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[Boomers] Onward and Upward

Day 1,825, 01:40 Published in Canada Canada by Homer J Simpson

Boomers Academy has now supplied over 100,000 health in food and 2,000 tanks to new members as well as donating gold to help with upgrades during promotions.

We have seen two of our members promoted to leadership roles within the MU. Zappie is doing a great job as Boomers' 2IC and Hecksome has moved up after being elected Captain of the 1st regiment.

Also, Timmy13 has graduated and elected to join the Crimson Canucks. I look forward to seeing him progress.

In other news, Ardikus V2 has come on board to help run things. I have worked along side Ardikus for a long time now at Crimson and I know he will be a great asset to Boomers.

The members of Boomers Academy need some friends so share the love and send some friend requests today.



DJ Swirvia

Angelo Bonsi

Jason Bolduc




Isaac Rose

Capt Velvet

UIS Markosoft

Would you like to help but not sure how? It's easy.

- Volunteer to mentor new players. Mentors aren't required to leave their current MU, just be available to answer questions and guide a new player through their early weeks in the game.

- Join the leadership team and help run the MU

- Donate food and/or tanks. Donations can be made to Homer J Simpson, Zappie or to Ardikus V2

I'd like to thank all of our mentors for their continued support. We have had some new mentors volunteer and I hope to have new players for them to guide soon, with our link being included in the welcome message we should hopefully be able to catch more people before they slip through the cracks.

Boomers Mentors
Mihai Hilly
Prophet of Mitos
Cypher Rahl
Mary Chan
Mazin Abdallah
Lord Beorn (new)
TheBurningMan (new)
Armour144 (new)
Oinyo (new)

I'd also like to thank those who continue to support us with donations. Everything is very much appreciated. Sabzii and KronosQ have recently joined the long list.



Mary Chan
Mary Chan Day 1,825, 05:53


Plugson Day 1,825, 07:03

Looks great

TheBurningMan Day 1,825, 08:29

Awesome Possum

Ardikus V2
Ardikus V2 Day 1,825, 13:57

Woo o7

TemujinBC Day 1,825, 14:57

Top Sexy

Leo Balzac
Leo Balzac Day 1,825, 20:36

keep it up!

Vrykolaus Drauvik
Vrykolaus Drauvik Day 1,826, 14:06

Excellent work.

Oinyo Day 1,826, 18:12

great work from a great group 🙂 Voted!

Lord Beorn
Lord Beorn Day 1,826, 19:18

are thing slow at the academy? I have yet to receive my first pupil

Homer J Simpson
Homer J Simpson Day 1,826, 19:34

It's been slow and steady getting people by pm. Once we are included in the welcome message things should pick up

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