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[ CNE ] Sensation! Aliens in eRepublik!

Day 1,353, 12:21 Published in Lithuania Lithuania by Atsigauk

Three days before ONE HQ published sensational article: "Aliens in eRep" (who drained ONE damage). It made my day. I thought: "Come on, there are none aliens at all. What a shame!". But today everything changed. I saw a UFO spaceship.

So I called to my good friends from TV series "X-Files" (Fox Mulder and Dana Scully).

They promised us help, because it is very serious "Free Online Multiplayer Strategy Game". They took sensational photo.

There is an alien amongst those people who drains dmg from ONE players.

Full size

Aliens in conference. They are organizing eRep future. As you can see, there are some very well known faces. So be careful, because there may be aliens walking around us. GLOVE IS NOT LOVE! GLOVE IS ALIEN!

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Sensation! Aliens in eRep!

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Ringauds31 Day 1,353, 12:25

o kas ten per istorija su ONE buvo? Taip dorai ir nesupratau.

Atsigauk Day 1,353, 12:35

ONE kaltina ateivius, jog jie siurbią jų inf.

citizen2.3 Day 1,353, 13:07

Blemba, Vedzitas pas juos, bent gerai, kad turim SuperSajana iksD

Immaginos Day 1,353, 13:19

Pries isleisdamas straipsni galetum ji duoti perskaityti kokiam zmogui kuris nera taip stipriai susipykes su anglu kalba kaip tu:} Nieko asmenisko, bet vietomis visiskai tragiskai atrodo.

Lorenzo Anello
Lorenzo Anello Day 1,353, 13:27

haahh good 1

Deef Day 1,353, 13:28



Atsigauk Day 1,353, 14:09

Puiku, kita kart siųsiu jums, nes jau senokai pabaigiau mokyklą ir anglų kalbos gramatiką primiršau. Pradėti galite nuo šio PM su pataisymu.

threesecond Day 1,353, 14:41


Audriuz Day 1,353, 21:48

This one was bad. 2 pics????? Unsub

mokudzinas Day 1,354, 00:26

ai nu vistiek puse velnio. bet stabas moka ir geriau seipjau. gal accounta kazkam atidave? va ir avataras kitkoks?

Giorgos Zaikos
Giorgos Zaikos Day 1,354, 06:36

Seems like you're proud that the admins twisted the game in your direction. At least ONE has dignity even in defeat

Fail EDEN and Terra!
Hail ONE \o/

GustavoGomes Day 1,354, 08:11


@giorgos: dignity in defeat??? Blamming the adms for the defeat??? Thats ridiculous!!!

Azartiskas Day 1,354, 15:52


ZemaitisLTU Day 1,355, 02:04

Damn i knew Chuck Norris and Plato are working together!!!

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