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[CoT] Falling from sky

Day 2,099, 07:31 Published in Bulgaria Bulgaria by CoT HQ

Good day, citizens of CoT. Main weakness of every Empire is it’s inevitable collapse. Sooner or later (usually sooner, than later) the ambitions of the Empire cast fog into its mind, and direct the actions instead of intellect. It always was like that in real life, and we can see exactly the same in New World. Hungary, driven by their insatiable greed, with the support of its greedy associates, intended to quickly and easily capture so much coveted lands with strategic resources. It passed all stages of the Empire, from the birth (when they still had a conscience to hide behind the diplomats, follow contracts and somehow explain to the international community their controversial acts) and ending with what we are seeing now.

It all began in Alaska. A successful RW in this American region triggered an unprecedented number of RWs in all the territory of what its rulers called Hungarian Empire. Human courage with wave of righteous wrath swept the usurpers from a familiar spot, cutting off oxygen to the bonuses they enjoyed. I'd be lying if I said that the Hungarians did not resist. No, they desperately tried to protect their resources. But our victories became only more valuable, because we won not only RWs, but also the direct attacks backed by all enemy’s twoclickers fighting on the Hungarian side. Resistance striked all the occupied territories - Mexico, United States and Russia. In only three days we liberated 20 (twenty) regions from oppression, crippling the enemy's military machine. For now, Hungarian bonuses from resources are even smaller than before the war they treacherously unleashed on the Eastern Front of World War VI in May. Among this triumphant streak of RWs we individually want to note a victory in the North Caucasus. where Hungarians sent all their forces. Regardless of this, citizens of CoT and allied states participated in a great mobile operation, showing incredible courage and dedication to the alliance, thus proving that it is too soon to talk about end in this war. Like in every agonizing empire, Hungarian people now are in total confusion, and their media clearly indicates this.

By this moment, Mexico is almost entirely liberated from the Hungarian occupation. Hungarians do not want to give up the last region they control and provide noticable resistance. U.S., after regaining the West Coast and having won at Far East Russia against Hungary, continue their push onto them on North American continent. Russia regained almost all its native regions, only four of them are still in the hands of the Hungarians, and even there, in Volga region the Russian partisans easily outcome the oppresors. We should also mention that Ukraine, using heroism of CoT's nations as cover, liberated two their regions from Hungary - Volhynia and Galicia. Truly amazing people.

Without a doubt, greed and betrayal eventually turned to a string of humiliating defeats for Hungary. Especially interesting is the fact, that we didn't see such staunchly commited Hungarian allies as Serbs in all these RWs and attacks, as the latter prefered to help their other allies. So, are things in TWO going as good as depicted by their propaganda? In contrast to yesterday's friends, squabbling among themselves, CoT is based on the principles of unity and mutual assistance. We are not familiar with such internal conflicts, because in our alliance each country is confident in its friends, regardless of how difficult situation we encounter. Our mind is not eclipsed by greed, we are united in helping each other. Playing against notoriously stronger enemy, CoT provides a chance to every citizen to show the true heroism and wonders of self-sacrifice. We are strong in spirit. Our weapon is forged by principles, our word is glowing with ideas of equality and mutual aid. All of this, made possible the future that we can observe today.

In CoT We Trust!
Victory through Unity!
All Hail CoT!

P.S. One of our Supreme Commanders, khotko, who is currently unavailable due to being on medical rehabilitation and several RL issues, is watching the game situation in the maximum extent he can, and would like to apologize before his colleagues in the HQ and member states, the pressure on whom is large in his unfortunate absence; as well as sends congratulations to them for the evident military and diplomatic breakthough on several fronts.
These are, definitely, a clear achievement of member states involved and a sign of growing maturity and effectivity of their policies.
Upon his return to the game later this week the SC will be looking prime amongst all to financial reinforcement of CoT, looking to invest more funds into the alliances' economic/trade infrastructure, in order to with time achieve multiplication of financial resources available for Combat Orders of CoT prority battles.


Gorynych II
Gorynych II Day 2,099, 07:32

Brotherhood of CoT!

delete this
delete this Day 2,100, 02:23

EDEN was the brotherhood. find a new saying.

if anything you guys can be the sisterhood.

Antiperistalsis Day 2,101, 03:24

>change brotherly feelings to "brotherly" damage

Kaad Day 2,099, 07:33


Ned G
Ned G Day 2,099, 07:34

Будь спок.

potato134 Day 2,099, 07:34

Hail CoT 🙂

Si Barda
Si Barda Day 2,099, 07:35

ketiaxxxx errrrr

Si Barda
Si Barda Day 2,099, 07:35

kesempaxxxx errrrr

DevaJr Day 2,099, 09:59

kebehaxxxxx errrr

Simust The Skuchny
Simust The Skuchny Day 2,099, 07:37


Ely.nea Day 2,099, 07:38


lIIlIllI Day 2,099, 07:38


M E N A N Day 2,099, 07:38

cot is a history 🙂


Simonymous Day 2,099, 07:40

No rakia, no vote.

vasmegye Day 2,099, 07:42

my little hamstas.

overm1nd88 Day 2,099, 07:42

Hail CoT!

NKFV Day 2,099, 07:43

Hungarian best friends - Poland and Serbia - instead helping them to keep their Empire and bonuses are swapping regions for Serbian 10/10 and moreover singing MPPs with the biggest Hun enemy - Romania - who is fighting as hell against them even in the current moment.

How could you say to someone "best friend" why he is keeping only its own interests?

pcatalin999 Day 2,099, 09:35

Poland signed Mpp with Romania??

Raptorhd Day 2,100, 03:11

go home , we're drunk 😁

Iluvahtar Day 2,099, 07:43


DiegoIceAge Day 2,099, 07:44

CoT still exist? : D

NKFV Day 2,099, 07:45

yep, and surprisingly is standing pretty good 🙂

DiegoIceAge Day 2,099, 07:47

Yeah , thanks to Romania,Ukraine etc

Simonymous Day 2,099, 07:49

All alliances stand because of an enemy. This is life. 😃

Fiery Hand
Fiery Hand Day 2,099, 07:45

Victory through Unity!

mojov Day 2,099, 07:47


Alexander Macedon
Alexander Macedon Day 2,099, 07:47


Igoreckkkk Day 2,099, 07:48

Hail TWO

gnoj01 Day 2,099, 07:48


New Faustian Man
New Faustian Man Day 2,099, 07:48


bakalin Day 2,099, 07:49

No rakia,no vote!!

Losto Day 2,099, 07:49

How are you CoT?

Aminta Makedonecot
Aminta Makedonecot Day 2,099, 07:49


Quetzalcoatl ls
Quetzalcoatl ls Day 2,099, 07:50

Hail CoT!!

Jussi FULL RETARD Jernkuuk
Jussi FULL RETARD Jernkuuk Day 2,099, 07:50

Get well soon, khotko. o/

no-c-turn Day 2,099, 07:51

In CoT We Trust!
Victory through Unity!
All Hail CoT!
And Hail khotko!

Strahinjic Banovan
Strahinjic Banovan Day 2,099, 07:52

"Especially interesting is the fact, that we didn't see such staunchly commited Hungarian allies as Serbs in all these RWs and attacks..."

How do you expect from Serbia to help Hungary when the half of Serbian MoD officially hits for CoT...

anjunaboy Day 2,099, 07:52

In CoT We Trust!
Victory through Unity!
All Hail CoT!

cen1 Day 2,099, 07:54

"This is a clear victory, that goes only to men of great virtue and valour!"

*plays victory music*

cen1 Day 2,099, 07:55

Btw, you forgot France!

MKDpedza Day 2,099, 07:56

In CoT We Trust!
Victory through Unity!
All Hail CoT! o//

SebsRV Day 2,099, 07:56

Hail CoT!

AquariusSG Day 2,099, 07:58

No rakia, no vote.

VelAco Day 2,099, 07:59

in this article i can't see anything about eMacedonia... the congress elections are in few days... eMacedonia need free region... think about that issue...

investmkd90 Day 2,099, 08:43

I'm sure they have spoken about it

Silistra Day 2,099, 22:25

Noo, I don't know. I believe CoT is made to fight only with Hungary. Does Macedonia have any region under Hungarian occupation?

Fission Mailed
Fission Mailed Day 2,099, 07:59


Dio Pumba
Dio Pumba Day 2,099, 08:00

Potato for Plato!

NKFV Day 2,099, 08:05

fried potato ftw!

Michael Crookes
Michael Crookes Day 2,099, 08:01

In CoT We Trust!
Victory through Unity!
All Hail CoT!

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