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Greetings, CODE family!

Today the PR team of CODE is presenting you the second interview from our "People behind CODE" series. It's with the person who's most "guilty" for founding our alliance - antwone.

Make your coffee (open your beer), take a seat and enjoy reading!

1. Why was antwone against CODE forming a HQ?

A: Thank you for having this interview with me. I was neutral towards the HQ idea from the beginning, because I was involved in what CODE was even before CODE was created as ingame alliance and we had an HQ attempt for our “alliance” during October and November 2018 and such way of running our side was not producing the results we were hoping for. Together with Gw4ihiR we created this HQ and even ANDES was presented in this first HQ in order to resolve many ongoing problems our side had at that time, but since the disputes we had were between some of our side’s most prominent players HQ could not work well and to be honest it seemed like it was even creating a bigger void between current CODE members. I know I needed a break from this HQ in December 2018 and we were not doing well at the battlefields then but I was trying to fix the problems on our side, which seemed like it would never get fixed. I will not say I deserve the credit for fixing them, but I did confront all the we call them “big ego guys” on all sides of our family and the problems we had eventually finally get resolved quite soon after that. Once things finally got rolling in January 2019 we started to win first campaigns on the battlefields thanks to everyone on our side finally getting involved in a way we did not manage to successfully work together for most of 2018. Of course our enemies will tell that CODE’s victory roll happened at the same time while they needed a break from the game (since they made this game brutally boring for like 5 years), but I think they knew they were facing a most-organized opposition to their domination most likely since the beginning of their Super Damagehood Alliance phase that started with ONE and is still ongoing with Asteria (at least according to the results and wide-perception that even Asteria was publicly claiming about CODE and its position in the game).

Since we did not had a public HQ for so long, creators of an idea that our side should have a name visible to our enemies and potential allies (prime reason why CODE family has been created as ingame alliance) although not being really an alliance in classic erep way decided that we do not need HQ. I was proposed to be CODE’s alliance leader ingame by some of the creators players because of my efforts to fix the problems between our side’s communities (afterall I was the creator and admin on practically most if not all our side’s telegram groups for months before CODE’s ingame creation). However such a role had little legitimacy and practical meaning since we were not a classic alliance, and I lead the family in accordance with my understanding of the creators’ idea (even if I was not personally very happy with the idea in the first place). Giovanni explained this reasoning (why no HQ) well in your last interview so I will not repeat what he already wrote. What we should be aware of is that CODE as we know it (a family) exists much longer than is visible ingame so things that happened before influenced how CODE is operating from inside and to outsiders in both good and bad ways. I wish CODE’s HQ much success especially in explaining to eRep players what our family is and what it stands for. I was not involved in this new idea that we have HQ, but as you know all alliance leaders and their HQs have my support (limited as my RL time allows)..

2. Why did such a good strategist decide to be "civilian" in eRep? 🙂

A: Well I had RL reasons to stop me from playing the game very actively since 2009 so civilians were a good fit for my playstyle and I did not do any alliance strategy work before 2018, but everyone seems to think now that I was “good” in strategy from the beginning. Obviously it is not true and all I know I learned from practice and asking for advice the more experienced players like Zdlemmy and Romper when I had a chance and they were available. But even when we were winning I was making mistakes, but our enemies were probably confused by them so much that they made their own mistakes and then something you did not plan created an opportunity. It is really a time-consuming part of the game but the game mechanics are simple but to master them it just requires dedication and time. I could not dedicate so much of my time to this part of the game in 3rd part of 2019 anymore, and this fact just coincided with Asteria getting more active, which is unfortunate because I wish they were as active when I was more involved.

3. What’s your opinion about the current split of sides in the eWorld?

A: It reminds me of a situation the world was in 2017 and before, our side is filled with apathy because our enemies are much stronger than we are. In 2018 our side had an idea how to bring balance back to the game, but unfortunately once the game should have finally become balanced and fun for everyone Asteria players chose to be a poor sport by fighting like they are an incompetent bunch. With retrospect it seems they opted for a psychological approach knowing that our playerbase would get bored with domination quickly (they know us well). Current situation also shows that accusations that CODE is same in treating neutral and enemy countries as is Asteria when dominating were so unfounded. I hope many neutral countries now see the truth and it's a pity they did not get involved in stopping the Asteria’s comeback, but they fall for Asteria’s antiCODE propaganda. Of course CODE could have done things better, but I suppose erasing 5 years of domination of Asteria from neutrals’ minds was not possible in just 6 months of our military domination..

4. What turned the tide in CODE advantage and what made CODE dominant? Do you see something similar happening again?

A: Motivation, dedication, friendship and acting as one big family turned the tide to CODE advantage, but it became dominant so quickly because other side allowed it to become so. Of course it can happen again for the same reasons why it already happened before, but will it happen again it is hard to see. It does not take a lot for things to change, although for people running CODE now it is not looking optimistic.

5. Who do you think are the most influential players on CODE/Andes side?

A: Everyone knows who they are.

6. How do you see eRep in short term future?

A: Asteria will again be a dominant force, but CODE will lead the global resistance against its domination. It will be hard but CODE will continue to fight no matter the odds.

7. Is there anything that can make you active as before?

A: To be honest I hope not and CODE does not need me to be active as I was before it just needs from everyone to get more involved and each individual player foremost must trust in its own abilities. We need players with guts and time. Everyone believes they do not have the time, but I see daily how much of their time they are spending on this game, so why not take a bit of responsibility for everyone’s sake. If everyone would make a bit of effort we would not need ppl with crazy 24/7 dedication as we had before.

8. What would you like to change in eRep to make it better or more interesting?

A: Any change that can make it better and by that I mean a more balanced game is welcomed. We need more transparency with the tokens market because current stance of the administration is hurting our communities - many of our players are boycotting packs and with our enemies so strong and bloodthirsty in trying to get the ultimate victory for their side, the current situation is a real threat for the future of this game. Again this is just a game and everyone (administration and players) should be motivated to make game rules set and executed in a way that should be fun for majority of players, but this is unfortunately not the case since v2 version failed so miserably that I am not optimistic that anything will change to make this game more interesting. If it were not for its great community of players this game would already be dead.

9. If you had a chance to change one thing among eCroatian community, what would it be?

A: It is by far the best community in this game (which is mostly a result of poor status of other communities at this moment). It would not have so many non-Croatian players involved if it is not so. I hope it will continue to stay so international and I wish and hope that our community members will continue to stay open-minded to let more non-Croatian players join our community. I hope the differences that exist between community members will always be resolved in a civilized way and that we will always keep in mind that this is just a game.

10. Your message to our players would be:

A: To all eRep players I foremost wish to thank them for playing this game for so long even if it is far from perfect.

To our allies the message is simple - believe in yourselves, in your brothers and sisters - be dignified in defeat and humble in victory! If you are not involved, get involved because you are missing all the fun!

Antwone thank you for the interview and giving us sneak peak "behind the scenes" of CODE.

Message to all our players and friends:
Check your country’s priorities, fight where is asked, help an ally.
Together we stand… Divided we fall! \o/

Our motto: We believe we are more than an alliance, we are A Family.

Hail CODE!
Hail Friends!