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[Boh] A Symphony of War - Part 1: Clash of Eagles

Day 2,037, 20:33 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by Bohemond4

Dear friends, readers and waynekerr

Not too long ago I started looking at the inevitable war between CoT and TWO, with regard to the various strongholds available to the two alliances. Now, the war kicked off before I could do more than write the first two articles in what was planned for a 6 article series, however, my thoughts I would have shared have been vindicated as has been the case with those I did share.

I am embarking on a series I actually intend to finish, if I may, this time. This will be an ongoing analysis of World War Six between TWO and CoT. In this, my first article, I will discuss the epic clash between TWO and the USA, in particular the role that Serbia and Polandhave played. We will also briefly look at one event that I did not see coming and the role it has played in the invasion of the US.

The current bout of wars started when the USA under then PoTUS Artela declared war upon Serbia in response to Free Area's PTO of the American Military Party. This resulted in a sweeping advance into Aquitaine which was stopped by Serbia resulting in them pushing into America taking several regions. At the same time Latvia and Hungary declared war on Russia and invaded while Germany attacked Lithuania. CoT and their Balkan allies also launched a series of RW throughout Serbia's Empire at the same time.

All this resulted in Serbia being pushed back while Hungary pushed through Russia and the US seemed to be doing fairly well. The line was cut by America to keep their bonus in Aquitaine after Serbia regained initiative granting both sides a breather, ultimately this worked in TWO's favour seeing the second stage of the war start as Serbia restored control and Argentina took on four South American Nations at once, including cutting the Chilean resources.

Other pro-TWO nations also went onto the offensive, seeing Romania, Greece and Turkey move against Macedonia and Bulgaria breaking up and removing their support to the USA.

With the introduction of the Ukraine on the side of TWO and their simultaneous invasion of Russia Serbia went back onto the offensive and swept into America alongside Hungary, Poland, Thailand, United Kingdom, Montenegro and Taiwan. This, then, is the current situation as I write this article.

TWO's Vengeance
Now, the BIG war between the United States and Serbia has been building up for a while and it is finally here, but Serbia is not alone. It had been declared by TWO that any deal with America would not be tolerated, there was no hiding this from CoT. Senior TWO officials called America the 'Trojan Horse' and 'Poisoned Chalice' as well as their numero uno enemy, it must be clear by now that they were not joking - the US is facing a whopping 7 fronts on their own territory with initiative regained on none of them at this point.

It is clear that, from the moment CoT fired the first bullet, the two sides have been gearing up for war. The question that has been asked was: which side is more prepared? I believe that recent events have shown TWO to have been the better planned alliance overall, as soon as the United States declared war on Serbia their war machine clicked into place with invasions launched against Russia and allies moving against Bulgaria, Macedonia and Chile. Overall, the CoT forces have been unable to compete with the TWO war machine, bar a few initial successes by the US and the successes in South America against Argentina and Colombia, all of which have proved short lived.

However, the goal at this stage has been revealed as the total wiping out of America and the removal of this nation from the map for an indefinite amount of time. They are becoming, rapidly, a patchwork quilt and are already reduced to one bonus - fruits. The real question, however, is can America survive or will TWO dominate them for a long time to come?

So what are the problems facing TWO occupiers in the United States and, how can we mitigate these factors, importantly, how can CoT capitalise upon these in order to win free?

The key, and I am sure that PoTUS Tenshibo has already noted this, is that Serbia does not do well when being stretched thin. Poland has less nations under occupation than Serbia and therefore can do much better holding onto these regions for longer. Resistance Wars will always be the thorn in the side of, what is admittedly, the most powerful military machine in the new world. With two powerful nations to keep down they face a difficult time.

Likewise, Hungary faces the need to keep Russia down as well as America, but they suddenly have a much easier task with the liberation of the Ukraine and their inclusion into the TWO sphere. The Ukraine has chosen to work with their one time occupiers in order to gain territory and the chance to expand into Russia.

Thailand, Taiwan, Montenegro and the UK face a tougher time holding down the US, and, to be honest, cannot manage it. These weak links allow the United States to free regions at will, almost. How will TWO deal with this? The obvious answer is to close down fronts by replacing control of these regions with the more powerful TWO nations.

Russia and the unexpected
The coming together of Hungary and the Ukraine actually took me off guard, although I presume TWO has been working towards it for a while, and is a classic TWO tactic to help spread their control over the world.

Why would the Ukraine take advantage of this deal and not, instead, attack Hungary? I believe that this is because they know that, ultimately, SerbHun are more powerful and that a pushing back of these nations, the advantage they have over them, will be temporary. At the end of the day, they will go back to being occupied. This way they gain in on what is a very profitable alliance and have the opportunity to wage war against Russia expanding their nation and being properly supported now that EDEN has collapsed fully.

The Russian Front was launched in order to remove their support from the United States, something that has been very successful overall wiping them temporarily and forcing them to flee Europe for the relative safety of South Africa, though it is only a matter of time before TWO forces reach them there should they pursue their objective of crushing Russia.

The threats facing Serbia, Poland and Hungary are those which face all empires - rebellion - and how they deal with these, and how CoT capitalises on this will indicate how long this war will last and for how long America can be occupied.

- TWO is stronk
- TWO faces rebellion
- US faces wiping
- hard to occupy America permanently or long term

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The Viscount of Cambridge; Member The Unity Party; Minister of Defence
Editor-in-Chief; The Daily Knight



Thomas765 Day 2,037, 20:53

TWO is stronk* but voted.

Miyako Yoshika
Miyako Yoshika Day 2,037, 21:11

CoT is less organized and it's kinda been a cluster fuck (in my eyes) to get our shit together. But there have been a few successful resistance wars already in the U.S ,so I wouldn't expect all of the U.S to be occupied.

AlexLloyd Day 2,038, 05:45

I wouldn't say that CoT is less organised, simply that TWO used more initiative and put CoT on the back foot. Which i dont see them having the resources needed to recover from for the immediate future.

Drew Blood
Drew Blood Day 2,038, 10:13

CoT is getting better at working together and soon America and our allies will prevail. America's ability to push through NE's was hampered on several occasion by the USA Freedom Alliance and Henry Pfeiffer Arundel's brother Ronald Gimper Reagan proposing rogue NE laws, never fear though 'Fluffer' is here to save the day and he wants to be PotUK; I just hope he brings his brother with him....

JyM23 Day 2,037, 23:06

Great analysis, voted!

The Baron Samedi
The Baron Samedi Day 2,037, 23:24


alexg737 Day 2,038, 02:40

You making a shot at joining TWO HQ along with your TUP overlords, Boh?

ViciousDeeds Day 2,038, 05:54

great article Boh, been away for the last couple of days so its good to get a recap, looking forward to the next few issues 🙂

Voted o7

HercuIe Poirot
HercuIe Poirot Day 2,038, 08:40

Great article!

Hail UK!
Hail TWO!

HercuIe Poirot Day 2,038, 08:55

Comment deleted

Drew Blood
Drew Blood Day 2,038, 10:14

Very good article voted and subbed...

Huey George
Huey George Day 2,038, 10:27

Great article, Boh

Norbengo Day 2,038, 12:28


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