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[CoT] A busy week indeed

Day 1,979, 14:21 Published in Bulgaria Bulgaria by CoT HQ

Greetings to all!

Many things happened since the last article. Our intentions were to post earlier, but every day new questions arose.

First, we have to inform you about the latest summit. Though some points of the agenda were left for the next gathering, we managed to talk with Germany and Russia. Representatives from both countries came and we were able to ask questions. The point was to improve our connections. A “slip up” was made by one of our SCs (Stolch) and a voting was held, when there was no official candidacy, for which he even offered to resign. The members rejected it, believing it wasn’t such a harsh mistake and that it could actually help us see what must be done.

Belgium plans to close the war with France very soon! We will keep you updated on the matter as best as we can. We thank you for your support there, it was needed and proved the determination of the members to stand united!

Another point, which we needed to make, is that the training war between Indonesia and the USA started one day ago. Sadly, with so much going on, the article was delayed. Indonesia has not had a war in a while thus requested a TW, so this is a chance for them to add some TP medals and get some action for their players. Next one will surely be more serious.

And now about the Mexico-China war. Our friends need all the help they can get to win this! The participation of each and every citizen is important, we won’t back down! Help Mexico defend their land as best as you can. We’re most likely going to defend the initial attack, but the counteroffensive will be just as important.

Last, but not least, are the issues with Serbia and TWO. There was an official article from their government regarding USA and their full membership and urging CoT to make a statement of some sort. No statement was forthcoming, because we do not believe in "drama queen" diplomacy. Over the past year many CoT and TWO members, including Serbia, have cooperated on more than one occasion and more than friendly terms. This should have been a testament enough for the ability and intentions of CoT as a partner, equal partner.

Many of you were not happy with the neutrality decision regarding the Poland-Russia war. Right or wrong, the intention was not to damage that cooperation.

Now some serbian citizens and factors within TWO HQ are trying to provoke us to respond to a clearly hostile action. Let us be clear though, despite it all, and no matter what someone says, we will not be the first one to pull the trigger.

Each and every member of CoT is a proud country, which does not need to prove it’s value on a daily basis to no one. As the game has evolved we’re in a time when every country (not only in CoT) has close friends that are not in their own alliance. Part of the responsibility of a worthy alliance is to respect the uniqueness of each member country while trying to help and promote the member individually and together.

With their intent towards Romania, Serbia hurts only their relations with Chile, Bulgaria, Macedonia and so on, as the CoT charter implicitly requires all member countries to drop their MPPs with any country allied to a country at war with a member of the alliance. In this case Serbia is now allied to Romania, which is at war with Bulgaria and so over the next 1 month all CoT MPPs with Serbia will be dropped one by one.

We understand the game is not only tactics and fun, but also a variety of emotions. Sometime we over think, sometimes all we see are red spots. CoT is an independent and proud alliance, with strong members, believing in our principles.

We all have friends in TWO and we do hope that whatever they decide we can remain amicable in our dealings!

Please watch for new articles, because there are many other topics, which are not included here. So await for more information (probably even tomorrow) Also, if you have questions, feel free to ask. The HQ does read 99% of the comments.

Stay atert! Stay focused! And never forget- united we are strong!

In CoT we trust!


gisgosrev Day 1,979, 14:22

Hail CoT 😃

Stolch Day 1,979, 14:24

you bot! : D

gisgosrev Day 1,979, 14:26


gisgosrev Day 1,979, 14:26


gisgosrev Day 1,979, 14:27

:smiley face: xD

eazyjp Day 1,979, 20:44

thats right

eazyjp Day 1,979, 20:44

gisgoos is multi 😃 ...

Lorcema Day 1,980, 20:59

[CoT] A busy week... with citizens reactions...

Sorry 4 the spam 😃

Dreadscale Day 1,981, 03:41


Vanek26 Day 1,979, 14:23


RU Mad fer IT
RU Mad fer IT Day 1,980, 08:26


Vanek26 Day 1,980, 10:11


Pulseras YDetalles Aisel
Pulseras YDetalles Aisel Day 1,979, 14:23

Hail CoT

Minino. Day 1,979, 14:23


Mr Coder Day 1,979, 14:33

Comment deleted

Mr Coder
Mr Coder Day 1,979, 14:33

the guy who was fired 🙂

ArmY1948 Day 1,979, 14:40

where's the money?

chukcha Day 1,979, 14:43

Mininuns, there are no free positions. Check again in a month please.

Minino. Day 1,979, 14:23


Gael Cavannari
Gael Cavannari Day 1,979, 14:28

gato trolo

Lord Calois Draco Bellator
Lord Calois Draco Bellator Day 1,979, 14:41

El gato que fue despedido... patitas a la calle... Desempleado mininus

Minino. Day 1,979, 14:42

Cry me a...

Tengo otro trabajito más por ahí :sisi:

Podkrepa Day 1,980, 12:04

Удри у диреко! Тая мачка не е от наште!

TheManiacBG Day 1,980, 12:53

оооооо Подкрепа е е-жив!!! o/ Подкрепа - ПРЕЗИДЕНТ!!! НЕКА!!ЩЕ!!

GaryKPR Day 1,979, 14:23


Minino. Day 1,979, 14:24

eUS fighting against eBelgium right now? Oh, come on!

Stolch Day 1,979, 14:26

sorry no job opening here please apply to the garbage disposal unit at 69 Tree stooges street, Down under, Mars

sigfriedHzzz Day 1,979, 14:24

lenteando la info n.n

Green4x Day 1,979, 14:26


Alexander Macedon
Alexander Macedon Day 1,979, 14:27

Hail CoT !

Bucephalus92 Day 1,979, 14:27

Hail CoT

theirina Day 1,979, 14:27

Long Live The CoT!

Talon Karrde
Talon Karrde Day 1,979, 14:28

Regards from TWO : )

Have No Fear The End Is Near
Have No Fear The End Is Near Day 1,979, 14:28

adly, with so much going on, the article was delayed. Indonesia has not had a war in a while thus requested a TW, so this is a chance for them to add some TP medals and get some action for their players

China here they come xD

EBM Day 1,979, 14:37

Indo/Usa war was agreed before 🙂 So Chinesse NE to Mexico changed the perspectives

Have No Fear The End Is Near
Have No Fear The End Is Near Day 1,979, 14:38

I know my friend 😛 But Indo want a war , so now they have a chance to have a good war 🙂

Lord Calois Draco Bellator
Lord Calois Draco Bellator Day 1,979, 14:29

Hail CoT!!

Stoich is one of our best leaders that we have had.

Have No Fear The End Is Near
Have No Fear The End Is Near Day 1,979, 14:39

sad but true xD

Hale26 Day 1,979, 14:31

Hail CoT !

Count Davos
Count Davos Day 1,979, 14:31

I hope there won't be another USA - Albania MPP and USA will reject it.

Lord Calois Draco Bellator
Lord Calois Draco Bellator Day 1,979, 14:40

I hope the mpp Romania-Serbia will be rejected.... O, wait, it wasnt

Rona1d Day 1,979, 14:48

The albanian (EDEN) - USA MPP have more time of existence 🙂

Lord Calois Draco Bellator
Lord Calois Draco Bellator Day 1,979, 14:54

What a foolish excuse.

You didnt say anything in 4 month when USA was Trial, in the CTRL times nothing.

What changes, CoT?
Nop, the one that changes was TWO.

Wildrunner Day 1,979, 15:22

Ronald, that's why USA doesn't have MPP's with TWO. For the same reason Serbia wont have MPP's with CoT. I see no problem here.

Van Sebe
Van Sebe Day 1,981, 23:56

For the same reason Bulgaria will not have MPP with Poland, Slovenia, etc... Did you really think that Serbia is alone in this?
But no worries, Russia will still have MPP with Finland who is in direct war with Lithuania, full CoT member by the way...
Oh wait, Romania is leaving EDEN? But that's not fair?

EBM Day 1,979, 14:31


Gael Cavannari
Gael Cavannari Day 1,979, 14:33

cada vez mas argentino @EBM. mal ahí.

gisgosrev Day 1,979, 14:35

EBM siempre ha hablado asi o7

EBM Day 1,979, 14:38

yo hablaba asi desde hace tiempo!

y si no te gusto, apunta la placa!



Gael Cavannari
Gael Cavannari Day 1,979, 14:41

y eso en español que significa (?)

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