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[COMIC NEWS] Nigerian scam hits eRepublik

Day 1,658, 03:40 Published in USA Colombia by W.A.R

Hello everybody!

Today’s article is brought to you by Nigerian Banker who came to me with a very tempting proposal! Enjoy:

Click the image for bigger size.

Hope you’ve enjoy it! Chain-shout it if you like, vote to thank me for the laugh and subscribe for more!

Greedy for new subs,

Vive la Résistance!



BeDva Day 1,658, 03:42

nigerian banking at its finest xD

Game Over 10.14.2012
Game Over 10.14.2012 Day 1,658, 03:43


Titless fairy
Titless fairy Day 1,658, 03:44


The Girl with the Owl Tattoo
The Girl with the Owl Tattoo Day 1,658, 03:44

faking zenci

DMV3 Day 1,658, 03:46

Amazing! I'll do it!

pcatalin999 Day 1,658, 03:50

For real?
It is my opinion that if he would have asked you the home address, your parents address and your grandparents address, the message would have been way more credible. Serves him well for not knowing how to proper address potential business partners.

JustNosfe Day 1,658, 03:53

you sould do it!!🙂

W.A.R Day 1,658, 03:56

I would, but I don't have a fax 🙁

Bobslej Day 1,658, 04:00

Nothing personall, it's just good business ^^

cc1432 Day 1,658, 04:10

)))))) very very nice!

Rockstarhun Day 1,658, 04:22

haha, epic one, thanks : )

Akluvychenko Day 1,658, 04:27

Another trusted poll. Conducted by a common citizen

Malastrazas Day 1,658, 04:28

lol poor guy, he's banned now

Dimitar Ianakiev
Dimitar Ianakiev Day 1,658, 04:34

Repeat for infinite money.

Kathee93 Day 1,658, 04:46

hahahaha! lulzy! too bad he didn't contact me 🙁

we must get admins unban him!

Alexandru Gujuman
Alexandru Gujuman Day 1,658, 04:55

I bet he's not nigerian

Alex Zvezdev
Alex Zvezdev Day 1,658, 05:02

shouting it, to the int top! 🙂

kikooo Day 1,658, 06:40

lol.. tell him you want goldz 😃

General Cartman Lee
General Cartman Lee Day 1,658, 09:46

The author of this article SCAMMED ME OUT OF 10 GOLD.

Romanians should denounce him.

After he scammed to me he immediately reported to his master Henry "Pfeiffer" Arundel and they joked about it.

Is this what you want representing your country? Someone with the moral character of Bernie Madoff?

sansae2 Day 1,658, 09:59


Guypadua Day 1,658, 10:23

He scamed you 10 gold I do remember that you should know better then to perform that action...

Porosus Day 1,658, 10:37

I betcha he's from Ghana.

W.A.R Day 1,658, 11:32

damn, Pizza didn't forgot. Wanted to try again this month.
Btw, you pressed Donate button , u noob.

W.A.R Day 1,658, 11:33

And I am Pfeiffer's Master.

General Cartman Lee
General Cartman Lee Day 1,658, 21:56

Fortunately Fremenul does not represent all Romanians.

I know some with impeccable integrity.

You are a disgrace and dishonor your nation.

szbszig Day 1,659, 00:04

"Citizen permanently suspended for not respecting the eRepublik Terms of Service."

Admins have no sense of humour...

xy2set Day 1,659, 01:29

As a member of eUSA, I feel like expressing my feelings the way General Cartmen Lee did with just a few minor changes:

Fortunately AJay/PTH/PTH II/General Carman Lee/etc. (I honestly lost track of all accounts) does not represent all Americas.

I know many with impeccable integrity.

You are a disgrace and dishonor your nation when you show your lack of respect to others for your own misfortunes and mistakes.

... but yea, lolz at the article... and eRep's biggest troll.

Ignas2526 Day 1,659, 08:29

Nigeria, you develop a racist inside me.
Seriously, from all countries in the world, it has to be the one in Africa, it's people are black, mostly poor and their country name starts from letter N, if you know what I'm talking about.
I'm not a racist and I believe what all races should be under equal conditions, but it's the majority of people of such countries like Nigeria what provoke hate and making fun of other races.

ciprian220 Day 1,683, 15:21

Comment deleted

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