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[BS] Apology from Brazil

Day 1,930, 19:07 Published in Brazil Brazil by Dio Vigon

Hello, Indonesia!

As a brazilian citizen, I’m writing on the behalf of the brazilian people. We are aware of all the communication problems between the brazilian government and Indonesia/CoT this month. Despite our success on the battlefield, erasing Argentina and it’s allies, our government promised some things it could not guarantee, causing a huge missunderstanding between our countries.

Few days ago I wrote this article, because me and the brazilian people needed some answers that our government is not giving us. From them, all we got after that was the same silence and no resolution at all.

Brazil and Indonesia are now allies again, after a long time apart and, despite the problems from the past, it’s time to build a new relation between our countries and this can only be achieved if we start with tiny steps first.

On the behalf of my people, I hope you guys can apologize the communication problems that caused all this confusion. It was no tour goal, as a country, to make an ally waste time and effort on a non-approved plan and you should not be penalized by our internal problems.

We hope this gesture can be a way to improve our relation and avoid bigger problems in the future. Hope you guys can understand that brazilians are a people you can trust, despite any problem a few might caused this month. We would be glad if, as a gesture of your good will, we can stop wasting our efforts and your efforts in useless battles in Eastern Cape and keep looking forward, for new goals together, when we retain the possession of it.

Once again, we are sorry for the problems a few players might caused this month in our relations and we hope this can all be in the past soon.

Best regards,
the brazilian Black Sheep.

In Omnia Paratus"

Resposta do CP indonésio aqui


TemujinBC Day 1,930, 19:15

We are not Allies. You have offended the honor of Taman Lawang and the Glorious Mahomax of Pantatku.

You will be punished. This outrage will not be forgotten.

Prepare yourself.

Hugs and Kisses,


Pura Pura Nubi
Pura Pura Nubi Day 1,930, 19:18

Taman Lawang 😑"
place to save maholand 😑"

Gulitiwi Day 1,930, 19:19

NE Indonesia

~Chain shout~

Hugs and kisses


Sang Jahus Jarzani
Sang Jahus Jarzani Day 1,931, 02:49

Yeah, I wait you NE Indonesia Bra.

Excelsior.HMA Day 1,930, 19:22

Go go go.

The Son of War
The Son of War Day 1,930, 19:24

Brazil Forever alone/Sempre sozinho! [ES][EN]

Dio Vigon
Dio Vigon Day 1,930, 19:25

Colombia is not alone, they have EDEN...

oh wait...

The Son of War
The Son of War Day 1,930, 19:28


Dio Vigon
Dio Vigon Day 1,930, 19:24


don't even know who those are. Enlight me, bro =3

TemujinBC Day 1,930, 19:26

Taman Lawang is the glory of all Indonesia. You must respect her, for she is a sexy chick... with a sexy stick... and she will turn a sexy trick \o/

Vigoroth Punk
Vigoroth Punk Day 1,930, 19:27

taman lawang is best place for mahoman

Kucing Imut
Kucing Imut Day 1,930, 19:39

just google it >> Taman Lawang

maybe temucin will invite you there someday if you are a good boy : 3

Dark Panzer
Dark Panzer Day 1,930, 21:01

ok, my nipples are erected now.

LieChenZhou Day 1,930, 22:32


angky Day 1,931, 00:10

and the PENGKOLAN WARIA ALSO temucin, let say can i with my CV. WARIA COBRA can open our new Branch on Rio Grande ??

Sang Jahus Jarzani
Sang Jahus Jarzani Day 1,931, 02:54

Baca nih BACA, gov Bra gada niatan minta maaf sbg 'teman'

pacifyer Day 1,931, 09:43

Brazilian CP candidate calling to fight AGAINST Indo:

mysweetybun Day 1,931, 21:50

orang2 bh ini pakai bahasa bh mereka sendiri..
kenapa kalian sebagai org indonesia pakai bahasa inggris?
mana nasionalisme?

Si Deso
Si Deso Day 1,932, 02:11

wkwkwk si Bra ayo bakar !!

Olorum Day 1,930, 19:17


Gulitiwi Day 1,930, 19:18


dinossauro Day 1,930, 19:19


Satria Pandawa
Satria Pandawa Day 1,931, 00:32

where is Toboco?? 120 M demeg for nothing...

Dio Vigon Day 1,930, 19:26

Comment deleted

nW0lf Day 1,930, 19:19


Marko Aberst
Marko Aberst Day 1,930, 19:19

O governo brasileiro fez um péssimo trabalho em assuntos externos.

kaya666 Day 1,930, 19:21

Se les fruncio el ojete papa...que pacho..... Aguante Indonesia
Hail Indonesia

Excelsior.HMA Day 1,930, 19:22

En mi barrio esto se llama miedo.

Isseei Day 1,930, 19:23

A ovelha que sempre conserta os erros do SPARTA e aliados (vide o TO e esse governo fail)...

Você é uma ovelha negra,não? Ou é só tingida?

rco Day 1,930, 19:23

KKK artigo falso demais, mas ok.

rco Day 1,930, 19:27

Artigo de resposta mais falso ainda.

The Son of War
The Son of War Day 1,930, 19:23

Spain >> Brasil

Indonesia >> Brasil

Cua >> Brasil

Brazil Forever alone/Sempre sozinho! [ES][EN]

GadjahMadaa Day 1,930, 19:24

Sometimes butt can accomplish what words and swords cannot.. xD

Vigoroth Punk
Vigoroth Punk Day 1,930, 19:25

apology accepted *eh

Diablo Anse Hatfield
Diablo Anse Hatfield Day 1,930, 19:27

jajaja Se dieron cuenta que por las malas no podían liberar CE y les toco arrodillarse y pedir disculpas jajajajajajaja


Kucing Imut
Kucing Imut Day 1,930, 19:28

Aww it's over? now we are like BFF again?

oh well.. at least we have some fun 😃

Dio Vigon
Dio Vigon Day 1,930, 19:38

If our gov doesn't apologizes, someone should. 🙂

si petung
si petung Day 1,931, 02:31

so, brazillian gov wont apologize after all this time. we waited calmly for them to give us a way via sa and then ur president said ok with cot hq as witness. we declared ne to sa, take ec, and u did what u did in ur last article. we asked ur president and mofa for explanation, they say nothing. the worst part is u guys open 4 rw, cost us a lot.

and no apologize at all? not even a word as a 'friend'? after our president show that kind sincerity? are those 3 guys (pres, mofa, mod) even men? even if they don't, at least please act like a man. what they did are stupid enough, just dont make us remember them as 'sissies' too. -_-a

Bos Ucok
Bos Ucok Day 1,931, 08:10

so what you're saying is that the gov might not apologise and they might take a different action from what you're saying?

CptKaydee Day 1,930, 19:29

I thought the [BS] tag was another way to say bullshit...

"Bullshit Apology from Brazil" should be the actual name.

TemujinBC Day 1,930, 19:37


AlexFran Day 1,930, 19:30


Bill The Kid Timmons
Bill The Kid Timmons Day 1,930, 19:31

hahahahhaa what a pussy! Grow some balls! this guy is failer than big fail

si petung
si petung Day 1,930, 19:33

ur president was idiot, ur congress and people were ignorant.

but sorry is sorry, we'll give you back ec (

we indonesian just need cow.. a lot of cow, we don't need deer.. nyahahah

Itelat Day 1,930, 19:53

kalimat terakhir aannnnnnyyyyyyyiiiiiiinnnnnnnn XD
ini dia act sebagai people gan

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