[BB4CP]BeachBunny for Country President

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Good morning, Vietnam! Hey, this is not a test. This is rock and roll. Time to rock it from the delta to the DMZ! Oops wrong cue cards... Give me a second... Okay I think I got the right ones this time... Well America it is that time of the month again. No I am not on my . It is time for the people of the United States to start figuring out who they support for CP of this great eNation. Now it could be what they stand for or who you like more as a person or hell you may even play rock paper scissors to figure out who you support. I will do whatever it takes to garner your support. If you want me to hop around on one leg with a bowl of cereal in one hand and in the other a long sword as well as asking me to sing the Star Spangled Banner. Well in that case I may walk away and call you nuts. Regardless My name is BeachBunny and I am running for Country President for the term of July 2015.

Now you may be asking yourself why in the wide world of sports would I want a Bunneh for Country President. What Qualifications could a Bunneh possibly have for running for Country President.

Big List of Titles!!!!!!!!

️ Vice President 1 Term
️ Director of the Interior 3 Terms
️ Deputy of Interior 2 Terms
️ Deputy of NSC 1 Term
️ Speaker of the House 3 Terms
️ Congress Member 17 Terms
️ AMP Party President 1 Term

These are all the positions I have held in the last 6 months. Anything before that is Irrelevant. Of course other then the 17 Congressional terms 🙂
Other then these " Titles " I am an extremely hard worker. Any job I take or volunteer for I give my 100%. I am here to make the American people proud. You all are what has gotten me to this point as well as the only reason I will make it any further. I ask that YOU the American People Put your trust in me as I will not do you wrong.

Thats all good and well Bunneh but what are your plans? Why should I trust you? Well I have some big ideas and plans for this Country. Obviously this isn't the Article to go into a lot of detail of my plans but here is a outline of them.

Another List!!!!!!!!

️ A good hard long look and restructure of the USAF
️ A very Active and Informative and Transparent Media
️ Active Cabinet in every Area
️ Big Push for Continued Education of New and Old Returning Players
️ Did I mention there is FUNNNNNN to be had

This is a game after all. If we aren't having fun why the hell are we here. I of course will expand on everything in the coming days before the Country Presidential Elections. America I will be working for you the people. Not myself. As will all of my Cabinet. We are here to serve you the people of the eUS not the other way around.

Here is my official Statement of Candidacy form!!!!

In closing, I am well Qualified. I will work Hard and give it my all to make you and this country proud. I will follow through on my plan. I will be having some FUNNNNNNN!!!!!! Lets all have some FUNNNNNNN!!!!!!! Vote BeachBunny for Country President in July 2015. Its a vote you can be proud of! A vote to tell mom and dad about! A vote to tell your friends about! A vote to tell the WORLD about! I love this Country and all the people in it. Lets kick some Booty America!

- Queen of Awesome