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Day 1,990, 05:42 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by BigAnt


So after the latest attack on NewEra, it now appears it was all staged to try and hurt the maaauuusive image of the NE. UKRP your plan has backfired.

I say UKRP/One Vision because it was them who back this article a few days ago. Which target the NewEra as being a "Nasty" party for new players. This is a lie.

In fact we ARE the most proactive party for new players at the moment offering the best opportunities in the country. But enough about that... Lets talk more about the stumbling UKRP.

You will find that in the eUK the oldfags,

they don't like change.
They don't like it when the laws they spent HOURS creating are binned for being a complete waste of time.
They don't like it when you take away their IRC op xD
They don't like it when you take away their congress medals
and most important..
They don;t like it when you take power away from them.

Well guys, I'm afraid it's going to happen some day 😉

The Main people behind this progranda are:

Joshua Whelan Writer and VP of one vision
GameChanger Councillor for One Vision
Thomas765 UKRP member
The Darkace UKRP member
Kamikaze Kelvin One vison member
James Scarlet UKRP congress member
Fritz179 One Vison Leader
Lionbeard UKRP member

These individuals DO NOT care about anyone except themselves!

NewEra members targeted

If you are reading this and you are not in New Era, why should you join?

New Era is developing its members, not its leadership.

New Era is representing players who play the game, from the game.

New Era is experimenting with new methods and concepts, without fear.

Our party:
British Army:

More info here:


We won't exploit you for votes, we will share with you what we have and you will share with us your new ideas. We don't just say this, we do it. Our Congress is full of new players, players from other smaller parties and we have tons of giveaways:

3x Ex Country President and New Era Member


BigAnt Day 1,990, 05:43


UKRP + 1Vision


GameChanger Day 1,990, 07:06

"GameChanger- Councillor of One Vision"

Seems legit...

T White II
T White II Day 1,990, 08:29


Get your facts right:

Joshua Whelan Writer and VP of one vision
GameChanger Councillor for One Vision
The Darkace UKRP member
Kamikaze Kelvin UKRP member
James Scarlet UKRP congress member
Fritz179 One Vison Leader
Lionbeard UKRP member


Lionbeard Day 1,990, 09:05

They even forget to mention that I'm a former eUK CP, often regarded as one of the greatest ever in eRepublik.

Personally, I'm disgusted.

painkiller789 Day 1,990, 12:39

hey gamechanger congrats on your new position, though it is a shame that you left UKRP for 1V

Danie Fox
Danie Fox Day 1,990, 07:51

You were nasty to that player before anyone (presumably including you) knew they were (or had) a multiple account, I don't see how this changes anything.

Thomas765 Day 1,990, 07:52

New Era has a tendency of being nasty to new players. It's their nature. They can't help it.

Sir Humphrey Appleby
Sir Humphrey Appleby Day 1,990, 07:57

This message was brought to you by Sir Scott Williamson, a fellow Oldfag

Prof. J Moriarty
Prof. J Moriarty Day 1,990, 09:53

I believe this article is my appropriate response to this article:

Bohemond4 Day 1,990, 21:47


Prince Harry.
Prince Harry. Day 1,990, 05:45


UKRP + 1Vision


GameChanger Day 1,990, 07:05

"GameChanger- Councillor of One Vision"

Seems legit...

Thomas765 Day 1,990, 07:53

Hey, "simple teenager" here. When will you get a mental age that is older than my real age?

Thank you,
Simple Teenager.

Prince Harry.
Prince Harry. Day 1,990, 09:35

did you have a good day school ?

Thomas765 Day 1,990, 09:42

Nice how you chose to reply to this one instead of refuting other points.

The truth about New Era!

GameChanger Day 1,991, 04:23

Dapper: I think you need to retake grammar class

Sekula Vasiljevic
Sekula Vasiljevic Day 1,990, 05:54

Maybe you are right,I red all your articles and in this articles,none of single mean word from you but from all of them thousands mean words as like you are public enemy No1!!!.Its"s outrageous!!!.You didn"t desarve such threatment from them and anyone like them.Great article,well done!!!.Voted,shouted,subed!!.Keep going on mate!!!.All of them are envy you.

GameChanger Day 1,990, 08:46

Voting your own comments now, are you?

Sekula Vasiljevic
Sekula Vasiljevic Day 1,990, 09:02

yes sorry I voted by mistake,I didn"t mean to offend anyone.

The Norfolk
The Norfolk Day 1,991, 16:17

This whole article is blatant propaganda in an effort to make NE seem oppressed and yet superior in an attempt to boost recruitment. I think it's this that people take issue with.

Cahid Arf
Cahid Arf Day 1,990, 05:54


Ayame Crocodile
Ayame Crocodile Day 1,990, 05:58

Seriously guys, Do we have to keep going over this same pointless argument?

This has been done to bloody death now.

Prince Harry.
Prince Harry. Day 1,990, 06:03

Yes when they try to smear New Era and Me , make up lies create accounts and play it out in the media , you need to look at the root of the cause people like Josh Whelan , Thomas765 , young angry people !

BigAnt Day 1,990, 06:03

Don't start playing the CP card just yet my friend 😛

You know this is a two player court, they give it, they must learn to take it too, like we did 😉

Ayame Crocodile
Ayame Crocodile Day 1,990, 06:17

You've said this already though! Both sides have given the same arguments and articles twice now!

Ayame Crocodile
Ayame Crocodile Day 1,990, 06:19

I mean look at the top 5, Two articles saying exactly the same thing ;_;

I understand having your say, but just so you guys know (and yes I mean those on the other side as well) filling the media with this argument is just getting tedious for everyone on the outside now.

Prof. J Moriarty
Prof. J Moriarty Day 1,990, 08:43

Na, BigAnt was just putting it into readable English.

Professor P Jive
Professor P Jive Day 1,990, 23:10

I do kind of agree, but think of it this way: If a new player comes in, the first thing they're going to see is a hate argument. If one side doesn't do anything, then they'll see the other side. And so their minds will sway to once side. And it would be impossible to get New Era to stop making these: a mutual halt to the hate articles would never happen thanks to them, so there are only two options:

1. New Era keeps making these articles and nobody replies, risking the fact many people will sway to their side and only their side, having their minds (talking like NE here:) corrupted with insolent pathetic and mildly troll-y lies and slanderous devilishly stupid deceitful statements, as well as horrible points that amount to nothing, giving them more power that they have craved not because they think they can do a good job but because they are terrible people who think having power makes their little ale-ready damaged self-esteem feel a little better.
2. The other side tries to prevent it by making the same arguments. If the same arguments are said, they're still new to the new people, and should be said so they must see both sides before they decide something.

James Warren
James Warren Day 1,990, 05:58

Why must we fight amongst each other? To be completely honest, there are more dire situations that need our attention. How do you expect us to handle them when we're constantly bickering amongst each other. It's all child's play and if we don't settle it, that will surely be our downfall. The top five parties just seems like a whole bunch of drama and that is not too appealing to a new member. I want all parties to just STOP trying to put each other down, it is as if you don't even worry about the principles of your party. If you all spent half the time that you do slinging dirt in one another's eye, you would have a ton of time to better educate your party members about eRepublik, or even figure out more efficient ways to reaching the goals the organization had set.

You are not suppose to fight your fellow comrade. We are one nation. Now get your shit together and start acting like we're one, or the country will implode.

BigAnt Day 1,990, 06:00

I didn't see you post this when UKRP and 1V were slagging us off? Why is that... Because the penny has turned and now

Its hurts their image right?

James Warren
James Warren Day 1,990, 06:03

I usually just ignore all of the constant drama that goes on among the parties. It just happened that I checked out your article and it made me sick to the stomach. Because you can believe me, I could give two shits about their image. All I'm requesting is that you be the bigger man here and put an end to it. You have the power to stop it.

BigAnt Day 1,990, 06:17

And lies about NewEra made me feel sick. So your point is invalid, if you don't care then don't bother commenting or reading. This is for the active players who do care about the truth

And the truth will out!

James Warren
James Warren Day 1,990, 06:21

Now you just sound like a bitter child. I'm going to lend you some advice. If you didn't do anything wrong, then just ignore it. All I see in your posts is a bunch of complaining and whining. You are a leader and you must act like one; not a immature imbecile.

Thomas765 Day 1,990, 07:54

Lies about New Era make you sick? So you lie back to counteract those "lies"? What a hypocrite. No attempt to make them the better party.

The truth about New Era:

BigAnt Day 1,990, 05:59

NewEra will always fight on against enemies Foreign and Domestic 😉

Lionbeard Day 1,990, 07:25

New Era internal war coming to an article near you!

wigibob Day 1,990, 11:02

now in 3D for a limited time only

Sir Winston S Churchill
Sir Winston S Churchill Day 1,990, 06:08

Voted for the truth !

Neil Lewis
Neil Lewis Day 1,990, 06:12

Shame on YOU for buying votes to push a decent article out of the top 5:

Carnconnor Day 1,990, 06:15

I personally wish all these attacks would stop and we could work together for the good of the eUK.

But that does not mean we will take what they throw at us and ignore it, there is a difference between defending oneself and going on the attack. And we shall never stop defending ourselves.

BigAnt Day 1,990, 06:16

Well Said mate

Thomas765 Day 1,990, 07:56

Are you naive to think that we'll take these attacks as well? When these articles are produced, do you honestly expect us to lay down and take it? If you want "these attacks to stop" then look closer to home.

Carnconnor Day 1,990, 08:07

I see this article as a rebuttal as it is in reply to an attack but hey ho I must be naive. I don't expect anyone to take an attack on the chin, where did I say that we could defend ourselves but you couldn't?

Thomas765 Day 1,990, 08:09

A rebuttal? It's the exact same copy of Winston's article with a few lines added. If this is New Era's attempt at a rebuttal then I am sincerely concerned for the future of the country.

Sir Rex Fleddington Day 1,990, 06:29

Comment deleted

Vilh Smecwald
Vilh Smecwald Day 1,990, 06:29

Shame on you for buying votes for yet another article, while at the same time failing to do so for your 'apology'.

Josh's article was mostly about the shameful way that New Era treated new players - as allegedly no one knew that DeathByKittens was a multi, this is perfectly valid, and it is clear that New Era still hasn't moved on from the time before your apology.

It is still quite possible that DeathByKittens was a New Era plant - you have zero evidence to suggest otherwise, and there is circumstantial evidence against New Era - e.g. that some of its members have previous form with multis, and as Thomas765 observed, the stance of New Era members over the issue has been highly suspicious.

I see that you are still resorting to ripping off content from other news articles - at least you are doing it from a fellow party member this time. Your article provides nothing new, and you haven't changed at all.

Sven Goran Duran-Duran
Sven Goran Duran-Duran Day 1,990, 06:32

what utter bs - who are u anyway?

Prince Harry.
Prince Harry. Day 1,990, 06:38

some TUP member ???

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