[BOOM] International Promotion Wanted

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The Philippine Basketball Association has been here for quite some time by now and we need promoters from all over the World. In this way, we can promote the league faster into other countries and have more teams. And having more teams means having more fun!

We have to promote the league for the worldwide participation of players. The Philippine Basketball Association is willing to pay 200cc or more for promotional articles to be released around the world.

The following countries have already promoted the league in their nation:
1. Malaysia (Leo Syahmessi)

The article must contain the following:
- What is the PBA?
- PBA Key Figures
- PBA Discussion Area
- Sign-Up Form
- PBA Wiki Page

You may refer to this article.

For discussions about the Philippine Basketball Association, you can go to the forums by clicking here.

For the Philippine Basketball Association's Wiki Page, go here.

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