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[C4] Welcome to Erepublik, USA

Day 2,060, 21:37 Published in USA USA by Dauntless2000

Welcome to the eUnited States.

We here at The Cannon Cockers, or C4 for short, are happy that you joined our great nation. I know it looks a little daunting, but with some good first steps you will find yourself having a great time with the rest of the community. To help you along the way The Press Corps will give some helpful advice to make sure your first steps into the game are ones that will help lead you to greatness.

1. Join Up and Find some Friends.

A great first step is finding a group or groups to join. I would first suggest a military unit for everyone. A military unit will have some great things to help you. First of all, a military unit will give you supply help. Some will have you join a commune job before you can receive supplies. All it means is you have to take a job with certain members of the unit. You will not earn much money, but you are payed with weapons or weapons and food. Second they will give you a focus, you can now have a daily order that will help our nation and will give you the ability to collect Bazooka parts and energy bars as well. There are also political parties as well to join up with and they have their own military units like the Fed’s S.H.I.E.L.D, the AMP’s SWAT, and USWP’s Zombie Defense Force. The US government also has official military forces as well like the Air Force. C4 is an Independent Militia, we have only a sworn duty to protect the US, but we are not controlled by any political faction or the government in where we fight. Many young Americans join units like C4 because we accept you with open arms and do not force you to do something you are not comfortable with doing like joining a political party if you do not want to be a part of the political system. Joining groups will help you meet vets of the game and help you on your first steps. It will be good to develop relations with people in your groups so you can have the help and advice when you need it.

2. Start getting stronger

Strength is power and will make you more able to defeat you, and your country’s, enemies. Make sure you go to the free training center every day and workout, 10 energy for 5 points of strength is a worthwhile trade for your growth in the game. Gaining strength will mean more damage you can deal on the battlefield. You also gain five gold every time you gain 250 points of strength and earn the Super Soldier medal. So hit the gym soldier and get payed for doing so.

3. Check to see if you can get support

There are a number of different programs done by the government, political parties, and military units that are out there to help you get the supplies to keep you in the fight. Government programs like Meals on Wheels, Tank Up to Rank Up. Political parties have things like USWP’s BR4iNs F0r z0MBi3s , and WTP’s Feed the World are out there to help as well but will give more help to party members. Check to see if you qualify for any support programs and make sure you fill out the forms to get it. It’s no use for you to complain about the lack of supplies, when all you have to do to get it is a little paperwork. We will provide some links to things at the end to help you find support.

4.Read and learn.

There is a large amount of newspapers out there to help you and make sure you become a better and stronger player. Look to the light bulb section for papers and articles made to support your learning I will also say to look for the Department of Education, The White House Press Report, The Department of Defense, and US-AIM’s battle order newspaper for a good set of papers to subscribe to and stay sub to as well. I will also recommend subbing the current president’s paper as well. You need to stay informed about what is going on with the country. Some links to some papers that you should sub for your continued growth will be at the end

5. Be careful of the AFA.

I need to warn you now that there is a group in our midst. They say they are patriots trying to restore our country. I have to tell you this now, they are liars. The AFA, or American Freedom Alliance is a party that says it is about helping our country but it is not about that at all. If you look at the congressional records, they have worked to destroy communes by raising the minimum wage, rouge natural enemy and presidential impeachment proposals to make it hard for the government to help our people in battle and disrupt the congressional process, and tax changes to try and bankrupt the nation and make it hard to support its national military and citizen support programs. Also to let you know most government and political party support will decline your request for aid because you are a member of the AFA, you have been warned.

*EDIT* The AFA was recently taken over by Derphoof, they have created a new party called America do it right o7 at this time. Same thing applies.

6. Take it slowly .

I know it is a hard thing to do, but you need to not level up fast. Take your time so you can gather your strength so you can deliver more damage in the long run, you also have a better chance of getting a Battle Hero Medal for delivering the most damage for your division during a battle so you can have more gold. You should only fight to complete your daily order and that is it. You need to slow down now so later on you can be like Genie in Aladdin and have

Phenomenal Cosmic Power!

7. Upgrade at the correct time and Watch your Gold

Now let’s look at gold. Gold is the special currency of the game and the Devs would love for you to spend a large amount of real life cash for it. I want to let you know, you don’t have to. Working for thirty days in a row, gain 250 strenght and many other achievements will give you gold as well. You will need to save the gold. Stay away from medical kits, they are a money sink. Energy bars and bazooka are as well since they can be collected by doing your Daily Order. The best move is to wait for sales when you can buy building upgrades and more buildings, why spend more for things when you don’t have to. The main priority is to use the gold you collect on your training centers, the free one first followed quickly by the climbing center.The higher the training center, the more strength you gain, and the faster you can gain super soldier medals and five gold. If you want to also spend gold on factories, don’t waste gold on upgrading factories unless you are becoming a commune for your unit. Gold should not be thrown around without thinking about the potential wealth you can use it on. To help you understand, I spent two gold for my newspaper. That two gold would have helped me maybe gain a training center upgrade faster, but the paper opened up the change of gaining a media mogul medal and five gold. Give two gold, for a chance to gain it back with an extra three, I chance I will take. It also gave me a way to voice my opinions and ideas as well.

8. Save in Peace, Sell for War

This seems to be a easy thing to understand, but is hard to do. Save your weapons for war, not to use, but to sell. During a war people will need weapons, and by saving weapons you will collect a large amount of CC (country currency) that can be used for your own supply needs or to travel for battles during the war. Knowing when to buy and when to sell is important.

9. Use other communication items.

There are other tools that player use for this game as well, now you don’t have to use all of them but they are helpful. First is the eUSA forum where our government does work at and also where the major political parties are as well. If you want to be in politics, it is a good idea to create a profile there and work to get noticed. There are IRC or Internet Relay Chat for instant communication with other members of the community. When you see # with something behind it is an IRC room for you to use for information. The most know is #voting which is used for instant voting results in elections. As stated you don’t need to use them, but they are a big help in your growth as a player. Look to the links at the end of the article for a guide and slide show on IRCs and a link to the eUSA forum.

10. Most importantly, don’t be afraid to ask for help.

There is a large amount of people in the community that want to see you succeed and become a long-term member as well. If you have problems, take the time to ask for help. Ask someone like your in-game friends, your political leaders or military commanders. The only dumb question, is one that is never asked. If you need help, reach out to the community and someone will be happy to help. There is also mentoring program run by the DoE that can be very helpful to you as well.

Once again, the C4 Press Corps welcomes you to our fair lands and hope to see you on the battlefield. With this advice at hand, you are going to be able to have a great time and be able to do great things. Have fun and enjoy your stay.

If you need more advice on your beginning steps in the game , check the latest article from the DoE,

Useful Links for new player

Government Support programs-
Meals on Wheels Link (must be level 25 and under)

Tank Up to Rank Up (levels 20 to 29)

Tanks For Tots (level 29 and below):

Political Parties Support Programs, They will give you food, but will give you more food and/or Q6 tanks if you are a member of the party

We The People’s Feed the World Program:

American Military Party’s Supplies for War Program:

USWP’s BR4iNs F0r z0MBi3s Program (You need to be registered at the eUSA Forums to access):

Feds’ A Helping Hand (need to be registered at the Fed’s forum to access) :

C4's Never Go Hungry Program (Must be a uniformed member of C4)


Department of Education:

White House Press Report:

Department of Defense Orders:

US-AIM’s Battle Orders:

The current CP’s Paper (Paul Proteus):

Helpful Information-
A guide to IRC:

A slide show on the Basics to IRC:

The Basics of Erepublik:

The Department of Education Mentor Program Article:

eUSA Forum:

Keep informed about C4 by subscribing to The C4 Press Corps Papers
Haselrig’s The C4 Standard-Bearer:
AtomicGerbal’s The Ham Sandwich:
Neron Trocki’s Cannon Cocker Chronicles:
ArtSBobo’s Cannon News:
HEARMERWAR’s The Frontline News:
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TimbusReven Day 2,060, 21:52

O7 great stuff FIRST IN

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Bia Pandora Day 2,060, 22:49

c4 ♥

Dauntless2000 Day 2,060, 23:00

Thank you Bia

Haselrig Day 2,061, 02:54

Wow, awesome article Dauntless. Well done.

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Wild Owl
Wild Owl Day 2,061, 04:07

You are an awesome writer, and C4 is a terrific MU.

Voted hard. o7

Dogpyle Day 2,061, 07:29

This is just crazy awesome.

I'll say it again: F**king crazy awesome. I'm blown away, D.

Voted, and then some.

PaBravoYo Day 2,061, 14:20

Wow, great article n_n

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great article!

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Good article

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Nice article!

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