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[BA] - Lets go again!

Day 1,869, 08:55 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by BigAnt
[BA] - Lets go again!

So it's been a very good month, We've had reforms on the IRC and Forums and a change of admins. We've had a Peace Summit to clear some air and identify the problems we have within the UK community. We lowered tax rates on Income Tax. We conquered Azores in the most epic battle the UK ever had! The Month has been packed with war from start to finish and I feel that has greatly unified our nation this month. I feel that I have proven my worth this time around repaying all you who voted for me last month, I ask for your vote and faith once more.

So looking ahead to next month.. I intend to run for a second consecutive term and have plans to solve a few issues we currently have.

Foreign Affairs this month, we have had good points and bad, I want to bring in a more experienced team next month to improve communication with TWO and our allies for the coming month. Along with this I want to again pull in new players to get them the experience of working with our friends abroad. We need a new crop of players to take our country forward. That is something I will push for all positions and departments within my government next month. The fact is we lack a good pool of active players with the enthusiasm to lead out country. Finally we need more Informative MoFA articles so expect them to return next month.

Home Affairs, The ministry will get the push it needs next month. We need more media presence and better guidance for our new players. Again more activities are needed to pull new players on the forums and IRC and this will be the main focus next month. New player guides will be improved and updated, likewise the Wiki.

CS System - We have made some changes to the CS application system recently, using a much easier system of a Gdoc form which can be managed and monitored. We will have congress again look at any further issues for protecting our nation from PTO risks.

MoD - Last Month I promised more war, its fair to say I delivered on that promise. Again for this month I want to continue that focus and keeping our fighters active and happy. But also not forgetting our allies and friends. CTA has been restarted after a brief pause to save cash for the Azores effect.

I will also consider bringing back a single National MU fighting force. Almost like a Special forces which will can use to direct damage directly and fast at battles we need. Last month several MU's lacked speed when changing orders and sometimes key CoTD battles didn't get any MU support.

MoF - Carlini continues to impress us all, his fishing efforts however deserve more return for the hours he spends trying to make the UK rich. Gold prices are mega low at the moment and so we aren't making massive returns. Hopefully next month Gold prices will increase but that of course is out of our control.

Taxes "I will aim to lower taxes slightly in the coming month". That was my promise last month, and we lowered Income Tax. Taxes however will remain the same unless something major happens. Our revenue is so low that reducing tax anymore could harm us.

NHS - I closed the NHS MU last month as planned, because new players where simply not getting the eRep experience and weapon supplies. However NHS continues as a background function. This will of course always remain under my tenure

Finally the IRC/Forums - We have achieved the reforms we wanted for so long. Now we need to promote this functions and get the most use out of them for the future.

Want to become a minister? -

1: Apply for positions via this form!
2: I will go through them all and contact you on whether you were accepting as Minister or not. If not, don't worry those chosen will need help, and that's another chance for you to help out.

So Positions available:

2 x Minister of Defence
2 x Minister of Home Affairs
2 x Minister of Foreign Affairs
1 x Minister of Finance (2x Deputies)
2 x Minister of Health (2x Deputies)
1 x Minister of Legislative Affairs

Kind Regards,
Big Ant
UKPP Member and Potential CP candidate.


BigAnt Day 1,869, 08:58

Lets Go Again!

Prince Harry.
Prince Harry. Day 1,869, 08:58

Voted and after a poll of the New Era council you have our support for another term in office !

Ayame Crocodile
Ayame Crocodile Day 1,869, 08:59

Good luck BigAnt!

helpmeslack Day 1,869, 08:59

tis nice to see some shit actually being done \o/

Jamie2721 Day 1,869, 09:02

what was the forum reform?

Kevy Kev Kev Junior shabado
Kevy Kev Kev Junior shabado Day 1,869, 09:02

Nice joke.

Saiwun Day 1,869, 09:03

Good luck!

Bardokva Day 1,869, 09:04

Go Brave, we are with you!

BigAnt Day 1,869, 09:06

@Jamie Admin change for both IRC and Forums.

Currently Frerk is admin on the forums - a completely new Moderating team will be inplace over the coming weeks.

IRC is now controlled by the CP, he elects Mods etc

Jamie2721 Day 1,869, 09:09


is there a thread explaining that? I've not seen it

Kevy Kev Kev Junior shabado
Kevy Kev Kev Junior shabado Day 1,869, 09:11

There is Jamie. It's mostly full of people bemused at the decision to replace two of the best forum admins we've ever had.

N W G Day 1,869, 09:14

After the diplomatic instances with ireland, belgium and canada. How happy will our alliance and neighbours be with you should you carry in in control.

Also with you lowering taxes again the advise of MOF, does this mean you in the future will lisen to your ministers in the future ?

Having had to sack and dealing with a few ministers resigning do you still believe you can get a great cabinet this month

N W G Day 1,869, 09:18

and i understand about HAVING to close down the NHS MU due to not getting weapons anymore ect.

But inst that because it was you that stopped giving them weapons due to the costing, which makes me wonder about you lowering takes just recently even more ?

BigAnt Day 1,869, 09:19

We can't afford weapons for NHS MU, simple as that - we don't have the income so I stopped it months ago, to stop us losing all our money...

It was a sensible decision and people in the UK can afford to supply their own MU's why put another cash burden on the UK?

Sexagenarian Day 1,869, 09:21

@NWG this is about the eUK CP elections

/me wonders why an ePolish citizen expects to meddle in eUK politics

N W G Day 1,869, 09:21

cash burden like lowering taxes and didnt you want to give out Gov Orgs which lowers our return in the MM too ?

Gucio Day 1,869, 09:23

Let's not go again!

Jamie2721 Day 1,869, 09:25

We don't need an official MU

N W G Day 1,869, 09:26

@Sexagenarian im over here helping to supply the UK GOV offical MU " Legion "

And if im meddling me wonders what you think about Don drapper and his power over a UK party, As hes polish as and all

Jamie2721 Day 1,869, 09:27

And ty Shabado

I actually thought we needed to change the rules of moderation, not necessarily the moderators. Could get messy. I really hope it doesn't lead to even more moderation

Carlini8 Day 1,869, 09:28

Is the MU leage coming? I very much was looking forward to that!

Sedem.dva Day 1,869, 09:31

Thanks, but no thanks. Not again.

BigAnt Day 1,869, 09:44

@Carlini yeah forgot to mention that

IM having some graphics etc made so this will be coming in via MoD next month 😃

Rfeist Day 1,869, 09:47

Is the MU leage coming? I very much was looking forward to that! x2

BigAnt Day 1,869, 09:54

Yes Richard 😃

Danie Fox
Danie Fox Day 1,869, 10:06

Forum reforms weren't disastrous, we had an exciting war that showed we were willing to help Spain, government communication didn't disappear.

We annoyed our neighbours, we lost our war after two battles, we showed we couldn't really help our allies despite spending a lot of money, the president was fairly inactive off-game, we had several poor cabinet choices last term who had to be sacked.


Rfeist Day 1,869, 10:15

If it does, it will be great! good luck o7

wigibob Day 1,869, 10:29

good luck, you have had a fairly good term and have my full support in the next elections

Jamie2721 Day 1,869, 11:23

5/10 from Danie

Wow, that;s an endorsement if i ever saw one

Send love to Plato
Send love to Plato Day 1,869, 11:31

Good luck Big Ant, you have New Era backing as well. So here's to a positive campaign and good luck to all O7

bencocel Day 1,869, 12:28

o> BA

Sambo112 Day 1,869, 12:29

BA's got my vote for another fantastic term

Lily Jayne Summers
Lily Jayne Summers Day 1,869, 12:53

Fantastic term? Are you serious?

Congress voted to impeach you 18-11, you seriously think we want you CP again?

You must be deluded.

Vote for BA if you want a divide UK once again.

Bohemond4 Day 1,869, 13:08

Positives in BA's term: promised wars materialised, however, who arranged these? Talon Karrde, TWO and other members of TUP. This is all that was positive.

Negative: diplomatic catastrophe nearly saw us with 4 wars at once. Saved by Talon because BA was drunk. (albeit it was Christmas, so, meh, ill let him of for drinking a little) Talon, Keers et al quick work turned around this disaster. More negatives? corrupt MoHA, resigned MoFA, lowered taxes after spending vast amounts on the war, a not very effective, and frankly obstructionist MoLA as well as facilitating a divisive community.

Neutrals: from account peace summit went better than expected, though, this was nothing to do with you, but a general growing desire to start to fix shit and weariness of the same shit. Forum/IRC changes remain to be seen how they go.

in summary? one positive and not even he who brought it about. Great work.

Lily Jayne Summers
Lily Jayne Summers Day 1,869, 13:23

+1 Bohemond

Send love to Plato
Send love to Plato Day 1,869, 13:54

He achieved his manifesto pledges so you can hardly attack him for lower taxes, especially when Congress agreed with him. He promised wars and while he was CP we got them. Sadly a few who oppose him anyway because he is...well Big Ant...made a meal out of the Ireland/Belgium fiasco and tried to cause trouble but it was easily smoothed over. I won't lie it was a sh*t storm but booze at Christmas is hardly a new thing. Also the claims that Belgium would be angry due to losing congress members was soon put to rest By Wayne when he pointed out they wouldn't lose any congress seats at all.

As for the divide Lily, well he chaired the summit that brought us that little closer together and paved the foundations for a possible chance at better relations...something past Governments didn't achieve. And credit to both Talon and Big Ant for that. His quest for forum reform has also brought more people back to the forums who were a tad unsure about them...a success surely?

After all two of the country's three biggest parties have decided to back him to allow him a chance at progressing his policies. So while I'm sure your opposition is noted, we (UKPP and New Era) do think he is the best man for the job this month.

Good luck to all the other candidates running though and I hope we have a positive campaign and this won't be remembered as a negative one.

BigAnt Day 1,869, 13:56

I was going to reply, seems Hugh hit the nail for me xD

alittlec4 Day 1,869, 15:26

I know where my vote will be going 😃

BigAnt Day 1,869, 15:36

Being TUP I can guess xD

James Scarlet
James Scarlet Day 1,869, 16:08

Good Luck!

Major Lee Hung
Major Lee Hung Day 1,869, 18:53

@Bohemond - Corrupt MoHA?

If by corrupt you mean spending £250k on mercenaries to ensure we weren't invaded by Canada (because those TWO guys you glorify won't fight for us for nothing), £100k+ on giving away food, GBP and tanks to people, and actually helping eUKs retention rate, then you have a warped view on corruption.

jamesw Day 1,869, 21:16

Joshua, please dont blind side our allies and imply they only fight for weapons. There have been plenty of other people willing to bash our allies this month, I dont think we need someone else doing it too.

jamesw Day 1,869, 21:20

Also I do have a question: as you have NE backing, how are you on the Don Dapper line of thinking, as shown in the community 'peace event' - 'if you dont like it [UK policy] then you can leave' was his basic comment. I'm sure it had something to do with there being a 'New Era' running the UK now too, but meh.

Is this something you agree with personally, and will be bringing into Government?

klop123 Day 1,869, 21:50


Send love to Plato
Send love to Plato Day 1,870, 23:16

JamesW...just because one senior figure in a party made a comment on a personal belief (we all have them) doesn't mean Big Ant has had to 'prostitute' himself for our support. New Era support is not based on what we can get out from is because we believe Big Ant is the best man/person for the job next month.

Bohemond4 Day 1,870, 01:01

Joshua my friend, you know I would never accuse you of that! I mean Sir Nick, your predecessors predecessor

Danie Fox
Danie Fox Day 1,870, 01:32

I was trying to be nice 😑 I don't think 5/10 is good enough to deserve a third term, especially when neither of the previous terms were that good.

Frerk Day 1,870, 03:28

"Currently Frerk is admin on the forums - a completely new Moderating team will be inplace over the coming weeks."

Would like to point out that the latter is not true.

Elvis Trout
Elvis Trout Day 1,870, 04:17

I thought the promised wars were mostly arranged by Talon. Also It might be best for BigAnt to have a break from being CP, I don't think we need a better MoFA team, I think we need a president who doesn't annoy all our neighbours.

Topher Fair
Topher Fair Day 1,870, 04:20

This government really represents the people who want to play eRepublik.

A lot of these objections are from people who only want to play eUK Forums and the Foreign Affairs issues were partly concocted by the people complaining on CHRISTMAS DAY. See Kraaven and Thomas making neighbouring CPs angry and calling us evil.

The complainers are all from the same 3 parties, so don't let the people who shout loudest make you think that they represent all of eUK!

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