hard to get a solution when communication has been broken, and no solution could be completely satisfactory for all sides, once the plan had missed execution because of that confusion.

But we are CoT, and we especially respect our allies (as all the country, not just the top officials). So I apologize to Brazilian population and Congress for taking action with the incomplete information we had, thinking we had all the information. We never intended to cause disruption in Brazil, much less just after our celebrations of leaving Argentina without Congress for the first time in eHistory. This unfortunate series of events should have never happened.

I also want to apologize to all Indonesia, as you wasted time and effort on a plan that will not be successfully executed, for mistakes that didn’t come from your side. I am glad Itelat has been a great partner of CoT, coordinating all relevant actions with the alliance and holding until approved by HQ, as it should be for any successful campaign. Indonesia has shown their value to CoT, in particular this month, in many ways.

We have enjoyed a great collaboration with Brazil, and we will not let it go to waste just for the lack of communication of a few people, even if they should be key people. So we investigated further, and found another “little thing” that wasn’t approved by Brazil’s Congress: to present an application to join CoT.

We did receive this formal application on February 17th (Day 1916). We have been executing our regular process for evaluating it, examining both the good and bad sides. With this exceptional situation, and once we found the Congress hasn’t voted the application, it has been decided this application was not appropriate, and we will not process it further to its result.

Brazil representatives have told me, once they learned of this irregular situation, that they prefer to stay neutral for now, and focus on keeping the good relationship with CoT members while fixing this misunderstanding with Indonesia and calm down the unnecessary negative feelings. So on both sides, we agreed this is not the time for Brazil to join CoT.

We don’t want to disrespect Brazilian politics, as non-members but allies. So Brazilian government will provide an official bulletin for their citizens with appropriate details after this one is published.

From CoT HQ:

Supreme Commander – chukcha
Supreme Commander – seascifi
Supreme Commanders Advisor - AlexFran
Military Commander – Ko3aTa
Alliance Communications Assistant – Uncle Sociopath
Alliance Administrative Assistant – Lotus Black
Public Relations Organizer – seascifi
Alliance Court

All Member Countries:
New Zealand
South Korea

Comments Day 1,924, 10:37


Majester Day 1,924, 15:23

Failing to deny Australia congress is not an indication of "no bad blood", but simply failure.
Chile promised Australia no congress for daring to take them to the CoT court seeking justice.
Indonesia promised Australia no congress for daring to question their invasion.
NZ promised Australia no congress for the lulz.

There was no bad blood, but CINZ have successfully managed to change that. Hooray to Imperialism.

Majester Day 1,924, 15:29

I recommend you try get consent the next time you invade a neutral country in a half-baked plan that unnecessarily pisses-off that country, its friends, and drives away a future member. Your disrespect of anything not CoT is disconcerting.

No surprise prize diplomats CoT-badboy Indonesia were involved, again. No surprise you got a bad reaction. No surprise hubris triumphed over vision.

Ernesto Jeon
Ernesto Jeon Day 1,924, 10:38


ligtreb Day 1,924, 10:40

Hail CoT!

bancho22 Day 1,924, 10:42


Count Davos
Count Davos Day 1,924, 10:42


Lupusorul tainic
Lupusorul tainic Day 1,924, 10:47


Lari0x Day 1,924, 10:49


tomekfaszcz Day 1,924, 10:51


b u c a
b u c a Day 1,924, 11:01


Velin Genadiev
Velin Genadiev Day 1,924, 11:08


Wickeyy Day 1,924, 11:13

USA in all member countries list? Have I missed something?

Lord Calois Draco Bellator
Lord Calois Draco Bellator Day 1,924, 11:24

USA is a member, Trial member, but part of CoT.

Wickeyy Day 1,924, 11:59

Comment deleted

Yankul9 Day 1,924, 11:16

Изниква един въпрос. Защо Индонезия е в основата на всичките ни проблеми с приятелски настроени е-държави напоследък? Австралия прие всички искания на Чили, но Индонезия реши, че не ги иска за съюзник. Сега Индонезия решава да взима бонусите на Бразилия. Индонезия не участва във войната срещу Тайван за освобождение на други членове на съюза, а им е на един хвърлей, трябва САЩ да го прави. Индонезия затваря всички трудни войни и се концентрира да мачка малките, създавайки проблеми и на целият съюз. Честно казано, ако не вървяха в комплект с Македония, не знам как още ги търпите, даже и при тоя гаф пак съчинявате аргументи в тяхна защита? Заради тях за малко не отказахте САЩ, а Бразилия е бъдещ член на TWO, няма шанс да ги привлечете в СоТ, а те са доста по ценен съюзник от Индонезия. Прекалено много стават членовете на СоТ и се губи първоначалната идея и облик. Мисля, че трябва да се обрули някоя гнила ябълка, а най гнилата е Индонезия.

Lord Calois Draco Bellator
Lord Calois Draco Bellator Day 1,924, 11:27

Agree, but not all of them, only a little group inside Индонезия

lioshi Day 1,924, 11:23


Minino. Day 1,924, 12:22

Hail CoTWO!

Lord Calois Draco Bellator
Lord Calois Draco Bellator Day 1,924, 20:24

Is not CoT enemy, CoT enemy in this moment is EDEN and every EDEN lose is a triunph for us, nothing personal with Albania.

Now i will quote CoT Hq:
"So any country that wants to apply, need to cancel or let expire their MPPs with Argentina, Taiwan, Colombia, Ukraine, Grece, Turkey, Iran, Uruguay, Australia or the UAE (as of today, eDay 1915; list may change over time, of course)"

Dan Ristesson
Dan Ristesson Day 1,926, 05:40

Calois Albania is a full member of EDEN

Angeldim Day 1,924, 11:28


Marcellus Bracara
Marcellus Bracara Day 1,924, 11:29

" With this exceptional situation, and once we found the Congress hasn’t voted the application,"

We didint even know about that application. The brazilian government lied for congress and population.

BeIIenus Day 1,924, 11:43

We didint even know about that application. The brazilian government lied for congress and population.²

BeIIenus Day 1,924, 11:48

Btw voted, thanks for the help 🙂

J O J I N Day 1,924, 11:43



Matix1 Day 1,924, 11:48


Matix1 Day 1,924, 14:30

the google translate don't translate good

nW0lf Day 1,924, 11:52

We didint even know about that application. The brazilian government lied for congress and population.³

Bohemias Day 1,924, 12:20

Are you sure that was Brazilian Gov applying for CoT? Or maybe someone passing by MoFA. We had a lot of unofficial MoFAs this month messing every plan the government try to do.

nW0lf Day 1,924, 12:23

So what? The official MoFA just vanished and implicitly agreed to it? Still a government problem, specially when denying it ever happened.

Bohemias Day 1,924, 12:25

So what??? So if someone that is not the official MoFA act like the MoFA and it's ok for you?

Marcellus Bracara
Marcellus Bracara Day 1,924, 12:30


Doesnt matter. The governent lied to everybody.

Bohemias Day 1,924, 12:35

Who is the main question.

RegisAjR Day 1,924, 12:45


Dio Vigon
Dio Vigon Day 1,924, 12:54

I know the answer for Bohemias question, however, he also knows the answer as well.

Bohemias Day 1,924, 12:59

The way I know you Vigon, if you really know this answer we would have a TOP 5 article about it.

seascifi Day 1,924, 16:45

I haven't been in meetings this month with Brazil, that don't include at least one of the people listed here... I have to assume ingame positions are official

Dio Vigon
Dio Vigon Day 1,924, 12:45

Bohemias achou um concorrente à vaga de pior MoFA da história.

Bohemias Day 1,924, 12:50

Comment deleted

Bohemias Day 1,924, 12:50

Pelo menos esse mês vc não apagou o Brasil. 🙂

seascifi Day 1,924, 16:41

I am sad that Brazilian population didn't know. Once we learned that, actions were taken.

MaverickMAX Day 1,924, 12:14

The problem is just the Brazilian Government.

Minino. Day 1,924, 12:19


Yuri_Jivago Day 1,924, 12:27

Respects from Brazil.

Nice article!

H00LIG2NS Day 1,924, 12:31

LOL Brazilian government applied to CoT without telling congress or population

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