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[Boh] Congress Update 5

Day 1,878, 22:18 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by Bohemond4

Today is my latest report. As I have not reported on the ingame votes for the past 5 days, there are several to discuss. So, bear with me!

First of all, I would like to announce my entering the ambassador program for this month as the ambassador to Ireland, our close neighbors who we have recently closed a TW with.

The first law up for voting was an MPP with Latvia. I voted yes to this for the reason being our alliance with the Baltic nations alliance, including Estonia and Lithuania. This vote passed with 30 votes to 4, a total of 34 votes were cast.

Peace with Ireland: Our TW has come to an end, its been fun, we had a good time, I got a TP medal. Sounded good to me, therefore I voted yes to this. Passed 20 to 1, a total of 21 votes cast.

MPP with Australia: I support this proposal, however, I feel that the Australian CP forced our hand too early with this MPP. I chose to vote NO to this in an attempt to prolong the discussion, however, this vote passed with 22 votes in favour and 9 against. A total of 31 votes cast, this reamins to be seen what will happen in future. I regard this vote as a blunder by all parties involved, and has seen the resignation of Thomas765 from the MoFA role.

MPP with Indonesia I voted YES to as I have seen them lay down damage against our enemies and they have been instrumental in the breaking down of Croatia and Romania in Asia. This passed 35 to 1. A total of 36 votes cast.

Income tax raise from 3% to 5% was proposed. As stated elsewhere I support this so voted yes. The law failed to pass, with 15 in favour and 18 against. A total of 32 votes cast.

What can we see from this? Overall, there has been a decline in voting from the high levels of 37 earlier in the term to around 33 votes being cast on average. While this might not seem like a significant drop, this shows that inactivity or a failure to vote is beginning to bite at Congress.

I would also like to address the failure in communication between the Ministry of FA, the MoLA and Congress over the Australian MPP. I believe that lessons can be learnt from this, namely: don't rush in to an alliance with a prior enemy country before we finish negotiations. As it stands, Indonesia is poised to NE Australia thus negating a 10k MPP spent signing a treaty with Indonesia and perhaps encouraging our members to fight for Australia in the coming war, which may harm our CoT relations.

This was not a failure of government, so, I will not be blaming BigAnt for this, rather, I would like to think of it as a failure of communication. Something that we can work on in the future.

Thanks for reading! Next will be the results of the latest proposals, how I voted and what I think we can take away from that!

Bohemond4, your local Congress member.



Niemand Day 1,878, 22:25

Sad to see a good MoFA leaving his job because of poor communication in the UK government.

Glad you are doing a good job Bohemond4!

Bohemond4 Day 1,878, 22:33

not really the govt's fault, Niemand, more a case of the Aussies tipping our hand. Though you can argue that the govt failed to act in time, however, the vote was pretty much passed when the MoFA was aware of what was happening and tried to stop the vote.

I had held my vote till this point, then cast in order to try and give us time for negotiations.

Huey George
Huey George Day 1,879, 00:54

Voted, enjoyable and informative. I agree more communication was required regarding the MPP with Australia it would have altered my eventual vote on that law proposal.

Danie Fox
Danie Fox Day 1,879, 02:56

This is why congress should listen to the MoFA. Hopefully we will just have wasted 10,000 GBP and not have damaged relations with Indo too.

lancer450 Day 1,879, 09:35

Listened to the MoFA? The MoFA and the rest of the government weren't doing their jobs to begin with. And, when the voting had begun, nobody in the government seemed to show any concern. The MoFA or another member of the government could have easily messaged Congress and advised them to hold their votes or vote no to extend the time to discuss. The MoFA and the rest of the government weren't paying any attention to the proposal whatsoever from what I can tell. This all could have been avoided if they would have communicated like they're supposed to. Refer to my post on the thread on the forums...

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