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Day 4,589, 13:17 Published in USA USA by Krapis

Day 4589

You’ve just started playing EREPUBLIK? You aren’t sure what to do first?

Easy peasy. Read this article first.

Let’s go!

EREPUBLIK is designed to encourage you to get conversational with people who already play. The creators of EREPUBLIK want you to learn how to play from the community, not from the creators. And while this creates a high probability of early mistake-making, it also facilitates the one thing this game does best: community.

In most games, the “level-up” mentality dictates that burning through XP quickly is beneficial for unlocking important features and making your character stronger. In EREPUBLIK, it’s almost the opposite. So stop leveling up right now! I’ve published an article that focuses on Air Combat for new players. I’ll place a link to that article at the bottom of this one. But for now, read on...

Your first job should be to start conversations. There isn’t a single button you can click in this game that is more important than the ones that get you connected with other players.

This means you should scan your National News feed (look on the right side of your home screen, you’ll see a light-blue box. The left-most tab has the picture of your national citizenship. That’s your national news feed.) Scroll through that feed, and send a friend request to every single person you see there. These are active players, you want them as your friends in this game.

Next, go to the Politics tab on your “My Country” page. Near the base of that page, click on “Election Results”. Now under each of the five Parties listed, click the drop-down arrow where it says “Show Candidates”. Send a friend request to every one of those players in all five of those Parties. These citizens are the Congress in your country. They are usually among the most active, and you want them as your friends in this game. Do it for all 5. Trust me.

Next, pick a good Military Unit (MU). I am resisting the urge to recommend my own because I don’t want to seem partisan. But check out the weekly leaderboards, look on the left where it says, “Military Units”, and click through the “Damage - Tanks”, “Damage - Aircraft”, and the two “Opponents Defeated…” tabs. Choose a MU that looks like a good place to visit, and join it. Once you’re in your MU, post a message on the MU News Feed introducing yourself. If nobody responds to you within a couple of hours, you’ve picked the wrong MU. Ask your new MU to send you friend requests. If they’re good, they will.

In my opinion, it is not important to pick a political party right away. You may want to “meet” some people first, spend a couple of weeks reading newspapers, and get a feeling for the personality of each party before you commit yourself.

But it is also just as easy to leave a party as it is to join one, so there is no harm done by popping in somewhere. Pick one of the top 5 parties and see what happens. Again, it helps to introduce yourself in the Party News Feed. How your new party responds says a lot about them. You are looking for like-minded individuals to strategize with after you’ve played long enough to get more involved in politics. So take your time. Maybe even decide in advance to spend a couple of weeks in each party just to get a feel.

OK. Why all this emphasis on friend requests?

You will only be able to see the “shouts” posted by your ingame friends. Your Friends News Feed should be regularly filled with links to good articles to read, links to interesting off-site materials (for instance, some players love to shout youtube links), and other good stuff. More importantly, when you shout something on your friends news feed, only your friends will see it. This becomes important if, for instance, you publish a newspaper article and you want lots of people to see it. A link posted on your Friends news feed is the fastest way to gain attention for your link. So go make friends!

If you’ve done what I’ve said above, you will have 25-30 new ingame friends within an hour or two (and well on your way to accomplishing the mission that asks you to have 100!) Now you’re ready to start some conversations. Remember, only your friends can see what you post on your friends feed, so you can shout your “new player question” there without embarrassment. Your friends know you’re new, and you’ll be amazed at how quickly you’ll get help.

And the one thing all of your friends will likely agree about, is that you should only be fighting in Aircraft Battles. New players in today’s EREPUBLIK have little chance of becoming battlefield-relevant on the ground. It’s possible over a very long time, and spending a significant amount of money. But Aircraft combat is cheap and highly beneficial. That’s why I wrote this article detailing how you can greatly benefit from fighting in Air Combat. Go read that one now.

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