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[BOOM] Boy Pick Up For KMP President

Day 1,789, 03:43 Published in Philippines Philippines by Boy Pick Up

Greetings ePhilippines! Tonight I present to you my article in running for Party President in Kilusan ng Makabayang Pilipino. This article will explain to you on why you should vote for me.


1. Achievements
2. Plans
3. Staff
4. Final Words


> Current
-Vice Minister of Internal Affairs
-2nd Commander of PINOY MOBSTERS

> Former
-41st Congress Member
-Vice Minister of Home Affairs
-Assistant People's Commissariat for Military Affairs
-Philippine Ambassador to Russia
-Philippine Ambassador to Western Europe


1. Propaganda: I'll be creating a whole Media Branch for KMP, just like what RSP does. This branch will help us in recruitment for members.
2. Party Activity: I think that other parties are already outshining the KMP. My goal here is for the KMP to be the most active party in ePhilippines. From the Congress to Presidency and Cabinet Members, The KMP should be always active.


KMP President: Boy Pick Up
Vice President: Vincenzo Roque
Secretary-General: kadayao
Councillor: Revilo X
Spokesperson: Lacon Yan
Media and Propaganda Executive: Prince Terence II
Media and Propaganda Team: kb1992, rosmant-0, Nikko 33, BasilanWhiteDevil

Final Words

Remember on the 15th, vote for Boy Pick-Up in Kilusan ng Makabayang Pilipino!

Vote and Subscribe.

Boy Pick-Up
Vice Minister of Internal Affairs
2nd Commander of PINOY MOBSTERS


Kosingas01 Day 1,789, 04:11


kadayao Day 1,789, 10:05

eh? I didn't know that... hmmm... Nice article. 🙂

Vincenzo Roque
Vincenzo Roque Day 1,789, 17:00

Don't worry kadayao. I didn't know too

purge0809 Day 1,789, 22:39


*my first comment in decades.

kmm225 Day 1,789, 23:33

KMP 07

BasilanWhiteDevil Day 1,790, 00:13

how cute can i run for PP too?

Vincenzo Roque
Vincenzo Roque Day 1,790, 01:52

Go to the party page then click run for party president. 😃 But beware, a lot are competing for that position

Destroyer S87
Destroyer S87 Day 1,790, 09:51

Good luck.


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