[BB4CP] I think I found some Questions!

Day 2,778, 09:31 Published in USA USA by BeachBro

So I was sitting around answering questions on the multiple forums for the different Political Parties of this game. And a thought arose in my brain. Why limit the ability for people to ask me questions to just members of the forums. Not everyone enjoys the forums as I do. So this is the baby that my brain cooked up!

So basically this is how it goes. Anyone and I mean anyone can ask me 2 questions. I do ask that you only submit one response to the google document, that will be posted near the bottom, as I will be responding to each of these questions in the form of a Private message in game. I will also be posting some of my favorites in my coming articles. So give me some tough questions people.

The form is pretty straight forward. But if you do have any questions about it don't be afraid to message me. I will do my best to help! I will respond to your questions and concerns as soon as possible. I appreciate everyone who participates.

There is 3 different Category's for your questions. Whether they are related to the Country Presidency or if they are for fun or even troll questions. I accept all! So ask me some questions. I love you all!

Ask BeachBunny some Questions!

I again thank everyone for their participation in this. I love being able to answer questions to any and all to help garner their support. So please ask me some questions! I also ask that you all participate in your parties Nomination and Party vote of who they will officially support for Country President on July 5th. More importantly please vote for me on the 5th of July! You wont regret your decision.

Queen of Awesome