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[C4] Links Cheat Sheet

Day 2,121, 13:50 Published in USA USA by Haselrig

➞ Cockers, I thought I’d provide you with a all-in-one-place, link cheat-sheet for easy reference.

✗ C4’s Moving Cost program -
✗ Never Go Hungry Program -
✗ C4 Commune Supply Form -
✗ Rocket Part Program -
✗ C4 WRM Donation Form -
✗ C4 FRM Donation Form -
✗ Captain Application -

► Government Programs:

✗ American university Mentor Program -
✗ Meals on Wheels -
✗ Bank Up 2 Strength Up -

For quick reference, here’s a master link which has all of the aforementioned links plus a few more:

Special thanks to C4’s “Linkmaster General” Cpl. Tristan C, o7

✍ Haselrig
Commanding Officer, C4



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