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▒▓█▀ BATTLE Analysis [ENG] ▀█▓▒

Day 1,933, 04:39 Published in Croatia Croatia by Deus Invictus

eDay 1933, battle status at 3:00 eRepublik time

Dear readers,

with the absence of regular and quality war analysis I've decided to start the project myself and provide insight about the topic on a regular basis.
Since I'm still new to this particular field of analyzing battles please have a bit understanding if the first few articles won't cover enough depth regarding certain battles. I will provide a simple overview with war "hot-spots" and the current situation in the area.

1. East Mediterranean region

1 . Peloponnese - a convincing victory from Republic of Macedonia over the Greek RW

2. Attica - a successful return of the region

3. Aegean Coast of Turkey - a yet undecided battle, at the moment of writing this article Bulgaria was in a slight lead

4. Northern Cyprus - by the starting points status looks like Greece won't have many difficulties in securing the victory

5. Southern Cypruss - a freshly started drain RW with no major impact

2. Romania - Bulgaria

1. Oltenia - seems like Romania will secure the victory but with the end of the Transilvania battle the bulgarian forces might try to turn it

2. Transilvania - a convincing Bulgaria victory

3. South Europe

1. Lombardy - a freshly started Slovenian attack

2. Trentino-South Tyrol - a successful Italian RW and the takeover of the region

3. Graubunden - another recently started Slovenian attack

4. Lower Austria - the imminent defeat of Austria and a simple takeover by Hungary

4. Hungary RW-s

1. Bukovina - an Ukranian RW attempt, so far it's been an even battle but it's to be expected that Hungary won't allow any suprises here

2. HomelsKaya - a Belarus RW attempt, similar as Ukraine, doubt that Hungary will have any difficulties with defending it

5. South South-America

1. Patagonia - so far Chile looks determined in taking the region
2. South East Chaco - a recently started battle, it's still a bit soon for any predictions

6. North South-America

1. Cundiboyacense - a yet to be confirmed covnincing Mexico victory

7. Australia & New Zeland region

1. Auckland - an unsuccessful New Zelan RW

2. South Australia - a freshly started RW

That is all regarding the currently active battles. Once I get into the flow these analysis will become a bit more detailed containing more information about countries, the current state of the alliances and similar topics.

While writing my next article I will announce a reward winner based on the comments made on my previus article.

The 16th comment was made by the player andaHR whom a modest reward of 5 q7 wpns and 500 wellness were sent.

Same offer stands for now. A lucky randomly selected player among the comments (desirable if you enter your vote/sub but not necessary if you don't want to) will be rewarded with no more then 5 q7 weapons and 500 wellness. 😉

Thank you for reading,

SuperMario Awsome Express,

by Deus Invictus

ARHIVA SuperMario Awsome Express



ella12 Day 1,933, 04:56


JerkoKuler Day 1,933, 05:10


Opsyen Day 1,933, 05:51

niš ne kužim ,jer ne spikam ingrid lengviđ 😉
vote,a sub je bio...

bbb_kambelovac Day 1,933, 05:54

bre nije lose ali...

trebalo bi dodat neke detalje tko,koga,zasto,kako,kada,gde napada i onda bi ovakvi clanci imali smisla...

ovo svak moze sam pogledat tko vodi u kojoj bitki 🙂

vote bre

Deus Invictus
Deus Invictus Day 1,933, 05:58

istina, ovo će mi bit kao neka referentna točka za dalje, u planu je sve detaljnije razradit ubuduće : )

MUFC992 Day 1,933, 05:59

Comment deleted

MUFC992 Day 1,933, 05:59

Vote, sub vec imas 🙂

Marko Klis
Marko Klis Day 1,933, 06:23


Georgian Queen
Georgian Queen Day 1,933, 07:22

Lijepo, bit će zaručnica ponosna na tebe (:

Cobra0001 Day 1,933, 07:27


Bandy Banderas
Bandy Banderas Day 1,933, 08:17

dobar clanak, samo nastavi, fali ovakvih clanaka, lakse je pratit sta se desavalo i kakvo je stanje

Incognito76 Day 1,933, 09:37


Dina.Klik Day 1,933, 12:08

komsija clanak je los
- detalji 0
- slike 0 ...lepsa mi je stara mapa

...svakako imas glas za trud 🙂

Absentee Day 1,933, 14:11

bravo deus samo tako naprijed : )

Gorki61_istra Day 1,933, 14:19

lijepo...ali ima nas koliko ono ? 6000

zašto na engleskom?

Deus Invictus
Deus Invictus Day 1,933, 14:37

ovaj segment analiza borbi namjeravam na eng održavat i eventualno ciljat na širu publiku, ostali članci će i dalje na hr : )

Lacky Luke
Lacky Luke Day 1,933, 18:32

tako je Deus idemo u internacional : D

rocknrolla0 Day 1,933, 15:43

a mislim da bi se trebao fokusirati samo na bitke koje se tiču hrvatske i naših saveznika

Lacky Luke
Lacky Luke Day 1,933, 18:41

Ovo zasad izgleda kao izvjestaj sa svjetskih ratista, ali ne sumnjam da ce biti i pravih analiza uskoro : P

frither Day 1,934, 23:53


luka1hero Day 1,934, 23:56

piši po hrvatskom!

vratarx Day 1,934, 00:21

vote...sub se podrazumjeva

Life Magnetic
Life Magnetic Day 1,934, 04:58

samo ti nastavi stari moj pomalo i brzo ce to izgledat ko prava analiza, ne sumnjamo u tebe... I naravno na engleskom, ko im je kriv sto ne spikaju 😃

luka.sluaaa Day 1,935, 10:01

o7 v + sub jr vec tu

Kloksi222 Day 1,936, 09:16


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