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Day 692, 07:30 Published in by Plato

"Good day, eRepublik.

For the new ‘Citizens Insiders’ campaign, I thought I would take a few minutes out of your busy schedules to discuss exactly what ‘success’ means for you in this world. If you ask 9 people what ‘success’ means, you’ll probably get 10 different answers. Some would say that success is winning the monthly presidential elections. Some would say that success is securing yourself a near-permanent foothold in Congress. Some would say that success is having a high-rolling company, or having the most currency, or the most gold, or achieving ‘Media Mogul’ status. One might even be inclined to say that success is getting one’s article posted as a citizen’s Insider; I’ll leave that part up to you.

As you’re all hopefully aware, eRepublik is a game. A digital world; however, this is not a game that can be ‘won’; our world is always progressing, developing, and moving forward, towards a brighter future. Success isn’t always winning an important battle, or having the most popular article, or being a high-ranking member in your home nation; I won’t feed you the cliché that “success is just playing the game, and having fun”. No. To succeed in this game, it’s all about connections.

I’m not implying that one has to have friends in high places, but friends are a necessity. The social networking aspect of eRepublik is one of the attributes that makes the game as popular as it is. With sites like Facebook and MySpace, there is the social networking aspect; however, eRepublik puts a military and political spin on that, creating a whole new social paradigm: countries full of people are encouraged to work towards a common goal, and are encouraged to find allies in other nations, while engaging in “friendly” competition with other nations through war. Unlike many online games, eRepublik has things to teach us, not only about our world, but about ourselves.

While the game is intended for maximum enjoyment, we can begin to grasp the way the real world works, and our place in it. To be successful, one must rely not only upon their knowledge of politics, strategy, and diplomacy, but they must know how to apply it, as well; that is, one must have wisdom. To be successful, our ultimate goal must be to learn how to bring something unique to the table, but must be able to apply that in a group setting. We must all learn to cooperate with each other. True success in eRepublik is entirely dependent on how well we work with others, and how we construct long-lasting relationships, based upon trust and mutual understanding. We must learn how best to relate to our fellow man. Ironically, individual success comes from simply realizing that, as individuals, we cannot “do it all”.

I encourage you to begin building these bridges with those around you. Start creating a close social network, and find a way to apply your talents in a group setting. Join a political party; bring your productivity to a company in need; help new players to get along in the world, or seek out someone with experience if you are a new player.

The bottom line is, learn to work together to build a better tomorrow for eRepublik. Alone, it’s hard to change the world; together, we can move mountains. Shake this world to its foundation. Reach out to everyone you can, whether your countrymen, or your allies, or even your enemies; it’s a fact that, in this world, nothing is impossible if there are enough people willing to try. Don’t let borders get in the way of this reality, because remember: truth takes no sides."

Article by Cody Franklin
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