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[Canadian Prosperity] Petty Politics Equal Higher Taxes

Day 2,158, 16:28 Published in Canada Canada by DMV3

On October 8th I proposed the following deal to Congress in hope of helpping generate economic growth and reduce the tax burden our player experience:

"Keep taxes at 2% until the 20th to see what kind of daily revenue the 2% rate brings in over the next two weeks, at that time I will donate the difference between what is generated at 2% and what is generated at 1% for a two month period. In return for that donation Congress will reduce taxes to 1% across the board and in return I will continue to donate what would be generated every 25th of the month as long as the rate is kept at 1%."

Congress in it's short-sighted "wisdom" rejected this offer. The following a is a breakdown of how Congress voted:

The following members voted NO
Randall Flagg 1999
Bryan Alexander

The following members voted YES
Exalted Druid

The following members voted NO
Sally Willis
Lord Beorn

The following members voted YES

The following members voted NO
Mr. A Smith
Ardikus V2

The following members voted YES
Rolo Tahmasee
Connor MacLeod

The following members voted NO

The following members voted YES
Punisher 1389

The following are quotes from some of those opposed to this offer:

Congressman Foxfire "The money isn't worth increasing the membership and population of the DMV PTO initiative. Plus this style of play contributed to DMV getting run out of government on the rails. It wasn't welcome then and isn't welcome now."

President Addy Lawrence "I have issues with citizens dictating policy with payments to the government. This goes for parties as well."

"If we sell out and accept DMV's offer, we will create a dependency on DMV to maintain viability. I would rather maintain the integrity and autonomy of government than to become DMV's b***h.

We take exception to parties who buy MU's on behalf of the government, and for good reason, we should also take exception to individuals who do very similar things."

"If this is accepted, I will immediately propose a motion to donate all of the gold in congress to me and I will split it with the congressmen if it passes."

There were two debates on this issue the first on before it was proposed by a Congressman is here, the second one which is the official Congressional debate is located here.

Many of the comments made were in the manner of serious debate on the subject, but both Foxfire and Addy Lawrence made comments that hijacked an honest debate and turned it into petty politics at the expense of the Canadian taxpayer.

Author's Note: I'm publishing this article because I believe a huge disservice has been done to the Canadian taxpayer on behalf of their elected officials. I would encourage voters to contact those that serve them and have them explain why they think they are entitled to your money.


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Valiant Thor
Valiant Thor Day 2,158, 16:51

I see a storm on the horizon.

Micevhel Day 2,158, 17:02

Wow so much truth in your article DMV I can't believe Addy would Hijack a thread with his legitimate concerns about citizens dictating government policy I can't believe he would do that. Your articles amuse me because you have an astonishing skill at twisting words hell I could say I like puppies and you would find a way to make people turn on me because I hate cats.

DMV3 Day 2,158, 17:04

My issue with his first quote is that he let's CPF buy a MU for the government, it's hypocrisy plain and simple.

Micevhel Day 2,158, 17:20

Can you give me a reference link I cannot find the said quote but I do remeber Addy saying on page three of the formal debate "I do not openly accept and approve the CPF providing funding for the MU. Where do you note that I make this claim? I gave authority to the MoD and his deputies to procure an MU for CCD compliance but they did not review with me the plan to have CPF fund this. I specifically mentioned "parties" in my address to Congress because I do not approve of what CPF has done. It is a parlour trick of partisanship and it breeds resentment between parties." Not really hypocrisy just a not well handled or responded situation on Addy's part.

Addy Lawrence
Addy Lawrence Day 2,158, 22:44

The Ministry of Defence was authorized by me to find an MU. It was my fault that i did not clarify how it would be paid. I assumed that it would come from treasury, the Ministry took it upon themselves to fundraise for it.

My bad for not making it clear. I didn't approve of what they did, what I was ultimately responsible for.

Muglack Day 2,158, 19:28

This "dictating policy" concern is garbage. He made an offer, and it was turned down. If we had accepted the offer and a week from now decided it no longer suited our purpose we could of cancelled the deal.

There is no "dictating of policy". He offered to pay the difference between 1% and 2% for as long as we were going to have a 2% tax rate. At any point we could decide to raise it and the deal would conclude. He wasn't tying Congress's hands, and he wasn't forcing them to keep taxes at a certain level.

The complete lack of logic required to develop and then defend some of these arguments completely baffles me.

These are the same people that were against anonymous donations because, and I quote, "With an anonymous donation you don't know what people are trying to buy."

Micevhel Day 2,158, 20:04

You can say hes not dictating policy and that's fine but it is influencing you could argue dictating may have been to strong of a word but he is still influencing the government/congress with is money. And I just want to make sure that was a typo when you said "as long as we were going to have 2% tax rate" we were suppose to keep it at 1% correct? I'll assume it was a typo.

Muglack Day 2,158, 20:07

It absolutely was not a typo.

He offered to subsidize the taxes. Meaning we could keep the actual tax rate at 1%, but the effective tax rate (with his subsidy) would be 2%.

As long as we were fine with that 2% rate, he would keep the money coming in.

If we decided that an effective 2% rate was no longer sufficient he would stop the subsidy and we could raise it to whatever we wanted.

Bryan Alexander
Bryan Alexander Day 2,158, 17:38

The difference between 1% and 2% to the average player is not a "burden", it is hardly noticeable in the day to day activities of most players. However, it does provide considerable more income to the government which allows us to buy the MPPs that we need, as well as start up initiatives like the Civil Defense MU (which puts money back into the pockets of the citizens)

Being reliant on one person to pay the tax disparity is not a long lasting solution.Are you going to pay our bills forever?
Furthermore, I really don't see how 2% taxes could provide any more/less growth than 1%. We're not talking of a 1% to 10% jump here.

DMV3 Day 2,158, 17:42

You're telling me paying twice as much in taxes for a new player isn't a burden? You're kidding me right?

Bryan Alexander
Bryan Alexander Day 2,158, 17:42

Twice as much of nothing, is still nothing.

DMV3 Day 2,158, 17:44

1% isn't exactly nothing, but it's easy for someone who has been long established to think it is.

Bryan Alexander
Bryan Alexander Day 2,158, 17:45

My slave pit wages would be enough to pay for running companies once, which would make enough CC to run them almost indefinitely.

Get non-pit wages and you have no issues at all.
I only pay like 10cc a day; I don't make a ton of money, but I have never had an issue.

DMV3 Day 2,158, 17:54

If a player is not working in slave pit they're also not receiving weapons from an MU, so you're telling them to choose between running their companies and helping their MU and gaining more supplies.

Bryan Alexander
Bryan Alexander Day 2,158, 18:03

Right now you can get a job market job that pays 20 CAD / day.

That is more than enough to allow anyone to run all the companies they may have.
Yes, 1% to 2% is double taxes, but if the difference is paying 1 CAD in tax or 2 CAD in tax then its essentially no difference.

DMV3 Day 2,158, 18:04

Unless they're working in a slave pit in which case it's a huge difference, and if you suggest working for market wages is better than communing you're daft.

Ardikus V2
Ardikus V2 Day 2,158, 19:18

Again with personal attacks in your arguments DMV. Have you ever had a debate you've participated in without insulting all the people who don't think like you?

Micevhel Day 2,158, 20:06

If you resort to insults while trying to get your point across you no longer have my attention nor support. Obvious exceptions being the damn Spaniards and what not.

xy2set Day 2,159, 23:27

1% is a lot tbh. As a business person, I count pennies. I purchase over 100,000 units of WRM at 0.05. A 1% tax difference is $50 for whoever I am buying from. We get paid around 21cc a day for working. That's a difference of two player's daily salary.

... thus, why I might as well buy from a market that could use the $50

And if you say $50 is nothing, then please, donate me $50 daily. Thanks!

Aries Prime
Aries Prime Day 2,158, 18:51

I don't see the problem with the offer?

Oh well.

Lance Lucky
Lance Lucky Day 2,158, 19:47

You left my decision out 🙁

DMV3 Day 2,158, 20:07

You abstained

Lance Lucky
Lance Lucky Day 2,158, 20:29


the grinch Day 2,158, 21:34

Comment deleted

the grinch
the grinch Day 2,158, 21:34

Weird. I would have taken the money and run as Muglack explains it. It isn't like we could be blackmailed or anything. Congress can raise the rate at anytime? Free money? Congress, you are nuts LOL.

What it might do is give him an advantage during election time.

Addy Lawrence
Addy Lawrence Day 2,158, 22:42

Ironically, someone suggested that and I disagreed with that course of action because it lacks integrity. I'd rather say no to DMV3 and stand up for my principles than to make him believe I supported his idea, took his money, and then switched things back.

DMV3 is a good salt and deserves the straight goods, not a deception.

I disagreed with him, I still respect him.

Foxfire Day 2,158, 22:26

Never Rub Another Man's Rhubarb.

Addy Lawrence
Addy Lawrence Day 2,158, 22:42

If it had passed, I would have vetoed it.

crisfire Day 2,158, 23:28

missed opportunity though I still dont believe 1% or 2% makes much difference if your trying to move from somewhere that has a 10% tax rate

Sal T. Balls
Sal T. Balls Day 2,159, 02:08

I was payed 19.8 CAD and now I'm receiving 19.6 CAD



J.Canuck Day 2,159, 07:15

Is a politicians first priority public service/benefit or preservation of their own power and influence?

DMV3 Day 2,159, 08:10

That would depend on the politician.

Sal T. Balls
Sal T. Balls Day 2,159, 13:04

that's a surprisingly complicated question, since it's their job to attain consensus and they need some sort of influential control to do it

Armour144 Day 2,159, 09:49

I'm not seeing the downside to accepting this. Its not like agreeing to it prevents the government from ever raising the tax rate if they feel the need to.

Guagature Day 2,159, 19:34

"If this is accepted, I will immediately propose a motion to donate all of the gold in congress to me and I will split it with the congressmen if it passes."

I have issues with CP's going rogue and using citizens money for their own personal gains.

Never again will I ever give this wanker support for anything

Addy Lawrence
Addy Lawrence Day 2,159, 19:38

It proved my point

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