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[CN] The dust settles on Mazandaran

Day 1,563, 06:21 Published in China China by mihail.cazacu

Yesterday most of the players of eRepublik, irrespective of their allegiances, took part in one of the most bizarre episodes in the game: the battle for Mazandaran and Golistan, during which Turkey managed to wipe out Iran.

What we need to understand is the battle for Mazandaran was actually lost on the banks of the river Volga, when Iran failed to win against Russia's MPPs. Without Iran controlling Volga it was impossible for Bulgaria to get across the Caspian sea, no matter how the Turkish-Iranian fight would have ended.

Once we understand this we also realize that the plan of using Iran to swap Bulgaria into the saltpeter region of Semnan was completely unrealistic.

That is, the plan to swap Bulgaria there without Turkey's approval. With Turkey cooperating, the swap would be a walk in the park.

Let's look at the whole plan in order to identify its weak points. The actual swap consists in the following series of battles:

1) A successful Resistance War in Mazandaran and Golistan. It happened, but only with heavy tanking, using real money;

2) An Iranian victory in Volga, so that Bulgaria can get a common border with Iran. That is highly unlikely if the allies of Russia don't agree to let Iran win. Serbia, Poland, FYROM or Hungary didn't bother to tank there and won't tank there in the future either;

3) An Iranian victory against Turkey in Mazandaran. Highly unlikely for the same reasons as above;

4) A Bulgarian victory against Iran in Volga. Piece of cake since the Iranians agree while ONE would love Bulgaria to switch sides. So they won't interfere if the hard work had already been already done by somebody else;

5) A second Iranian victory against Turkey in Semnan, so Iran can keep the initiative while making room for Bulgaria. The pigs might fly over a frozen Hell sooner than Iran would score two victories in a row against Turkey. Especially an Iran allied to FYROM, Serbia, Poland and Hungary;

6) A Bulgarian victory in Mazandaran against Iran, bringing Bulgaria across the Caspian Sea. That's easy as pie. It's the steps in-between that are hard;

7) A third Iranian victory against Turkey, so Iran can still be on the map after Bulgaria gets Semnan. The pigs would keep flying around the Moon and Hell would be covered in cherry ice cream sooner than that;

8.) A Bulgarian victory against Iran in Semnan. No problem, except it needs 4 miracles before it can be possible. And even in fairy tales we only get 3 wishes granted.

But would that stop the Bulgarians from trying it again and again?!

As long as Turkey remains inflexible, the Bulgarians have only this option.

Or it can be said the other way round: as long as Bulgaria keeps vetoing Turkey, they need to also keep trying to make 4 miracles possible.

However the two situations aren't equivalent.

The Bulgarians who oppose the Turkish membership are actually divided in two groups:

1) Those who have a Real Life problem with Turkey and transfer this problem in-game.

How many are they?!

Well, if we add up the votes from the last election, they are 19.7% of the active players.

2) Those who remember how Turkey behaved towards Bulgaria in PEACE and Phoenix times. To that category I also add those who were rubbed the wrong way by the recent stupid trolling in the media.

The referendum about Tukrey's membership indicated 62% against. Which means there is a considerable gap between those who still live in the 19th century and those who would accept Turkey on condition Turkey starts to behave constructively. Constructively towards Bulgaria.

(It is true that Turkey proved to be a good ally to the rest of the members of TEDEN. But the nature of the problems between those members and Turkey is different than the Bulgarian-Turkish issues. It's like love: just because John loves Sally and Sally loves Jack it doesn't make John automatically in love with Jack. Each relation has its own peculiarities so one size DOESN'T fit all.)

The referendum also indicated 38% were in favor of Turkey's membership in EDEN. This means if Turkey meets Bulgaria half-way (like the Bulgarian president Tablov suggested), we would need only another 13% of the Bulgarians to become favorable to a long-term friendship between the two countries, so the 51% majority is achieved.

Getting 13% on board is much easier than 4 miracles in a row, isn't it?!

- Turkey doesn't get any benefit from holding the provinces of Semnan and of Mazandaran;

- EDEN doesn't get any benefit if every two days we fight yet another Volga-Mazandaran combo. Even the Bulgarians would get tired of it soon, just like they got bored wiping out FYROM for the N-th time;

- EDEN doesn't get any benefit if Bulgaria lacks the bonuses it could have had if Turkey had shown more flexibility. The bonus translates directly into additional damage, damage Bulgaria would use, like she did before, to bury ONE deep into the ground.

So the ball is now in the court of Turkey.



Boyan Day 1,563, 06:27

it is indeed

RoboCopele Day 1,563, 06:39

Ако искаш да конвертираш някой от тези 62%, не е хубаво да ги обиждаш.

Dacicus Maximus
Dacicus Maximus Day 1,563, 06:41

one of the biggest chauvinist talking about bringing IRL?

Agent Chieftain
Agent Chieftain Day 1,563, 06:42

The problem is that like any other time eTurkey tries to trade their way in an alliance and that is absolutely not possible if we talk about "brotherhood". At least that's how I see things. And yes I voted YES on the referendum but I doubt I will do it again soon if I am asked again.

Dacicus Maximus
Dacicus Maximus Day 1,563, 06:42

A year ago Cazacu was the biggest Bulgaria fan in erep, he published many articles how he love Bulgaria, how EDEN appreciate Bulgaria.And now EDEN need Turkey's damage instead of Bulgarian brotherhood.

mihail.cazacu Day 1,563, 06:44

@Ernst von Jacob: Did you write anything that I missed?

Last time I've checked it was you who were unhappy with your Real Life citizenship and it was you who was fighting against your Real Life country. So when you mention chauvinism I can only assume you talk about yourself.

Wildrunner Day 1,563, 06:48

I oubt we will ever get tired to hit against turkey and the Damagehood.

ShadowMJ Day 1,563, 06:50

>That is, the plan to swap Bulgaria there without Turkey's approval.

If EDEN has any honour left, they would RW regions Turkey wont give up for Bulgaria. Turkey does NOT need those regions.

mihail.cazacu Day 1,563, 06:52

@Panglossian: Az ne iskam da obizhda nikoi. Ama tezi koito ne iskat da imat nishto obshto s turcite osven voina niama kak da se convertira, nali?

8-3=1 Day 1,563, 06:52

I agree with the fact that its Turkey turn to make a move. And I agree with the fact that countries should not trade their way into Eden (like GolemdeBil said), especially in case of conquering/holding regions belonging to other countries.

People remember...Eden is a DEFENSIVE alliance. Once we are an empire, we will soon go to dust same as Peace, Phoenix, ONE...

radens Day 1,563, 06:52

Getting two stubborn nations (with too many nationalists and racists flaming each other) to cooperate and meet on the half way is a miracle beyond those needed to win 4 hard battles 😃

mihail.cazacu Day 1,563, 06:57

@Wildrunner: It's less about "damagehood" and more about finding the middle ground.

Forcing things into a black-or-white type of choice is counterproductive. Just look at the waste of energy on both sides.

And for what? Neither side was happy at the end of the battle...

Wildrunner Day 1,563, 07:10

And not a word about TEDEN fighting vs BG yesterday. Nice, mihail...

Wildrunner Day 1,563, 07:14

There is no black and white and you know it. All you need from us is dmg. You are prolonging the agony of my people by lying to them that the damagehood cares about them and their interests and that you're trying to find a "solution". When we all know that the choice has already been made and the side has already been picked long ago. And all those who didn't know it before they have to be BLIND since yesterday.

Wildrunner Day 1,563, 07:20

And you honestly really believe it's all about resources?

mihail.cazacu Day 1,563, 07:31


Every alliance needs damage and _logic_ because this is a game of _strategy_.

Logic says EDEN is stronger with both Bulgaria and Turkey on the same side.

Where is the logic in eliminating Turkey?! EDEN needs _both_ a strong Bulgaria, with access to the Iranian bonuses _and_ Turkey. When Turkey was on the other side, every country in EDEN was wiped out. And Bulgaria ceased to be wiped out only after signing the NAP with Turkey. So even Bulgaria needed a friendly Turkey in order to grow. How come some people miss that detail?

And EDEN is far from being a "damagehood" - this is why EDEN has Finland, Belarus, Ukraine, Albania, India, Israel etc. Those countries deal a lot less damage than Bulgaria, don't they?

Corsantin Day 1,563, 07:37

Bulgarians will get bored fighting Turkey, but the damagehood will never get bored deleting Serbia/Hungary ?

MirceaDrac Day 1,563, 07:41

@mihail.cazacu I think you do not know all the details of the talks.

Naufragiatu Day 1,563, 07:46

ai stricat tot articolul cu ultimul rand : (

Agent Chieftain
Agent Chieftain Day 1,563, 07:59

All my eLife I was part of EDEN. I want to continue to be part of it. eTurkey changes alliances every time they start losing. Currently they are using EDEN's safety to secure the occupied territories of their formal ally! Have you seen eTurkey to sacrifice themselves for some of their allies? How many times eBulgaria did that? We did helped eRussia and eUkraine to be liberate themselves while we were deleted over and over again all summer. We did continue the war with Serbians while eCroatia moved to eMexico. We did attack eTurkey several times and got deleted to save eGreece.Can't you see they use you instead of helping you! What if in 6 months they say "we are bored, we don't have anybody to fight with" and start making what they always do - troubles. Why do you think nobody wants them in other alliances? There must be a reason. I don't say we Bulgarians are perfect. But we do 2 things perfectly - hate and love. Don't make us hate you. They are acting like they are the most important country in the eWorld. And they are not even a member. Imagine what will be after that. EDEN was winning before eTurkey began the trial. We can do it again without them. I need some serious proof they are changed but whoring (trading) their influence for protection is not it.

xongorx Day 1,563, 08:00

Poor Bulgaria.
They just cannot into anywhere without Turkey...
They just cannot into anywhere without Turkey...

xongorx Day 1,563, 08:02

And happy Turkey.
They got all what they wanted to have.

Agent Chieftain
Agent Chieftain Day 1,563, 08:12

ONE trolls, gtfo. You can't organize yourselves for 1 single battle. Losers...

Dacicus Maximus
Dacicus Maximus Day 1,563, 08:31

we cannot organize ourselves because your beloved turkey changed side, not because your actions

vladb Day 1,563, 08:39

Seems to me the ball is in eBulgaria's court .
It's eBulgaria that needs the miracles and Turkey needs only the normal to happen .

Unfortunatelly for ONE not even this nice charade did not helped them in any way .

Dr. Johann Georg Faust
Dr. Johann Georg Faust Day 1,563, 08:46

bulgaria is demanding those regions whitout any commitment. you can see it at tablov-keaver correspondence.
i dont believe that tablov is acting with goodwill, he should make a mpp first if he is.

Wildrunner Day 1,563, 08:53

mihail, people need motivation or to realize dmg. That's the part all of you who look at numbers are missing out from the whole equation.

Wildrunner Day 1,563, 09:00

EDEN needs _both_ a strong Bulgaria, with access to the Iranian bonuses _and_ Turkey.

This is indeed a very shameless statement. EDEN is punishing BG for daring to hold a referendum in a world of oligarchy. EDEN HQ and Turkey will not let BG to grow unless BG disregards the will of it's people. It is time to leave this alliance that doesn't look anything like an alliance btw, heck even the evil one has never fallen so low.

Wildrunner Day 1,563, 09:02

And EDEN is far from being a "damagehood" - this is why EDEN has Finland, Belarus, Ukraine, Albania, India, Israel etc. Those countries deal a lot less damage than Bulgaria, don't they?

For how long are some of those countries are waiting for a membership and who promised turkeys an instant membership? Keep deluding yourself ( because others don't believe you anymore) that you're not a damagehood.

Wildrunner Day 1,563, 09:08

Instead of helping it's member Bulgaria to develop EDEN together with turkeys are blocking and blackmailing Bulgaria. You think you beat ONE? Just look at yourselves. You're the worst thing that has happened to this game.

vladb Day 1,563, 10:03

Wildrunner :who blackmails who ?

Silistra Day 1,563, 10:23

Please cut theese 38% in favor of eTurkey. One of the most furious defenders of eTurkey made almost 4mil in that RW..

Wildrunner Day 1,563, 11:58

vladb, turkey BG with the help of EDEN HQ.

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