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~~Belarusian Ninjaz~~ Coalition

Day 1,902, 03:44 Published in Belarus USA by Blutmond
A new coalition has been created in eBelarus

Yesterday was a very hard day for me and my friend, Secretary-General of Belarusian Ninjaz, Hyena Black. We spend long hours discussing and arguing about our accession to the Coalition. But after all we both came to the same conclusion: the current situation in eBelarus is sick.

Overwhelming racism and chauvinism fueled by Nazi Front is not acceptable. Hyena is black, I'm a Polish Nigerian, why should we be treated different than others? Why do skin color and RL nationality matter in an online game? We are all eBelarusians here. Having a Belarusian passport IRL doesn't make anybody a better eBelarusian. Russian, Ukrainians and other nationalities were always here and Nazi Front's racism won't change that.

Now we have Poland's domination over our country. Polish PTOers are being granted Belarusian citizenship. There is even a Polish MU operating in eBelarus! Isn't that sick? Not so long time ago the same Polish players who now come here as allies, took over Belarus and exploited it completely! Don't you guys remember the harsh days of Polish TO? Do you want it back? That's what is going to happen if the 'Union' with Poland continues.

That's why we decided that Ninjaz should enter the Coalition.


Blutmond Day 1,902, 03:55

Why are you posting pictures of your parents, Sandman? They're not related to the article so they're spam, reported.

Blood-Red _Sandman
Blood-Red _Sandman Day 1,902, 04:06

Sorry, but if I will put here pictures of your parents, I will receive ban for porn...

Blutmond Day 1,902, 04:42

Why do you keep porn with my parents? You're such a pervert...

Green4x Day 1,902, 05:42

Comments worth to Vote 🙂

DzeDBaradzeD Day 1,902, 07:02

Hyena is black, I'm a Polish Nigerian
аhahaha! Vote!

DzeDBaradzeD Day 1,902, 07:04

Sandman, cannot into English )) No future after "if" ))

zMensk Day 1,902, 07:12

Why do skin color and RL nationality matter in an online game?
really ? where it was ?
what can u say abaught russian PTO and Latvian's nazi ?

zMensk Day 1,902, 07:21

Hyena is black, I'm a Polish Nigerian )))))))))))

Blutmond Day 1,902, 10:21

There was never a Russian PTO in eBelarus.

Anarkisto Day 1,903, 11:32

А мне фотка з КААЛіцыяй спадабалася)

Anarkisto Day 1,903, 11:35

Я нічога не сапсаваў? А то ўсе так добра рабілі выгляд выключна ангельскамоўных

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