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[C4] Getting Started in C4

Day 1,950, 03:35 Published in USA USA by Haselrig

Here's some general info about C4 and a bit about how to join the commune and get started in The Cannon Cockers.

First, a short guide to getting started in The Cannon Cockers:

➀ - Request a uniform:

➁ - Find a C4 Commune job. Find hazelh or adrjo in the $1.08 section of the job market.

➂ - Work five out of every seven days.

➃ - Request daily supplies on days you’ve worked:

➄ - When filling out the above form, a player's official kills can be found on the Military Unit homepage under Community. Under the avatars of the MU regiment, choose See All. The number appearing next to the players name, under the Last Day Fights column is the confirmed kill number. The player's regiment appears at the top of the page, in the drop-down.

➅ - Kill 25 enemies to complete your Daily Order. For completing the DO, you will receive 5 bazooka parts and 1 energy bar.

Supplies are as follows:
A choice between 12 Q6 weapons or 9 Q6 weapons + 70 q5 food

Now, the info:

After the end of government funding (OMS), C4 will now be classified as an independent, democratically-run, private Military Unit (MU) whose primary allegiance is to the interests of eUSA and her allies. Our Daily Orders will most often reflect those interests.

C4 Organization:

✠ Commanding Officer (CO): Haselrig
✠ Honorary Commanding Officer (CO): Neron Trocki
✠ Executive Officer (XO): Andrew Cameron
✠ Executive Officer (XO): ArtSBobo
✠ Captain, 1st Regiment: DylanBAS
✠ Captain, 2nd Regiment: AtomicGerbal
✠ Captain, 3rd Regiment: Sam Patriot
✠ Captain, 4th Regiment: ArtSBobo
✠ Captain, 5th Regiment: Xavier3
✠ Captain, 6th Regiment: Alastor DoUrden
✠ Head of Recruiting: HEARMERAWR
✠ Head of the C4 Mentor Program: ArtSBobo
✠ Head of the JOC: Alastor DoUrden
✠ Uniform Specialist: Ax3lax
✠ Commune Owners: adrjo, chazp & hazelh
✠ Quartermasters: Neron Trocki, Xavier3 (GQM) & darksaurabh
✍ Official C4 News: C4 Standard-Bearer & Cannon Cocking Chronicles & Cannon News & Spirit of Fire: Logs

C4 Operation: Rules, Policy, and Procedures

✪ Be polite to your fellow members
✪ Obey your Regiment Captain
✪ Attempt to fulfill your daily orders first before doing any independent damage
✪ Do not use the C4 Shout Feed for a political tool (either RL or eRep) (example: Vote "Joe Blow for Congress in New Mexico")
✪ Don't snipe a Battle Hero (BH) Medal from a fellow C4 soldier UNLESS the battle is close and the damage may put the US back over the wall
✪ All C4 commune workers must work in an C4 commune prior to requesting supplies on the day of the request.

Resources for C4 Players:

✔ C4 Forum:
✔ The Never Go Hungry Program:
✔ The Mentor Program Article Link
✔ Junior Officer Corps (JOC) Link
✔ Meals on Wheels (eUS Government Program)(under lvl 25):
✔ Tank Up 2 Rank Up (eUS Government Program)(lvl 25 to 29):

Above all, C4 is a community. Our main tenets are offering respect and support to each other and having fun at the expense of none.

If you have any questions, don't be afraid to ask any of the officers named above. That's what we're here for.

We are C4.


✍ Haselrig
Commanding Officer, C4



Haselrig Day 1,950, 03:38

We are C4, o7

Neron Trocki
Neron Trocki Day 1,950, 06:21

"Infantry win firefights, tanks win battles, artillery wins wars" o7

PeVall Day 1,950, 06:23

Voted, C4 is an awesome MU

Haselrig Day 1,950, 06:28

Thanks Torrin.

Sam Patriot
Sam Patriot Day 1,950, 06:40


BugsBunnyz Day 1,950, 07:04


Bia Pandora
Bia Pandora Day 1,950, 07:37

C4 is sexy.

Haselrig Day 1,950, 14:21

I gotta write more articles. lol

hazelh Day 1,950, 07:54


GREEDY WEED Day 1,950, 13:14


adrjo Day 1,950, 14:24


Hale26 Day 1,950, 15:43


ligtreb Day 1,950, 16:32

Way to go C4

Drew Blood
Drew Blood Day 1,950, 17:02


Gnilraps Day 1,950, 17:16

Good looking media.

Haselrig Day 1,950, 17:19

Thank you, I appreciate that.

chazp Day 1,951, 00:11


Malpazar Day 1,951, 09:56

Good paper Haselrig

Haselrig Day 1,951, 10:08

Thanks Malpazar.

Pontifex Ward
Pontifex Ward Day 1,963, 20:06

Great article!

*Newbie Approved sticker*

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