[Blacksheep] A Big BAAAAA Welcome To Kemal!

Day 2,912, 09:47 Published in USA USA by Senryaku

Alternative title: Mein Panpa Kemlol Ergekokonuts Takes The Black

Where Kemal takes the black like a petite, blonde white girl in one of those movies your parents haven't shown you yet.

BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! My brothers! Today is a righteous and glorious day! BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

(Wait, do those guys even understand what 'righteous' and 'glorious' mean?)

Today, we have lost a friend. We have lost a komrade and we have lost a 'panpa' in the same way a caucasian male with the increasingly common form of mental illness known as 'White Guilt' would refer to a person with skin of a dark persuasion as his 'nigga', but only if he was really drunk or feeling really #edgy.
You know what I mean.

ITT we can see Kemal's conversion to the BLACK.
And once they go BLACK

They never go BACK.

Maybe while he's there he can improve their vocabularies to around kindergarten levels and maybe even attempt to teach them rudimentary logic. Wishful thinking, I know.

I've taken the liberty to prepare him a new avatar and eagerly await to see him don his rightful colors because they wear more than black black is not an edgy color I swear


As you can see, my photoshop skillz far surpass anything those sheep have ever done.

You're welcome, Kemal.

And you're welcome, Emerika.

Oy vey...