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[BOOM] Minister of Culture and Education

Day 1,935, 01:18 Published in Philippines Philippines by Boy Pick Up


For the second time, I am appointed as the Minister of Education. I think we could handle this position one more time as we had done it before. I will just state here my goals for this term.


1. Tutorial Articles
Former Education Minister Al Raposas created a set of tutorials for the newbies of the Philippines. I'll try to also create those, about twice a week. This is what the new citizens need.

2. Spreading Philippine Culture
We need to become more active in spreading the Philippines to the World. We need to create a set of culture articles reminding us how it is really More Fun in the Philippines.

3. Activity Boost
Boredom might win again and we should stop it. Creating spam I guess would be good. Just anything we could make more activity here.

Positions for Vice Ministers and Culture Team are available. Send me a message if you want to join.

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Boy Pick Up
Grand Duke of Visayas
Minister of Culture and Education
LAKAN-KBP Spokesman
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kmm225 Day 1,935, 08:29

Maybe baby boom will be nice 🙂

Vincenzo Roque
Vincenzo Roque Day 1,935, 17:36

For tutorials,
For baby boom, I think what you would really need is a very creative person

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